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Brittany chats about all of her beauty and lifestyle favourites for August, from makeup and glasses to saging and inspiration.

Hello Beauties! It’s that time again! I’m excited to take you through my round up of beauty and lifestyle favourites for August!

This time around I’m not going to walk you through any brand spanking new beauty products I’ve gone out to find. Instead, I want to share with you some of my absolute favourite beauty and lifestyle products that I use on a daily basis. 

Bonlook Glasses | Fancy Face


First up, I’m going to tell you a little secret, I don’t actually need glasses. There. I said it. I was one of those kids who wanted to have to wear glasses and I wanted braces. I know, it’s silly. But at the time I thought they were both so cool! Nowadays I may not be feeling the urge to pop on some braces, but I do love to wear glasses for style. I frequently wear glasses for no reason other than to coordinate with my outfits. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I kind of love them. I got one of my favourite pairs from Bon Look in Sonia in Snakeskin. I must admit many a lady has asked to try them on and loved them, so if you’re looking for a trendy pair of glasses, you should check these out!

Diptyque Room Spray | Fancy Face

Room Spray

I am really picky about the way my house smells. But one brand that I gravitate to for both candles and room sprays is Diptyque in Amber. It’s elegant and beautiful…and it is really great for hiding the smell of diapers! You know. For those who are interested in that information.

Brow Gel

Glossier came out with Boy Brow and it rocks. I’m really picky when it comes to brows, and the gels I look for need to have strong hold and give my brows a lift! This one does the trick. It’s a lovely gloss without making them too shiny, they look lifted and polished and the gloss comes in clear, brunette, blonde and black. Plus it’s affordable! Win!

Nars Foundation | Fancy Face


Foundations can be tricky. When you find the right one you kind of want to stick with it. I love the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, if you’re looking for a more affordable drugstore brand L’Oreal True Match is great as is Maybelline Fit Me. The Nars Natural Radiant Long Wear Foundation is also one of my favourites. I use the Nars one myself and have two different shades in my kit that I like to mix. It gives you a medium to full coverage but still looks like skin.

Hair Krimper | Fancy Face

Hair Crimper

Yup. Hair crimper. I still have this now pretty vintage Isinis Triple Barrel Waving Iron that I actually used it in highschool. It’s stuck around all these years and now it’s super trendy to have that wavy hair that looks beachy and relaxed, like you did nothing to it but it actually took you like five hours. So this bad boy can give you that feel if you crimp it through your hair and use a little bit of dry shampoo or texture spray, it’s really awesome! 

Jergen's Natural Glow | Fancy Face

Tanned Skin

I love a good spray tan. But when I am short on time, which is often, I love to use Jergen’s Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. I buy it in the US and the whole deal is as soon as you get out of the shower and you’re still damp, you rub it all over your body and it gives you this nice, tanned look. It hydrates and tans, how awesome is that?

On the days when I don’t rock the Jergen’s I like to use a Bronzing Dry Oil. You could probably use both together if you wanted to. The dry oil doesn’t transfer onto your clothes and it gives you a lovely shimmer. 

Fancy Face Lip Love Note


For those of you who saw my Bold Lips video, you know that I’m a creature of habit, especially when it comes to my lip colour. I gravitate to the nude-pink shades. But our Fancy Face Love Note lip lacquer is one I can rock that adds a fabulous pop of pink without going overboard. So if you want a bit of a healthy colour on your lips that is still soft, try it out! 

Sage | Fancy Face


Lately, I’ve gotten into cleansing my home with sage. My mom gave me a beautiful decorative shell to catch the ashes as I go around my rooms with the sage and let it work its magic! I take the ashes, that’s where the negative energy sits, and then get rid of them outside. If you take a look and read up on sage it’s really fascinating; it gets rid of the negative ions and bacteria in the air that aren’t good for you. I know it sounds odd, but I really do feel calmer after I’ve saged and I encourage you to give it a shot – you never know, you may love it!

Sam Edelman Mules | Fancy Face


Courtney Kerr is a blogger that owns a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog called Kerrently. I adore her. And she rocked these adorable shoes by Sam Edelman. I bought a pair of these white, trendy slip on mules and they look great and are super comfortable!

My Book Selection for the month of August!

If I could choose a celebrity that I really admire in terms of her energy, her personality and general state of being, I’d choose Kate Hudson. She always seems like a genuinely happy person, she seems friendly and in the moment, a great mom and business person, she’s just an interesting woman as a whole. If she sounds interesting to you, I’d recommend checking out “Pretty Happy”,there are lots of great tidbits about health, yoga, eating, fashion and beauty and it’s just a really great, fun and girly book!

My Quote for the Month of August!

My quote of the month is from Oprah. Obviously we can’t ignore the powerhouse that is Oprah when it comes to discussing everything motivational! She says, “When you don’t know what to do, do nothing and be still.” I love this quote because I am someone that works from my heart, always. I always feel like I’m searching for what my heart is telling me to do. But there are so many times when life gets too busy and too much, you can’t hear yourself anymore. When it comes to your kids, your work, your husband, your family, all of your responsibilities in life and the things that you truly love and care about you do the best you can. But at the end of the day you have to reconnect with yourself. I find there are times when I forget to do that. But in those moments when I feel really uncertain of what to do next, I remember to do nothing and be still. Do things that slow you down and make you feel connected again. That’s when you’ll find the answers you need in life.

On that note, that’s my roundup of beauty and lifestyle favourites for August. Let me know what you all like and I can check them out. Maybe they’ll end up in my September favourites!

Til next time…x 

Bon Look  //  @bonlook
Diptyque in Amber  //  @diptyque
Boy Brow  //  @glossier
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk  //  @armanibeauty
L’Oreal True Match  //  @lorealpro
Maybelline Fit Me  //  @maybelline
Nars Natural Radiant Long Wear Foundation  //  @narsissist
Isinis Triple Barrel Waving Iron
Jergen’s Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer  //  @jergensus
Dry Oil by Nuxe  //  @nuxe_uk
Fancy Face Love Note Lip Lacquer  //  @fancyfaceinc
Sage  //  @amazon
Kerrently  //  @kerrently
Shoes by Sam Edelman  //  @sam_edelman


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