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If You’re New to Fancy Face, Here are Your Beauty and Makeup Must-Haves

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Hey, beauties! If you’re a Fancy Face Newbie, let us send you a huge welcome! It’s wonderful to have you here as part of the Fancy Face family. You may be wondering where to start your beauty journey as you scroll through our offerings, so we want to give you the lowdown on Brittany Gray’s top beauty and makeup must-haves. The tried and true products that every woman needs in her skincare and makeup arsenal for easy, impactful beauty on a day-to-day basis.


Effective skincare

Before you can begin an effective makeup routine, you need to have the right foundation – and we don’t mean makeup (but you need that, too)! We mean you want to start off with great skin. Your makeup can only look as good as your effective skincare. If you want to have a gorgeous, dewy glow and look your best, you have to start with your skin.


Our Poetry in Potion Serum and Daydream Rosewater Cream are the perfect products to help nourish and protect your skin. Our Poetry serum uses hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and actual 24k gold to help enhance your skin’s vitality and luminosity while also working to decrease inflammation. Apply our Daydream Cream after utilizing our serum for an even more effective skincare routine. Its Rosa Rugosa Flower extract helps to prevent premature aging with antioxidants and anti-inflammation protection, while Squaline fortifies and nourishes and Vitamin C helps to smooth, firm and enhance that gorgeous glow!

Supermodel Lip Bath

Up next, you shouldn’t start your day without applying our Supermodel Lip Bath! This lip treatment is everything you need to help soften lines, bring life back to your lips and give them a big dose of hydration. With ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Castor Oil, your lips will get a lot of love. And the packaging design makes it easy to take the Lip Bath on the go ─ with a compact mirror and reusable lip wand, you don’t need to dip your fingers into the product itself and it’s easy to apply. With two tasty flavours to choose from, your lips will thank you!


Makeup Meets Skincare

Fancy Face Perk Up Concealer

If you’re human,  you’ve most likely been blessed ─ at some point or other ─ with dark circles under your eyes. Our Perk Up Touch-Up Veil Concealer is exactly what you need to help neutralize those dark circles and make it look like you’ve slept for 15 hours, in 15 seconds! One of our best-selling products, this concealer is a pinky-salmon hue and works to neutralize the bluey-purple of dark circles and brighten under your eyes. It’s super easy to blend, has a lovely matte finish but isn’t cakey, creasing or drying. When set with a powder such as our Flawless Invisible Blotting Powder, it doesn’t budge all day.

Fancy Face BB Cream

The hybrid of skincare and makeup is extremely trendy right now, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon! Beauty balms help to hydrate, treat and protect your skin from the elements. Our BB Cream is no exception. This sheer balm is filled with gorgeous ingredients like cucumber, ginseng and chamomile to help keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated. Titanium dioxide helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and while it isn’t a sunscreen, this protectant does its best to assist (that being said, enlist in a quality sunscreen for your face, too!). Our BB Cream can work to leave your skin looking radiant and can be worn by everyone. It can be build to medium coverage and you can easily blend shades to find the one that’s perfect for you. I usually work with a shade that is about one tone deeper than my skin tone for that gorgeous, sun-kissed glow. My perfect combination is the light-medium shade for summer, the light shade for winter and a combination of the two for the rest of the year. This balm really is for everyone! I absolutely love it!


Our Coquette Lipslicks are absolutely perfect for a makeup newbie and the low-key beauties we love. They offer a sheer tint of colour to the lips with a light and refreshing mint tingle and can easily be applied without a mirror. These fan favourites also build throughout the day as they use your body temperature to create the perfect hue for you! With three stunning tints to choose from, they are absolutely a makeup must-have!


To wrap up your beauty arsenal essentials, we also recommend reaching for our cream blush and Dew-U Hilite. From there, just pop on some mascara, and voilà! Our cream-to-powder blushes add a gorgeous, subtle flush of colour to your cheeks and are both long-wearing and sweat-proof. Just apply to the apples of your cheeks and work the blush upwards on your cheekbone (so you don’t drag down your face). Our Almost Famous is a great neutral blush for that gentle sunset glow, while Blossom offers a vibrant, peachy (but still sheer) flush that makes us feel all the summer vibes!


Our Dew-U highlighter is an absolute bestseller. Its cream-to-powder finish works for any age and can be applied to the high points of your cheekbone, the tip and bridge of your nose, on the inner corners of your eyes and on your cupid’s bow. Leave the house looking like you just left the esthetician after a hydra-facial! This stunner of a product helps to diffuse fine lines and wrinkles so you can embrace the gorgeous, glowing, dewy goddess you are! 

If you’re new to Fancy Face, these products are exactly what you need to help you begin your Fancy Face journey. We’re all about feeling your best both from the inside out and the outside in! Taking that extra few minutes to look and feel your best before you walk out the door can be a game-changer for the day ahead. So jump in, give them a try and let us know what you think!


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Almost Famous and Blossom Cream Blush  //  @fancyfaceinc



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