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Brittany and the lovely Victoria take you through the steps, tips and tricks you need to create the perfect Fancy Face Fresh Spring Makeup Look.

Spring is upon us and I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot wait! In celebration of spring, we have the lovely Victoria with us and we’re going to create for her the perfect Fancy Face fresh spring makeup look!

Step One: Moisturize

Alrighty, first we dive on in with moisturizing your skin. Right now I am really loving Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream. It smells like summer and will totally help you get rid of those winter blues. 

Brazilian Bum Balm | Spring Look

Step Two: Bronze

Victoria and I are big fans of Jessie J, we admit it. She has a clothing line and she also has an awesome palette called Kittenish Glow. And so much more. Anyway, the palette has two bronzers, a blush, and a highlighter.

For Victoria’s skin tone, I mix up the two bronze tones, you can decide what’s best for you. Dip in, dust off and then apply it just to the places that the sun would hit: the top of the forehead, a bit down the centre of the nose, chin, neck…anything that’s visible to the eye should be the same kind of bronzy tone. A cool little tip is to apply the bronzer in the shape of the number 3. 

Kittenish Glow | Spring Look

Step 3: Blush

From the bronzer, we go ahead and add a pop of colour to the cheeks. Tarte’s Sugar Rush Beach Cheeks Cream Blush in “Ocean Girl” is fab. Dab into the blush and apply a bit to the back of your hand so you can get a soft application for the perfect flushed glow for spring. I really like to work some into the temples, as well, so it doesn’t look like the blush is just appearing out of nowhere on your cheeks. You can throw a little tap on the tip of the nose to bring it all together and warm it up for spring.

Tarte's Sugar Cream Blush | Spring Look

Step 4: Highlight

My little trick with highlighter is to start off with the Forever Fancy Finishing Mist. Give your brush a spritz so you can make that highlighter more intense, tap the brush to get rid of any excess moisture, then put a little bit of our Fancy Face Sweetly Kissed Highlighter on your brush. 

For Victoria, I use a bit of both tones then apply it to the top of the cheekbones. Sweetly Kissed works wonderfully on fair to medium skin tones, but if you’re a deeper, dark or more tanned skin tone check out our Boujie Highlighter

To keep things super fresh for spring, get a little bit of the wonderful, bright highlighter into the corners of the eye to open them right up, on the cupid’s bow and a touch down the nose and under the brow as well. Use a domed brush (you can give this a spritz, too) to apply and you’re golden.

To really bring out the spring brilliance, Kopari Starry Eye Balm is amazing! Kopari has this gorgeous luminosity, and if you pop just a tiny bit on top of the highlighter, it looks more like glowing, real skin.

Beauty Products Blog | Spring Look

Step 5: Eyeshadow

It’s time for my signature eyeshadow trick, yay! Pop that bronzer into the crease of your eye to blend it all in together with the highlighter. Then with the domed brush again, sweep a little bit of bronzer on the outer corner of the lower lash line to pull out the eye a little bit. Using bronzer on the eyes is pretty foolproof, just make sure you blend and that you’re really making it look blown out and not too specific to one spot. 

For a little more brilliance, Natasha Denona’s Chroma Crystal Top Coat in Nude is very subtle, but when you lift the eye to apply it right on your lid there’s this lovely, shimmery glitter. Beautiful!

Natasha Denona’s Chroma Crystal Top Coat | Spring Look

Step 6: Mascara

My go-to is the Stila XXX Magnum Mascara, it makes your lashes look so full! I like to apply to both top and bottom. Boom.

Magnum XXX Mascara | Spring Look

Step 7: Brows

Creating great brows is important any time of the year! Our Fancy Face Browmance Brow Gel is our universal shade that works for pretty much any hair colour. Just pop a bit on for some great Moving into the warmer, sweatier time of year, it’s also great to help keep your brows in place. It’s waterproof and quite pigmented so you can get that full look in a second, and it’ll last through the heat!

Step 8: Lips

I really like to give lips that extra pout and fullness. Our Fancy Face Waterproof Lip Liner in Satin is great to overline the lips just enough to give that fuller, larger look. It works wonderfully for fairer to medium skin tones. For lip colour, seriously try our Love Note Lip Lacquer, it’s the perfect shade of pink to give a fresh, feminine and bright pop.

Fancy Face Products | Spring Look Blog

Step 9: Touch Ups

Going back to the finishing spray, it works wonders, especially during the warm weather. I find that I can’t go without it in the heat! Applying in a T shape will allow you to really cover all of your makeup…and voila! If you want to add a little more pop to the whole look, you can also add a pair of our Fancy Face Basic Boss Lashes, but mascara on its own looks just as great!

That, dear friends, is our Fancy Face fresh spring look! Give it a try and let us know what you think! 

Til next time…x

Spring Makeup Look Blog | Fancy Face

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