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Britt’s Favourite Hair Care Products and Essentials

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Brittany takes you through her awesome list of her favourite hair care products and essentials that she can’t live without!

Hello lovelies! Are you ready? I’m going to fill you in on all of my favourite hair care products and essentials that I use everyday. I’m not talking about what I keep in my kit, I’m talking about my personal hair care and styling secrets. I am one of those ladies that has been blessed with very thin, fine hair. So if you’re like me, and even if you aren’t, here’s the skinny on what I use to make my hair healthier, thicker, fuller, longer and well…better. Let’s do it!

Hair Extensions

First up, hair extensions! I love hair extensions for an extra pop and that added thickness. My current faves are from Bellami Hair. I use a fabulous Tangle Teezer detangler brush to brush out the curls in the extensions and make them nice and smooth. 


Schwartzpkof is a favourite brand of mine! When I’m not wearing my hair extensions and I like to make my hair look jeujed (again, jeuje is a word…) I love to spray my hair with their Volume Up. It gives me a lot of body very quickly.

Osis Dust It Powder is amazing for volumizing, it’s a texture powder that works magic. Dust it under the roots not on the top layer of your hair, spread it around and just work it in to your roots for amazing volume. So. Good.

As I said, I have fine, thin hair. So I’m always looking for awesome products that will give me that added volume and body but won’t dry my hair out or make it feel yuck, especially during the winter when everything is extra dry already! Alterna Caviar line’s Volume Styling Mist is fab. When you come out of the shower and your hair is still damp, give it a good spritz and then blow it dry. You’ll look like you have twice the amount of hair, I swear! I’ve tried so many and this is my favourite. Alterna is amazing!


I adore my DannyCo Teasing Brush and I’ll take it and give it a spray with some good old fashioned, yet awesome, hair spray to tame those fly aways, especially at my roots. I have a lot of them. Sigh.

The Hair and Body Oil from Ouai is excellent. At the end of my styling, I’ll pump a little bit of it into my hands, rub them together and smooth out the ends of my hair to give the ends that fresh from a haircut look, even when it’s been way too long since I’ve visited the salon! 


I tend to use this more in my kit, but Magic Root Coverage is amazing if you have any sign of grey, just spray it onto your roots and voila! This is a quality drugstore product!

Hair Clips

If you’ve watched any of my other videos or read some of my posts, you probably know that I love a good hair clip! Luxy Hair Extensions and Accessories have these fab clips, as do Mimi & Ko Jewels, Cosa Bella Accessories and Accessories by Talia. They’re all awesome for hair clips!


I am a big fan of the Beauty Labs Hair Wand. You can pick it up at Winners or Marshalls and it’s great for a really loose wave. The Good Hair Day (GHD) Curve in 1 inch is a wonderful curling iron. I usually curl away from my face and the GHD iron is the only one that doesn’t tug or break my hair.


I adore the type of brush with boar bristles on the bottom and plastic bristles on top by Stylize. I use it to brush my natural hair without extensions and use it to blow dry as well, it feels so good.

You know that moment when you’ve finished curling your hair but the curls are a little too curly and need to be brushed out, but you don’t want them to be too brushed out that it ruins the curl? If you struggle to find that perfect in between curl, then you must get a wide toothed comb! Get it!

That’s the roundup of my favourite hair care products and essentials of the moment, ladies and gents! I promise if you give any of them a shot, you’ll be instant fans! Let me know what you think!

Til next time…x


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Magic Root Coverage  //  @amazon
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Good Hair Day (GHD) Curve  //  @ghdhair
Stylize Brush  //  @shoppersdrugmartofficial
Wide Toothed Comb  //  @shoppersdrugmartofficial


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