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How I Stay Sane in A Crazy F***ing World

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Brittany shares her personal tips and products that help her stay sane in a crazy f***ing world.


Hello, lovelies! It has been insane, lately. We all know this. So I wanted to sit down with you all and let you in on my tips and tricks that help me stay sane in a crazy f**cked up world! This past year I’ve traveled more than I ever have before, which is difficult enough with two toddlers, while also doing my best to run a business. If I’m being completely honest with you all, since having my two-year-old, Nash, I haven’t felt great about myself. Social media doesn’t help when you see tons of women who bounce back and look picture perfect two months after having a child, because for me and for many others, that just wasn’t the case. So I’ve made an agreement with myself that 2020 is going to be a year where I do everything I need to do to feel good about myself and accept where I’m at. Here are some of the ways I’m getting back on track and staying sane.


TIP 1: Stay Active

Staying active has been key for me. I picked up a Formfit Marble Yoga Mat which I love. It does what it’s meant to do wonderfully, but I also adore the look of it. I love to surround myself with things that look aesthetically pleasing. I’m also all about that Marie Kondo mentality, if you don’t love it, you say thank you and let it go. Another awesome fitness product I’ve become a fan of is the Bala Resistance Weights, recommended by Melissa Wood Health. They really amp up your workout when you wear them. 


TIP 2: Go Plastic Free

This year I’m starting by saying no to plastic water bottles. I have this gorgeous, marble S’well water bottle that I adore and it’s easy to take everywhere. And it’s good for Mother Earth!

How I Stay Sane | Brittany Gray

TIP 3: Essential Oils

Essential oils help to ground me. They’re absolutely a key part of my day to day ability to stay sane. Lavender and peppermint are two of my favourites of late, lavender to help calm anxiety and stress and give me a more grounded sense of self, peppermint oil whenever I need a pick me up and want to feel more alert. Just don’t put it too close to your eyes, avoid the temples, it stings! I keep little applicators in my purse so they go with me everywhere and I can reapply throughout the day, as needed. 

Victoria, the amazing gal who works with me, found these incredible Kathleen Lights by Briogeo essential oils, Not only are they awesome oils for grounding, but they have crystals as the roller applicators! So you get the added healing properties of the crystal as well as the essential oils, all at the same time. They also smell amazing. Check them out.


TIP 4: Grounding with Crystals

Crystals are something that I am obsessed with. I have a window sill in my bedroom covered in crystals. Those who are all about crystals call it a ‘crystal altar’. I go to it and see which one’s kind of draw me in, see which ones I gravitate toward. If it’s your vibe, you’ll know it and you’ll usually gravitate toward certain stones. If they’re new to you and you’re interested and intrigued, I’d recommend picking up The Power of Crystal Healing by Emma Lucy Knowles. You can take a look at all the crystals in the back of the book and read about what they can do for you and why you may be gravitating toward certain ones. They’re amazing.  


TIP 5: Self Care Time

Many of you know about our Stardust Gel Eye Masks. They were made with you in mind, it was the first product we at Fancy Face launched, and we created them so women could pamper themselves and give themselves a little extra TLC. They help to treat fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and give your eyes a fresh, more youthful look. One of my favourite things to do with the eye masks is put them in the fridge so when I’m making my morning cup of coffee and I open the fridge to grab my milk, I see the glorious masks. And they’re cold so it’s even better for those puffy morning eyes! If you find you have that tired look in the morning, it’s usually from swelling or because you’re dehydrated. So grab the eye masks from the fridge, pop them on, and feel extra pampered and sane while you’re doing things for everyone else as you start the day, school lunches, laundry, you name it!

How I Stay Sane | Brittany Gray

TIP 6: Use Diffusers

Another thing we do in our Fancy Face shop, and something I love to do at home, is diffuse scents. I’m a fan of Saje and the Poosh Diffusers that come in grey and cream. Poosh has a great Saje scent called Yoga that’s incredible and uplifting, that only comes with its diffusers and isn’t sold separately. Our clients who come into the shop absolutely love it! 


TIP 7: Take Supplements

I religiously take vitamins. When I’m feeling like a cold is coming on, I take Emergen-C and pop it into my water. I also take Activ-X Vitamins and Sugarbear Hair Gummies as part of my health arsenal.


TIP 8: Sage and Palo Santo

I am a big fan of saging my house, Palo Santo is also awesome. I have this seashell I use as a cup to collect the ashes of my sage as I burn it. You can take a feather to help fan them around the home. You want to work from the bottom of the house up, going in a clockwise direction. Open up those windows and let in the bright, light energy! It really will feel lighter in your home, saging your space will remove lingering negative energy. If you’re into spirituality and those kinds of offerings, saging or using Palo Santo is amazing.

Rosé All Day Candle | Fancy Face

TIP 9: Lighting Candles

Candles are also my jam. Can you tell scents and natural healing elements are a huge part of my life? Anyway. Candles. Love them. Something happens as soon as I light one, when I’m stressed I suddenly feel a little more grounded. One tip is using soy or beeswax candles, I’ve learned that using the manufactured, chemical-based scented candles, such as the ones at Bath and Body Works or others of that variety, are not great for female hormones, it can actually amp up the estrogen in your body and lead to hormone disruption. So to me, natural ingredients are the way to go. You’re breathing that air in, it’s throughout your home, so when I look for candles I always buy ones with solely natural ingredients. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our Rosé All Day Candle with notes of rosé, geranium, and patchouli. 


TIP 10: Things That Bring You Joy

I am a total Nordstrom girl, the cozy sweater I’m wearing is from PJ Salvage. They also make adorable jammies, I usually get them oversized so they’re super comfy. They have different patterns, I love my snakeskin pair, this particular brand look super cute and feel wonderful. I also bought these fab leopard print All Fenix leggings on the Bloomingdale’s website. They change up the designs but they’re super comfortable and they’re super high waisted (postpartum mamas, you know what I’m talkin’ about).

The final fave I want to share with you are these amazing Ugg Slippers! The second I get home, I’ll put on a comfortable outfit and my Uggs and make myself a cup of tea; I immediately feel more relaxed. I’m kind of a grandma when I get home from work, and I’m ok with that. These slippers are so unbelievably comfortable, you can actually buy a pair with a firm sole if that’s more your jam. That being said, if you’re looking for a more affordable pair of slippers, I’ll let you in on a little secret. The Costco ones are amazing! They’re also very comfortable and look pretty much the same. My mom gave me the skinny on those! Thanks, Mom! So I have my ‘fancy’ Uggs at home, and I also have my Costco pair because I keep two pairs of slippers in my house at all times! One pair upstairs, one downstairs, so when I’m chilly in the winter I always know I have a pair close at hand. Warm, cozy feet are the best. And you know what? The Costco ones are actually comfier than the Ugg ones. So if you’re looking for a quality pair of slippers, those are two great options!

There you have it, lovelies, my roundup of products to help keep me sane and grounded when I’m feeling a little coocoo bananas! Can’t wait to hear what you think. Namaste. You know. Cuz I’m like that. 😉

Til next time…x


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