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Hey beauties! It’s been one heck of a year. We’ve all had to adjust to the ups and downs and the last minute changes that the current state of the world (I’m not even gonna say the word) has thrown at us. But we’ve done our best to stay positive and to adjust with the times. The world of beauty is no exception! 

Despite being hidden under masks at the moment, women have historically been drawn to lip colour as a way to feel extra joy, for a lift during challenging times. Hasn’t your mom ever said to you, “just do your hair nicely and put on some lipstick, you’ll feel better.”? Well, we certainly need some extra joy these days! But it’s coming now less in the form of bold lip colour and more in the form of lip TLC.

To help you stay on top of the ever-changing beauty trends, I want to focus on your beautiful lips (since we’ve had to hide them way more often than we’d have liked to this year!) and the ways you can keep them nourished, hydrated and looking beautiful both with and without a mask! Read on for my trending lip tips!


It’s all about nourishment and hydration

Since we’ve all become more accustomed to embracing our natural beauty and have enjoyed softer makeup looks this year overall, lip looks are taking cues from a more ‘au natural’ aesthetic. 

Lip care has become a (much deserved) trend as mask-wearing has dominated our day-to-day. When masks first made their way into our lives, there was a focus on long-wear matte lipsticks that don’t smudge or budge under a mask. But over time women began to focus more on treating the lips, on nourishment and hydration to make sure they didn’t feel chapped and felt comfortable under a mask.

After around 6 months of mask-wearing, we began to notice a lot of women were buying lip treatment products instead of lipsticks. This wonderful new beauty trend was emerging! Wearing a mask can make the skin and lips feeling dry, dehydrated and unloved. So enlisting in lip treatments that deeply nourish the lips with ingredients like Collagen, Vitamin E and Shea Butter help keep your pout looking supple and plump. The best part? These treatments are comfortable and mess-free under a mask!


Try our Supermodel Lip Bath (with a handy mirror included!) to keep your lips looking and feeling nourished day and night with Collagen, Shea Butter and Vitamin E to get you started on your lip love journey!

Sheer glosses, lip stains, tints and balms

As we continue moving into fall and winter, this beauty trend will have staying power. While we keep on nourishing our lips, I think there will be a focus on stained glosses, lips tints and balms.

These simple, sheer washes of colour on the lips, while they are being treated at the same time, are exactly what women want right now. Lip care under mask-wearing has absolutely become trendy. And why not? Your lips should be getting proper attention, mask or no mask!

I feel confident that even when people stop wearing masks they will still be mindful of nourished lips, with glossy and tint-stained lips helping us embrace natural, sheer formulas that are both lip treatments as well as beautiful pops of sheer colour. 


Our Coquette Lipslicks are an excellent example of hydrating, colour boosting lip treatments. With 6 lip-conditioning emollients, euphorbia wax to help increase circulation and hyaluronic acid to support a hydrated, perfectly plump pout, these Lipslicks are perfect to keep your lips looking and feeling beautiful both with and without a mask.  They offer the ideal shade for everyone as they tint to your natural body temperature! They pack a punch and give added life to your face. No mirror needed. As more natural, sheer washes of colour take the stage, I think we’re moving away from bold colours. They may make a comeback in a post-mask world as we make up for lost time and want to go bold, but right now and into the near future, it’s stain glosses and balms that are the stars of the show. 


Lip Liners

Lip liners are very much a part of this trend and a simple way to define the lips and plump up your pout. They’re easy to use even by liner newbies! As far as I’m concerned, my favourite nude lip liners are always a part of my routine, I really do feel they complete my makeup look. 

I also love lip liners that are waterproof or water-resistant to help with longevity so you have to reapply less frequently. This is especially helpful under a mask! Our waterproof Nude Lip Liner or Satin Liner will help you perfectly plump out that pout and are very on-trend.


Wearing a lip liner in tandem with your favourite lip oil, lip stain or tinted lip balm will give you that glossy and hydrated look with the definition around the lips that you crave. Happy medium! If you’re looking to amp up your lip love even more with a gentle pop of added colour our Tutu, 5th Avenue and Whisper lip glazes will give you the perfect amount of sheer colour without any stickiness. Another option is to wear a lip liner and blot a tiny bit of your fave lipstick shade on the lips. From there, top it off with a lip tint/balm or lip oil/gloss to complete a gorgeously plump pout!


Rocking your liner and glosses together will help make your lips look super supple and juicy! This is a trend that is absolutely being introduced into the lip love routines of not only models and celebs but us fabulous everyday gals, too!

Au Natural Makeup

Makeup wearing as a whole has really transformed over this past year. We’ve moved into a much more natural-looking beauty trend, with a focus on honouring your skin with hero ingredients while at the same time giving you just the right amount of effortless glow. This goes for both your lips and your beautiful face, as a whole!

We’re seeing a lot more in the anti-aging beauty balm department, products like our BB Cream that offer sheer coverage while protecting and hydrating the skin. We’re also seeing more of that gentle flick of mascara in the outer corner of the eyes to have a more natural pop and a bronzer like our Maui Mood to create that gorgeous, sun-kissed glow. A youthful glow is very much still on-trend, with products like our Blossom Cream Blush adding a pop of youthful radiance while our Dew-U Hilite adding the perfect, dewy look for that sunny luminosity.


While we’ve truly embraced the more natural makeup look, I really think that sheer, glossy and hydrated lips will remain an everlasting trend. They provide a healthy and youthful look to the face and are flattering on everyone, at any age. Even if the matte lip look comes back, I do think lip beauty trends will always make their way back to healthy-looking, hydrated lips. 

Get trending with beautiful, nourished lips, beauties.


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Coquette Lipslicks

Supermodel Lip Bath

Nude Lip Liner 

Satin Lip Liner 

Tutu Lip Glaze

5th Avenue Lip Glaze 

Whisper Lip Glaze

BB Cream

Maui Mood 

Blossom Cream Blush 

Dew-U Hilite




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