A 50+ Mother’s Day-Inspired Makeup Tutorial

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Brittany and her amazing Mom take you step-by-step through the products and tips to create a romantic, soft and fresh 50+ Mother’s Day makeup tutorial.



Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m here with my wonderful Mom to celebrate and share with you some more makeup tips and tricks. The last video my Mom and I did together received overwhelming response, and you wanted more of this crazy duo! Thank you. 🙂 So here we are! Let’s get to it and help you create your very own romantic, soft and fresh Mother’s Day makeup look.

Get Tanned and Glow

Mom used the AVF Express Tanner to give her the beautiful, tanned glow she has. You need to have a tan, ladies. It’s gorgeous. Start with the tan. We put the tanner all over Mom’s face and her decolletage, then put on the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Face Primer, which is equally amazing.


Next, we jump into the sheer foundation. Always, always use a sheer foundation if you have 50 plus skin! Two that I love are the Dior Face and Body Foundation and the Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation. Do not use anything too heavy if you want to look more bright and youthful. If you struggle with rosacea or any other skin conditions go ahead and try something like an IT Cosmetics CC Cream to give you a little bit more coverage, just cut it in half with a bit of moisturizer or highlighting liquid to make it sheerer.


Once you’re looking youthful with that sheer coverage, it’s time to move on to concealer. For Mom, I use the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Creaseless Concealer. It is a full coverage concealer, but you can go ahead and sheer it out to work the best for you. I love this one because it’s creaseless, that fine line crease isn’t nice for anyone. Mom totally agrees!

Go ahead and use a blender brush like you’d use in the crease of your eye to blend out the product really thinly. I take nearly the majority of the concealer onto my hand then go into the under-eye to apply.

When you’re selecting your concealer, I suggest only going a tone or two brighter than your skin tone. You want to brighten your under-eye, but too much can lead you to aging yourself unnecessarily. We’re trying to achieve the opposite! Think about applying in a triangular shape. Down along the side of your nose, up almost along the rim of the orbital bone and up under the eye. You can also apply a little concealer on the lid of your eye for a bit of extra brightening.

Bronzing and Contouring

Time to add a little bit more colour and an extra sun-kissed glow. Our Fancy Face Golden Goddess Bronzer is great for my Mom because it’s a matte shade. You want to make sure the colours you use, especially for 50 plus skin, are matte. Too much glow can create aging, but creating a glow in the right places will leave your skin looking much more bright and youthful.

Using a fluffy brush, dip into the bronzer, being careful to tap it off so we don’t over-apply. Blend that product into the skin, for a nice sun-kissed glow. If you want to have more of that chiselled, contoured look you can focus more on the contours of the face as well. A little down the nose looks lovely, too!  Dip into the bronzer with a blender brush then go ahead and contour the eye a little bit. My Mom has bigger eyes but she was mistakingly emphasizing the area that has the deeper, natural crease, which makes your eyes look a little too seated and can also age you, instead of applying up and out. So use a bigger brush and really create that softer, blended up out effect. You can get away with bringing a bronzer up higher as it’s a transition colour, not a dark shade. 

I also love to put bronzer underneath the eyes to wake them up a little bit, without a touch of shadow there I find they look unfinished. Use a domed brush to trickle a touch of bronzer under the bottom lash line. Take your time to build lightly and slowly for that lovely, more finished look.

Eye Shadow

I finished up my Mom’s eyes with our Fancy Face #Fancified Palette, it has a selection of 5 colours you seriously cannot go wrong with. The brick shade which is second from the top is gorgeous. When you’re applying the brick colour, again try and avoid the deeper crease area of the eye. Apply on the outskirts of the lid for a lovely touch of definition to wake up the eyes while still keeping it more natural-looking. This brick tone really is gorgeous for any eye colour. 

The golden shade on the lid of the eye adds a beautiful shimmer. Adding a touch of shimmer to the lid is lovely and you can absolutely get away with it, even at 50 plus. You can use a brush or your finger to apply, just take it from the inside of the eye to about the halfway point so you don’t cover any brick colour we’ve applied.

Lastly, the champagne colour goes in the corners of the eyes with the same brush to open the eye. Our colour has an added depth that some lighter champagne colours don’t, so don’t be afraid of adding that extra touch of shimmer.


