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Brittany’s Ride or Die Travel Essentials

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Brittany takes us through her list of amazing ride or die travel essentials for each and every time she hits the road 

Hello Beauties! Let’s talk travel! So this year I think I’ve travelled more for work than I ever have before. So I wanted to share with you some of the items I take with me on every single trip. We’re talking my ride or die travel essentials

Brittany Gray Travel Essentials | Fancy Face Blog

I Wear My Sunglasses…On the Plane?

First up, everybody needs a fabulous pair of sunglasses! I love my Celine’s and I actually wear them on the plane sometimes and catch a nap. So good. Don’t judge.

Brittany Gray Travel Essentials | Fancy Face Blog

Bright Eyed

I always travel with our Fancy Face Stardust Gel Eye Masks, as well. You can get so dry and dehydrated with the crazy air pressure on a plane, so these help keep you bright eyed and looking well rested even though you probably aren’t! I’ll admit some people on the plane look at me funny when I wear them flying. But I don’t care. They make me feel good. So let all those yummy nutrients soak in and take a rest! They’ll dry out when you’ve soaked up the goodies you need. 

Brittany Gray Travel Essentials | Fancy Face Blog

Crystals, Baby

I love to travel with my crystals from The Rock Store! I’ll put small ones in my bra for good vibes and good travels. So what if I’m a crazy crystal lady? I like to keep larger crystals by my bedside in my hotel room. It’s all about safe, happy and healthy travel, friends!

Get Your Glow On

I adore the Mac Strobe Cream because it makes me look hydrated when, let’s be honest, that flight has sucked all of the nutrients and moisture right out of you! This cream will keep you glowing and fresh faced.

Brittany Gray Travel Essentials | Fancy Face Blog


I don’t travel without our Fancy Face Facial Mist to keep me feeling fresh and hydrated while I fly. Keep it in your purse and you can use it as much as you want in the air!

I’m A Rose Quartz Roller

I rock my rose quartz roller to de-puff and use the smaller side under my eyes. The larger side I’ll use along my face and neck and give a helping hand to those congested lymph nodes and really just depuff and relax my travel affected face! 

Brittany Gray Travel Essentials | Fancy Face Blog

Air Pods

Need I say more? Air Pods. Get them. Save up. They’re amazing. They’ve changed my life. 

I Love My Kitsch

My Kitsch has these awesome silk scrunchies that don’t crinkle my hair overnight. And they’re adorable.

My Eyes, My Lips

I do travel with La Mer Eye Cream. Yes, it’s expensive. It’s the only eye cream that I really splurge on and it’s amazing. I also love my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, can’t travel without it. It keeps my lips hydrated when I travel, otherwise they get super dry. Not fun.

Fully Charged

I always bring my external Belkin Charger. Hate to say it but it’s a must. When work calls I need my phone fully charged and ready to go. 


So White is an awesome mobile teeth whitening company that offers at home teeth whitening services by certified dental hygienists. Obviously I can’t take my amazing gal on my flight (I wish!), but she gave me this awesome teeth whitening pen that I basically rub all over my teeth. You let it dry for 30 seconds and you’re ready to shine. Use it every day and your teeth will stay super white!

Brittany Gray Travel Essentials | Fancy Face Blog

Carry All

Of course you can’t travel without the perfect travel purse. My Louis Vuitton bag is the perfect size for all of my folders, my passport, my phone, my makeup bag, pretty much everything I need to carry on I can shove in this bag.

So that’s my collection of ride or die travel essentials! I do bring more, but these bad boys are my must haves! What do you bring when you travel? Let me know!

Til next time…x


Celine  //  @celine
Fancy Face Stardust Gel Eye Masks  //  @fancyfaceinc
The Rock Store Crystals  //  @the_rock_store
Mac Strobe Cream  //  @maccosmetics
Fancy Face Facial Mist  //  @fancyfaceinc
Rose Quartz Roller  //  @amazon
Air Pods  //  @apple
silk scrunchies  //  @mykitsch
La Mer Eye Cream  //  @lamer
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask  //  @laneige_us
Belkin Charger  //  @belkin
Teeth Whitening Pen  //  @sowhiteto
Louis Vuitton Bag  //  @louisvuitton


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