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Brittany takes some time to answer all of your Instagram questions in this episode of Fancy Face Question and Answer!

Hello lovelies! We’ve been asking you to share with us on Instagram any questions that you may have regarding beauty, makeup and lifestyle. So today I’m going to scroll on through your amazing questions and start answering! Consider this a Fancy Face Question and Answer session. I love it! Let’s dive in.

What is your favourite face primer or face prep before foundation?

I always love to use a moisturizer before foundation. C.E.O. by Sunday Riley is awesome for people who are really dry and need the extra boost of hydration. The IT Cosmetics Oil Free Moisturizer is great if you have oily skin. 

From there, I use either the Benefit Porefessional Primer, the Tatcha Primer or the Smashbox Primerizer. Those three are my favourites at the moment!

Do you use a toner everyday? Is it really important to use a toner?

I don’t use a toner everyday, as someone with drier skin I try and avoid products that will dry it out even more. However, I do really like the Glycolic Acid Toner by Mario Badescu, it’s amazing and just creates a radiance on the skin. If I were to use a toner, that would be the one!

How did you get started in the makeup industry?

Here’s a little fun fact. Just recently I did a bride’s makeup…a lovely woman whose prom makeup I had done 10 years prior! Small world, I love that! I had started in makeup just 4 years before that first session with that now new bride. So, I’ve been in the industry professionally for 14 years but in terms of getting started, I was doing graduation makeup in elementary school, prom makeup as well, so even from a young age I was the go-to girl for all things glam. While I was working professionally in theatre, I was being asked to do events, weddings, proms and so on while I had a full time job as a performer, so I would do a wedding session in the morning followed by two shows singing and dancing – it was full on! At that point I decided it was time to get some proper training in, so I hit up Complections International College of Makeup Art and Design to get certified. Then I built up my team and here we are!

How did you build your followers and become known in the industry at the beginning?

I think a lot of it for me was word of mouth. I stayed very focused on customer service, on my craft and on being the very best I could be at what I do. People started talking and taking notice. I also think it’s really important to care about the aesthetic of the photos that you post, don’t just post any job. Think about what it looks like, making it eye catching so people stop in the middle of their scroll. You’ve got this!

I can’t put lashes on for the life of me! I also have terrible vision in one eye…any and all tips!

My best tip is to use the clear Ardell Waterproof Lashgrip Glue, I always recommend looking down into a compact so you can actually see the top of your eye when you put them on. I also disagree with that 20 second rule of letting the lash glue sit before applying to your eye. I wait closer to a minute after I apply a solid amount of glue to the lash band. You can put on your primer or do something else while you wait for the glue to set. Don’t forget to cut the ends to be sure the lashes fit the scope of your eye. Those are my lash tips! I hope they help!

Can you request a Fancy Face artist that you want?

You can absolutely put in a request for a specific artist! Tiffany, the amazing Fancy Face Family member who does all of our bookings will do her best to get you set up. It basically has to do with the artists’ schedule of availability.

How do you become part of the Fancy Face Family?

I must admit I am quite picky when it comes to bringing on board new members here at Fancy Face. So I’d say keep working hard to hone your craft, work on the styles that Fancy Face puts forward so that when you submit to be a part of our team your work suits the Fancy Face aesthetic. Continue to grow, learn, build and keep a clean kit, offer the very best customer service, get certified…all those little bits and pieces make a big difference. We always love it when people submit their interest and are happy to grow our Fancy Face Family!

Which undertone pairs best with the new Fancy Face lip colours?

I’ve seen people with very fair skin tones all the way to very dark skin tones wear our lip colours. The colours obviously look different on every skin tone but they really do work on everyone. I’d say if you have a darker skin tone, pair the colour with a darker liner and vice versa for a lighter skin tone.

How many rings are on your wedding finger?

I have 4 rings on my wedding finger. 3 bands and the engagement ring my husband Mark got me. One band is my wedding band, the others were just special little momentos, including one I got for myself. 🙂

What products can you save on and what products should you splurge on?

I love this question. I say splurge on your bronzers, your blushes, your primer and for fancy events splurge on false lashes, but save if you’re an every day lash girl as well, by getting a more casual wear lash to add to your kit, too. Save on your mascara. When it comes to foundation I say save and splurge. Get a more affordable one for everyday wear but have a fancier, better quality product for those special occasions. Lips for me lie somewhere in the middle, don’t spend money on a Tom Ford level lipstick, but don’t buy the super affordable colour that will rub off in a second, either. Having said that, NYX has some awesome lip colour that’s pretty darn affordable! I think that middle price point for lips is the way to go in terms of longevity, quality and level of colour you’re looking for. 

