Fancy Face Makeup Tips and Products for Deep Skinned Beauties

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Brittany takes you through her amazing collection of makeup tips and products for deep skinned beauties!



Hello, beauties!

I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with the gorgeous Anika to talk about what would really suit her lovely skin tone, as well as other beautiful, deeper skin tones. Let’s dive right into to our Fancy Face makeup tips and products for deep skinned beauties!

Fancy Face Makeup Tips and Products for Deep Skinned Beauties

Getting Started

Anika prepped her base and started out with a pair of the Basic Boss Lashes, some liquid eyeliner, a little brow powder, concealer and translucent powder. From there, we got down to the good stuff – adding that perfect amount of zhuzh to your makeup once those base steps are done.

Fancy Face Makeup Tips and Products for Deep Skinned Beauties | Basic Boss Lashes

Step 1: Bronzer

When it comes to deeper skin, the Fenty Beauty Bronzer is a favourite and the range is really great. I used Coco Naughty mixed together with Marc Jacobs’ O!Mega Bronzer in 106 Tantalize to find the perfect bronzer shade for Anika’s skin. 

When bronzing, you want to really work down the hollows of your cheekbone. A great brush for this is the Mac 137, a nice amount of fluffy! A great little rule of thumb is to apply your bronzer in the shape of the number 3, so forehead, around to cheekbone hollows around to the jawline. Just be careful you don’t bronze too high up on the jawline, otherwise, you’ll be giving yourself a fancy little beard! Hit right on that sharp angle of your jawbone.

Add some bronzer down your neck to tie it all into your face so you don’t look like you have two separate tones.

Lastly, rock that bronzer into the crease of your eye for that bright, healthy pop. The Sigma E25 is a great brush for this little trick. When you’re applying bronzer to the eye, don’t be afraid to bring it out nearly past the brow and blend, blend, blend for that really lovely, blown-out look. Grab a Domed Brush to trickle the bronzer right along that bottom lash line to really open your eyes. 

Pro Tip: Having two bronzers to bounce between depending on the time of year is a clever way to keep your look fresh and perfect for the season.

Fancy Face Makeup Tips and Products for Deep Skinned Beauties | Bronzers

Step 2: Eyeshadow

The Sugar Rush Bee You Eyeshadow Palette is absolutely gorgeous. There is a whole selection of excellent colours for medium, tanned to deep skin tones. Steel tones, golden tones, wine tones, you’re totally covered. 

I went ahead and mixed a couple golden, warm tones and applied them to Anika’s eye creases for that really trendy, burnt orange shadow look. Buff it widely and don’t go too deeply into the crease to allow it to be a bit of a transition colour from the darkest colour in the crease to the brow bone. If you want more of a fresh look, you can leave the eye just like this. But if you want to glam it up a notch, hit up a deeper colour as well. 

Using a Sigma E45 brush I went for a blend of a couple of wine tones from the Sugar Rush palette and applied the shadow to the outskirts of the eye, sort of like a sideways ‘V’. If you find there’s a little bit of fallout, just dip into a translucent powder and give it a gentle brush.

For even more pop, I grabbed a synthetic brush, sprayed it with our Forever Fancy Finishing Mist to really intensify the colour, and dipped into the sort of silver, metallic colour on the palette. From there, I packed it onto Anika’s lid, focusing more on the inner half. This colour is quite rich in tone, so it didn’t look too ashy and blended quite beautifully. I also used a little bit of the golden shades and popped them into the more inner part of the eye for some extra wow!

Since Anika already has her lashes on, I went ahead and gave her liner a clean with the Stila Stay All Day Eye Liner. If you apply a tiny bit of the deepest shadow from the palette, you can go ahead and soften the eyeliner with an Angled Brush so it isn’t quite so harsh, and it also helps to cover up any imperfect lines. 

For the last bit of va-va-voom on her eyes, I blended a golden and kind of wine shade and dusted them under her lower lashes using a domed brush.

Fancy Face Makeup Tips and Products for Deep Skinned Beauties | Mascara and Finishing Mist

Step 3: Mascara

Easy peasy mascara. I applied one of my favourites, the Stila XXX Magnum Black Mascara.

Pro Tip: If you get any mascara on your skin, let it dry and then you can easily wipe it away.


Step 4: Blush

I dove into a couple of cream blushes, Camellia and Magnolia from Stila’s Convertible Color. You can absolutely go ahead with just one colour, but I’m a fan of mixing because it’s way more fun!

Go ahead and smile and pop it on the apples of the cheeks. The cream blush can also be applied before your bronzer if you’re using it as a blush base for your powder blush, which we did with Anika. 

I used the blush in our Ballerina Bronzer to give her a bit more of a flush and glow. You can also use our bronzer on medium to deeper skin tones, it’s quite pigmented and very buildable. I used it to set Anika’s cream blush, but you can use this blush on its own, as well. 

Fancy Face Makeup Tips and Products for Deep Skinned Beauties | Blush

Step 5: Brows

I used our Browmance Brow Gel on Anika to just give them an extra lift and tidy. Easy!


Step 6: Highlighter

Our Boujie Highlighter is a really lovely, warm colour, which makes it excellent for that medium, tanned or deep skin tone. You want to try and avoid champagne tones and go for golden tones in your highlighter if your skin is on the deeper side.  Just go ahead and apply on the tops of the cheekbones. 

With a domed brush, I also applied down the centre of the nose and gently softened, then applied to her cupid’s bow. Always hit the cupid’s bow! Again, soften it with your finger. From there, add a little highlighter to the corners of the eye for an extra pop.  

Fancy Face Makeup Tips and Products for Deep Skinned Beauties | Brows and Highlighter

Step 7: Lips

Our Nude Lip Liner is perfect to help create a fuller lip and is excellent for any skin tone. It’s a waterproof liner, which means you don’t have to reapply lipstick as much throughout the day, you can even go ahead and fill the lip right in.

Our Luscious Lipstick is a little deeper and shows up beautifully on Anika’s lips. For a final touch, I used a touch of our Legend Lip Lacquer, again a bit of a deeper nude, on the centre of her lip for an extra pop. 

Fancy Face Makeup Tips and Products for Deep Skinned Beauties | Lip Products

Step 8: Finishing Touches

For a final touch of glow and flush, I added a bit more of the Stila cream blush and used our finishing spray, spritzing in a T shape and a little underneath her jawline to make sure she was fully set. Beautiful!

That’s it, lovelies! That’s our roundup of makeup tips and products for medium, tanned and deep skinned beauties. Just vary the tones to find what works best for you – I can’t wait to hear what you think once you’ve tried them out!

Til next time…x

Fancy Face Makeup Tips and Products for Deep Skinned Beauties

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