How to Style Your Hair With Loose, Beachy Waves and Straight Ends

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Brittany walks you through her daily hairstyling steps (when she’s not rocking iso-hair!) and shows you how to style your hair with loose, beachy waves and straight ends.

Hello, beauties!

I wanted to take you step-by-step through how I style my hair from day-to-day (not including quarantine time…where I’ve leaned toward the super simple and just blown it dry!) to get those easy, free and feminine waves. So let’s dive in and I’ll show you how to style your hair with loose, beachy waves and straight ends.

Before you start, make sure your hair is clean and blown dry. I give my hair a good wash with Ouai Shampoo and Conditioner and then spray on a little of the Alterna Caviar Leave-In Conditioner to help protect my hair before I blow it dry. If you’re styling your hair a day or two post-wash, you can use some dry shampoo in your roots to freshen it up and give them a bit of a lift. From there, I use my Ecardy Blowdryer from Amazon that I bought for about $35. Revlon offers a very similar Revlon Blow Dryer for around $70.  It’s essentially a brush and blowdryer in one, so it’s fabulous and super convenient to use. 

Then it’s time to get styling!  

Start by sectioning off your hair – have a trusty clip to secure the parts of your hair that you aren’t working with.  Clip the top of your hair and leave the bottom, lowest portion of your hair out. I’m really not fussy about this style, it’s simple to do and doesn’t need a whole lot of neat, clean sectioning. You do have the option to just curl the top of your hair and leave the bottom underneath portion straight, but we’ll go through the whole head so you have options!

Spray in some Alterna Caviar Professional Styling Working Spray to the section you’re about to work on to help hold the curl, then start curling! Begin curling around halfway down the shaft of the hair and leave a good 2-3 inches at the bottom tip of the hair, as well. I like to use the 1.5 inch Sapphire Hair Wand. If your hair is on the shorter side, a 1-inch wand will work better for you. You really want to focus on curling the middle portion. I usually curl it around the wand twice and angle the wand with the tip down a bit so I don’t over curl, the straighter you hold the wand the curlier your hair will be. You don’t have to hold it for very long for it to get a nice curl, from there just let it sit and settle while you do the rest. 

Once you’ve curled the whole first section, don’t play with it just give it another spray and gently place it behind you to focus on the next portion.

Keep sectioning, spraying, and curling from there! I really love that relaxed, not overly styled look when I’m doing my hair. I’ll take sections that aren’t always even, some are larger than others and I’ll curl it around the wand three times rather than two. Just keep it chill! You’ll have a nice, beachy, lively curl that isn’t overly done. If you don’t curl the back well, as far as I’m concerned don’t even worry about it. If someone doesn’t like the back of my hair then don’t stand behind me! 😉 

Another tip is to be aware of the temperature; if you have fine hair you really don’t want to go over 400 degrees so you don’t singe it. I usually sit around 350 degrees, or around 380 if I find my hair really isn’t curling, and then I only hold it for a second to not damage my hair.

When you hit the top or last section of your hair, find the right place for it to naturally part. For me, a relaxed middle part works nicely. For others, a little off centre works well. If you have shorter strands from layers at the top, be gentle with them so they don’t fry!

If you’re looking for something to help keep your hair stronger and healthier, the Sugarbear Hair Gummies and Nature’s Bounty Hair Gummies are both terrific.

Once you’ve curled everything, go ahead and give your whole head another little spray and gently pat and tame any flyaways. 

Once my hair has cooled, I take a wide-toothed comb and gently brush through it. My go-to is a Swissco Comb, I find it doesn’t make my hair frizz and gives it a nice, brushed out quality. Then, I use the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo and spray a little under the hair and roots. Lift your hair and spray underneath with the dry shampoo for some added freshness and volume

Spray again, this time with the Schwartzkopf Powder Cloud from the Osis line to give my roots a bit of a lift. Don’t use too much so you don’t make your hair tacky, but it does give lovely body to your hair.

Last sprays! Volume Up and Texture Sprays by Schwartzkopf are both amazing for body! Flip that hair over and spray. Give ‘er some life! If you use the texture spray, just be aware that on darker hair it can leave a bit of a white-ish residue. 

If you’re particular about having super straight ends, you can take a straightener to the ends of your hair to clean them up. Same goes for the roots, if you feel like you’ve got a bit too much flyaway action happening, just go in there with the straightener. If you really love that extra body, backcomb the hair a little bit to zhuzh it up.

I hope that has given you a little hair inspiration! It has for me, I’ve had boring iso-hair lately, so thanks for reminding me how great a proper style is!

Til next time…x


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