When it comes to hair and skincare, I say splurge! Take care of yo’self! Right now I’m really into Sunday Riley for skin, Alterna for hair, the Alterna Caviar Line is amazing, though it is on the pricier side. Olaplex and Schwarzkopf are brilliant, Kerastase and Oribe are also amazing. There are some really fabulous hair care lines out there that are pretty pricey, but when it comes to your hair I say take care of it. Don’t use cheap shampoo. The Alterna Volume Shampoo is seriously the best.

When it comes to skincare, those are your serums, sunscreens, moisturizers etc., I say splurge! Cleansers I say save. Bioderma Micellar Water is in my kit, I use Garnier Micellar Water on myself. Hope that gives you a better idea of where to save and where to splurge!

How do you prevent a cakey look in terms of makeup around the nose? I’ve tried everything!

I’d suggest applying less to those areas, use a translucent setting powder, nothing too heavy. Lighter is better, you can also add a bit more primer. Do explore what’s best for you; either you’ve been applying a bit too much product or the quality of the foundation isn’t great. 

Do you have a favourite look that you’ve done on a client?

I think my favourite look that I’ve done so far, partly because it created some buzz and was kind of the look that kickstarted the Fancy Face aesthetic in terms of what people think of as our style, was the Sleeping Beauty Wedluxe shoot. Amanda Strachan was our model, she travels the world and works with different brands and she’s amazing! We did a really light, fresh but glamourous and ethereal look on her and it’s always been one of my favourite looks. Tanned skin, blush, lashes but lighter eyeliner, soft nude lips…I love that look!

For bridal pics should a matte bronzer be used or can I use one with a sheen?

I would say if you’re really oily, I’d go for a matte bronzer, also if you’re 60 or older that’s a better bet. If you do go for a shimmery bronzer, don’t go overboard, it should be subtle. When you look in the actual pan you shouldn’t see a ton of glitter through it, the soft shimmer is what you’re after. Hourglass does Shimmered Bronzers really well, they give you that lovely glow that leaves you looking like you’ve just had a facial. You don’t want to look like a disco ball, so be careful! Our Ballerina Bronzer has a light shimmer in it as well, we created it alongside our blush, try it out!

Mother of the Groom, 66 years young! Do I cut back on the blush but increase the bronzer?

I’d recommend you use your matte bronzer, but go ahead and increase the blush. 65 years young plus looks healthier with a bit of colour on the cheek, it wakes up the face and gives you a fresh look! If you don’t have oily skin, bring in some cream bronzer for extra hydration, as well. 

When do you recommend a bride wash her hair before the wedding?

I always say the morning or midday on the day before the wedding! When you blowdry your hair for the first time there is still the chance that your hair has a bit of moisture in it. If you wash it the day of your wedding your hairstyle just won’t hold properly. 

When will you launch your makeup and lashes line in the US?

We are working on it! We don’t have a date yet, but hopefully very soon!

Have you ever had a bride that was not satisfied with their overall makeup look?

Knock on wood! No! 

Where are your glasses from? What brand? I love them on you!

Thank you! They’re my favourite! They’re from Bon Look, Sonia and Snake Skin.

Favourite foundations and concealers?

I adore Shape Tape by Tarte for my concealer, and I also love Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Mac Face and Body for a sheerer look, Nars Radiant Long Wear Foundation and YSL Touche Eclat

Best mascara?

I just love L’Oreal Voluminous!

How do you apply foundation so it doesn’t look cakey?

Use a better primer, apply less foundation and make sure that you’re finding a foundation that works with your skin type. We’re killing this Q&A!

What is your go-to eyeshadow palette?

Right now the Kylie Bronze Palette is my go-to!

What brush cleaner do you use in between clients?

I love the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner.

How do you get the perfect eyeliner wing? I hate when it looks too thick.

I always suggest creating your wings first just with a pen, something like the Kat Von D Liquid Pen. Create your flicks then go across your eyes and attach it. Foolproof!

What is the best CC Cream?

I’d say the Marcelle CC Cream and the It Cosmetics CC Cream!

Whoof! I think we got through a lot of your questions! There were a few about price points. If you shoot Tiffany an email she’ll send that information through to you. Looking forward to our next question and answer session with you beauties!

As always, feel free to DM us with any other questions you might have, we love answering them!

Til next time…x


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Benefit Porefessional Primer  //  @benefitcosmetics
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Smashbox Primerizer  //  @smashboxcosmetics
Glycolic Acid Toner by Mario Badescu  //  @mariobadescu
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It Cosmetics CC Cream  //  @itcosmetics


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