A Super Quick, Easy Makeup Look That You Can Wear From Day-to-Day

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Brittany shares her steps, tips and tricks to get the hugely popular, super quick, easy makeup look that you can wear from day-to-day.

Today I’m sharing with you Fancy Face’s most requested makeup look. It’s a super quick, easy makeup look that you can wear from day-to-day, and it makes you look and feel beautiful and polished. 



I start out by curling my lashes and applying the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow. You can mix it into your foundation if you’d prefer, or apply it as is for a really lovely, hydrated look. Just use a pea-sized amount and gently buff it into your face. 


CC Cream or Foundation

After I apply the Wonderglow, I put on a little bit of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, it’s a great one with excellent coverage and sun protection. You can cut the amount in half by mixing it with a moisturizer or something like a liquid highlighter. I’m a fan of the Dior Liquid Highlighter 001 Universal. A sheer wash of this blend of products is perfect, as you’re keeping this look simple and easy while still getting a lovely glow on! I always use a cc cream or more sheer foundation for this look and I love choosing shades that are about a tone darker than my own skin tone so I don’t look so washed out. 



IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in light honey is fantastic. I just apply a little to my fourth finger and blend it under my eyes. The fourth finger is the most gentle for the sensitive skin under your eyes. When you’re in a rush, using a bunch of brushes is totally unnecessary so just go ahead and use your fingers for a great blend. Don’t forget to blend along the sides of the nose, I also like blending a bit onto the bridge of the nose to slim it down. I apply a little wash over my lids, as well. You can use the excess product to go on the sides of your nose and on your chin and centre of the forehead too, really brightening those areas. 



I jump into our Fancy Face Ballerina Bronzer that also has the blush for a great duo product. It’s a lovely, warm bronzer that works wonderfully with my current skin tone. Just pop it into the hollows of the cheek and work your way up a little bit to give your skin some glow. Anywhere the sun would hit is where you should apply. It really gives your skin some life! 

From there, rock a bit into the crease of your eye. I do this step every single day. I love it! It’s a really quick and easy eyeshadow technique – without the eyeshadow! Use a fluffy, Domed Brush so it can easily blend out the colour. Add a light dusting of the bronzer to the lower lash line under your eye to help open your eyes up for a nice, bright look. 

Take a bit of the Ballerina Blush, smile, and pop it onto the apples of your cheeks. The Ballerina Blush adds to that gorgeous glow, and you can add a bit to the crease of the eye as well, for an added bit of brightness and colour.



Brush that Browmance Brow Gel through your brows! Give them a bit of a lift, some colour and a nice fullness. You don’t have to overdo it, especially for your everyday look. 

During my daily skincare routine, I do use a lash and brow growth serum to ensure they’re always at their fullest. The Latisse Lash Serum or the Eye Envy Serum are both terrific products. 



Pop on some lash primer, I use the Marc Jacobs Lash Primer and it’s so amazing! The peachy tone is much easier to cover than a white primer that many other brands offer, and it really does make your lashes so thick and full looking. Which I totally love!



Our Satin Lip Liner is the perfect everyday lip liner. It’s very soft in colour, you can use it to help give your lips that extra bit of plumpness by overdrawing just a little bit. I then go ahead and add our Fancy Gloss to my lips for a cool, pink pop. 



After my lips, I apply a little of our Dew U Highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones for some extra glow on those lovely, high points of the cheekbones. You can also add some down the nose, to the point of the forehead right in between your brows and just above the brows as well. Glowy and beautiful!



You can add a little bit more blush if you’d like, but it’s your choice if you’ve already applied some of our Ballerina Blush. I use our Lovey Dovey Cream Blush. Now typically you should put the cream blush on before the powder, but the great thing about this product is that it can be rocked either way. Yay! This blush works really well to add that extra flush to your cheeks. 



Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Black Mascara is one of my current favourites. Give that brush a wiggle through your lashes as you swipe up. I always apply a bit to the topside of the lash as well to help give them a nice lift. Wiggling the brush from the root upward helps to cover the primer, but it also really helps cover the full length of your lash for a fuller, longer look. A fun little trick to give the illusion of even longer lashes is to pull the lashes from about the midpoint of the eye in the centre, over toward the nose just a little bit. From the halfway point out, go ahead and pull outwards. Love it!

When I’m applying mascara to the bottom lashes, I first apply with the brush sort of pointing upwards, toward the eye. This also helps give you a little bit more control when you’re coating the lashes. Once I’ve applied that way, I change the angle of the brush to across the lash and really comb them out so they look nice and separated and long. 

Another cool trick for the bottom lashes is to press at the root a little bit to add mascara there and help define the eyes. I think that’s a little Tyra Banks trick, tapping or pressing the skin of the eyes a bit. It looks really sharp!

To keep from makeup transfer under the eyes, you have to wait until the mascara dries. From there you can use powder and really set it underneath. I’ve had so many people ask me why they often get that mascara transfer under their eyes throughout the day. It’s because under the eye is a bit too dewy, it picks up the product and moves it around. But if you mattify under the eye, you won’t get that transfer. I use the Revlon ColorStay Powder in 820 light. Just go in with a tiny brush. I don’t like to overset my makeup because I really love the dewy look. But you can add a little powder to the forehead around the brow and to your chin under your lip as well, leaving the rest of your face simply glowing.



To wrap up the whole look I’ve been using this fun product called Freck. I love freckles, I think they’re so super cute! Take the product and just gently spot apply to where you want your freckles to be. Then take your finger and kind of dab where you’ve applied them. I like them on the higher points of my cheeks, and if you use that finger to sort of spread them around it gives the illusion of natural freckles. Let them sit for a minute before you blend them in so they can better adhere to the skin before you start spreading them out. The more imperfect you are with it, the better it looks. 

There you have it, our super quick, easy makeup look that you can wear from day-to-day. A few minutes of effort and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, sunkissed face. As always, if you have any questions shoot us a DM, we always love to hear from you! And if you have any video requests absolutely send them our way so we can make it happen! 

Til next time…x


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Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Face Primer  //   @ctilburymakeup

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Dior Liquid Highlighter  //  @diormakeup

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Satin Lip Liner  //  @fancyfaceinc 

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Dew U Highlighter  //  @fancyfaceinc 

Lovey Dovey Cream Blush  //  @fancyfaceinc

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