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Today, the beautiful and ever so talented Victoria gives us a perfect little tutorial: how to do your brows!


Brows, just like us lovely human beings, come in all shapes and sizes. Sparse brows, full brows, in between brows…so Victoria walks us through what products are best depending on the brows you’ve been blessed with and what tools you need to make some brow magic. Read on for Victoria’s Fancy Face tutorial: How To Do Your Brows!

Watch the full IGTV video here!


Prep Your Brows and Your Brow Tools

Before you start, you want to make sure your brows are properly trimmed and prepped. Victoria’s a fan of getting her brows threaded, but these days that’s not as easy as it once was. So time to #werkit at home! First, set up your brow tools. Grab some tweezers, Victoria’s a fan of the Revlon Tweezers, as well as some mini scissors and a spoolie. These awesome tools are used for trimming, so if you’re more a fan of the bushy, sexy, and free brow, you can skip this step!

Use your tweezers and tweeze carefully on the underside and at the top of your brow to clean up any stray hairs. If you have some of those fun strays between the peepers and you’re not feeling the Frida, go ahead and give them a tweeze, too. Whatever tidy makes you feel the best! From there, grab that spoolie and the mini scissors, brush your brows up with the spoolie and hold the spoolie in place to secure any hairs that peek out of your neat brow line, then give them a careful snip!


Sparse and Livin’ the Tweeze Days Brows

If you’re one of those people with sparse brows or rocked the overly tweezed brow in its heyday and don’t have a lot of brow left, there’s still hope! For those who have asked, we can say with an overwhelming yes that Browmance Brow Gel can still work for you. Browmance has small fibers within the gel that will help you build your brow and make it look thicker. Both Brittnay’s and Victoria’s moms adore Browmance! 

So if you’re someone who has a thinner brow and wants to rock a thicker, fuller look, Browmance will be your best friend. 


A More Well Rounded Brow

Of course, Browance will be heavenly even if you have fuller brows. But if you have those little spots that are less than perfect, another product that you can use to help shape them to your liking is a pomade. A brow pomade will help you draw or fill in those bits of brow that are missing. But be aware that this takes a little more practice, so if you’re new to the brow scene, stick with Browmance and then work your way up to other products, too!


The Goldilocks Brow (that still needs some love)

Not too bushy, not too dark, not too thin, there’s brow there but you want it to just be a little bit fuller. If you’re like Victoria and fall into this category, you can go ahead and use a brow pencil to help define and shape your brow. Powders are also awesome. If your brow is a brown shade similar to Miss Vic here, the brown in our #fancified Palette is perfect if you’re after that still nicely shaped but softer looking brow.


A Full Brow

If you’ve been blessed with a full brow (like Britt!) then you can easily just roll with Browmance and perhaps a little bit of powder if you so choose. Those with a bushier brow often don’t want to draw added attention to them, they’re after more of a clean up with some nice definition. If you want that fluffy, modelesque brow that sticks up just that right amount, brush up with Browmance and set them in place! Those babies will stay all day!


Let’s Get to It

Victoria’s a fan of the soft yet defined brow for her own personal features. The Anastasia Brow Definer in medium brown is her brow jam, as well as Fancy Face’s tried and true Browmance Brow Gel. If you’re all about the sharper brow, also use a little bit of concealer and conceal around the brow to clean it up a little. 

So let’s get to it! Take your Anastasia Brow Definer and angle the tip, gently creating a nice line to start defining the bottom side of your brow. Victoria’s brow is already a nice shape, so she goes in and follows the line of her brow to make it a little more defined. From there, she takes the spoolie and gives it a bit of a brush up to soften the line. Then it’s time for the top of her brow. Victoria takes the Brow Definer and starts a little further in to allow the more sparse front part of her brow to naturally take the stage. She follows the rest of the top of the brow very softly to help define it. From there, she gently fills in the rest of the brow and uses the spoolie again to soften. When she hits the tail, she continues to follow the line and gently fill, extending the tail just a little bit. After that’s all done and looking fabulous, Victoria takes her Definer and carefully pushes up, adding a few strokes to blend for some extra gorgeous shape and definition to her brow and face!


Browmance Time!

We love Browmance! When you first take out the brush, a lot of product comes out with it. We’d recommend giving it a little wipe on the lip of the tube to save what you don’t need for next time. This stuff lasts forever! Very gently, brush through the brow to help keep it in place and give a little tint to the areas that were missed with the Definer. Perfecto!

If you’re having an extra glam day, we’re all about giving your brow some extra definition and a really lovely clean up. Victoria grabs her Born This Way Concealer in the shade Shortbread, and places a tiny bit on her hand. Then she takes a small angled brush and dips into the concealer. Apply the concealer carefully along the top of the brow, then wipe off any excess concealer onto your hand and blend in the concealer with your brush. You can also take your finger and gently blend up. You can go ahead and rock it under your brow, too, following the same steps. This is a great tip before you apply any shadow to give you that extra clean, sleek, and defined brow!

We know how much we all love a good-looking brow, so we hope Victoria’s awesome how-to brow tutorial gave you some quick and easy tips to take away! As always, DM us with any thoughts or questions you’d like to share.

Victoria’s final tip to leave you with? Your brows are sisters, not twins! They’ll never be exactly the same. That’s ok! Just give them your brow love and you’ll look and feel fabulous. X





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