Mom is a total Browmance Brow Gel advocate! This stuff sells out all the time. She uses it every day to create lovely brows because she doesn’t have much hair left up there. Browmance is a water-resistant, fibre brow gel that adds that extra thickness. One of the things I love about this product is how buildable it is. You don’t need anything else! The colour and fibre give the appearance of that really filled in brow.

You can also apply some of the brow gel to the back of your hand and, with an angled brush, you can pick and choose the areas that you really want to focus on filling in. From there you can take the brow gel and set the brow hair a little more loosely.

Our Secret Brightening Product!

If you watch our video, you can see that one of my Mom’s eyes is brighter underneath. We’re currently working on an amazing new brightening product that you apply after concealer. We’ve taken a brush and brushed out, under the eye, this wonderful new product, and it really creates that super snatched under the eye. It’s a very, very pinky-salmon tone and it works really well on top of a number of different concealer colours to blend with your skin tone. It creates that brighter undereye without having to use too light a concealer.  Stay tuned for more on this glorious little new product!


Pack on that mascara! The Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Black Mascara is amazing, and I absolutely love, love, love it with the Marc Jacobs Lash Primer! The primer is a pinky tone as opposed to the whiter tone of so many others that can make it harder to cover with your mascara. The combo of this primer and the black mascara gives you wonderfully thick, full lashes. Remember ladies, use a lash serum like Latisse Lash Serum to make them look really thick. A gorgeous, thick lash absolutely creates a more youthful look.


Applying blush is one of my favourite parts of putting on makeup! Every woman needs a stellar cream blush, that’s why we launched Lovey Dovey Cream Blush. It’s a colour that can be used on all skin tones, looks really bright but blends quite sheer and gives that perfect, peachy pop to the cheeks in a flattering shade that suits any skin tone.

Just dip into the blush and pat it off to disperse the colour into the bristles so it can be applied on your face more evenly. Always smile in the mirror when you’re applying your blush. How nice is that? Hit the blush on the apples of your cheeks for that perfect flush. You can use this cream blush on its own or as a great base for our other blush colour. Add a touch of Rosé-OK? pink blush with a fluffy brush and tap off the colour. Adding a bit of blush over the Lovey Dovey really helps to lock in the cream blush so it doesn’t move anywhere. It really does give you a gorgeous flush.

My mom trained me to be a blush girl. It really does add extra colour and life to the face!


Time for what we all love and adore! Bigger, fuller lips! Just grab a pencil, like our Satin Lip Liner. Satin is a nude-mauve shade that isn’t too dark, so it won’t make it obvious that you’ve lined them. It’s a great little lip cheat colour.

Guess what? Time for more Lovey Dovey! It’s a lip colour, too! Use a little of this as a base colour for our pink Ivy Girl Lip Stick and it looks amazing. It’s kind of an amped-up version of our Ivy GIrl, which is a matte lipstick and a little bit lighter in colour. When we say matte, we mean extreme matte! It doesn’t move, slip, slide or bleed. It stays exactly where you put it.


It’s Mother’s Day, so let’s get extra fancy! I used a pair of our Basic Boss Lashes on my mom. A little trick here is to cut them in half and focus on the outside of the lashes for an easier application process. After you cut the lash in half, hang on to the longest side of both lashes. Add a little of the Ardelle Lash Grip Glue. From there, carefully place the lash right along the lash line, working from the end of the eye to the centre of the eye. This will give you that lovely winged, doe-eyed look. So pretty! Using half the lash is a simple and easy way to start wearing lashes, and gives you that opened eye without looking too heavy. And it’s kind of fun!

Finishing Mist

Ok. Mom looks gorgeous! Let’s wrap this up with our lovely Fancy Face Finishing Mist. It adds hydration to your skin and helps to set your makeup to look and feel a little more natural. You can spritz it over your t-zone or just really go to town – which is what I always do! Fan it with your hand and let it all melt into your the skin. The mist is also a lovely something-something to pack into your bag during the summer to keep your skin hydrated. 

Voilà! That’s our round-up of this romantic, soft and fresh Mother’s Day makeup look! A little more glamourous than our last look with Mom, but equally beautiful! We hope you found some great little tips and tricks, don’t forget to DM us with your thoughts. Enjoy all of the pampering! 

Til next time…Happy Mother’s Day! X

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