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A Fun Makeup Look to Rock with Your Tie-dye this Summer!

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Brittany embraces the style of the season and shares her fun makeup look to rock with your tie-dye this summer!


Hello beauties! I thought it would be awesome to play a little bit today and show you a great makeup look that will go brilliantly with that tie-dyed top that you’re going to be showing off this season – because they’re all the rage! So let’s dive into a fun makeup look to rock with your tie-dye this summer.


Give love to the under eyes

I start out with our Fancy Face Stardust Gel Eye Masks and leave them under my eyes for twenty minutes to work their magic. I leave mine in the fridge before I put them on to add that extra bit of brightness and life to my eyes. Once they’ve really been able to soak in, just gently swipe them off! They just add extra hydration and depuff, giving your eyes a more awake and polished look. Perfection.



Go ahead and pop on some Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Face Primer to add a bit of life to your face, especially for summer. That extra bit of glow this primer provides is really lovely. 



I’ve been using sheerer foundations lately and really love that simple, fresh look. BB and CC creams are great for this, they hydrate, protect you but still allow your glowing skin to come through!

So….we have a new product we’re working on that I can’t share with you quite yet. But it’s very sheer, very hydrating, great for all ages and for people with drier skin or those who really want to look dewy and fresh – minus the cakey – this summer. It’s going to be amaaaaazing! So I’m popping a little bit of our ‘surprise product’ onto the back of my hand and mixing two shades together. Then I apply with a brush. Glow!



For this fun summer look, I’m using the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in the shade Shortbread. I love this shade, it’s very brightening and gives a great amount of coverage. Make sure to pop a bit under the brow as well, along the sides of your nose, on your chin, and between your brows to really brighten up that gorgeous face of yours! You can take your foundation brush and really buff that concealer in everywhere to blend it beautifully with the rest of your face. 



I go ahead and use the Shu Uemura Lash Curler – it’s amazing and one of the best out there. I love it! So make sure you start at the root of your lashes and pump five times, then work your way up your lash. It will give you a really lovely lift.



So I’m reaching back to our Lovey Dovey Cream Blush that I love (and you all do, too, it’s one of our best sellers!) and popping some onto the apples of my cheeks for a lovely flush. You can also apply a little to the area above your brows and down your nose to give your face a more natural-looking flush. Then give your lips a touch of colour with the product, as well! I love that you can use it on both your cheeks and your lips. 



I fill in my brows this time around with the Fenty Beauty Ash Brown Brow Pencil. It’s amazing, the brush on the end is so great and cute! Just start at the tail end of your brows and extend them, focusing mainly on the areas that really need to be filled in. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of shape and structure under the brow. When you reach the front of the brow, you can trace a little line at the bottom, then do upward strokes to fill in that very front portion of the brow and then along the brow as a whole to give them a more natural look.

Once you’ve done that, take that lovely little brush and brush it all out to give it a nice, soft look.

When you’ve allowed a bit of time to set and have done most of your makeup, come on back to your brows with our Browmance Brow Gel to help set them and give them an extra bit of fullness and lift.


Powder to Set

I take the Revlon ColorStay Powder in 820 Light and apply a little underneath my eyes to help set the makeup there. I also add a little to my forehead and t-zone area to mattify just a little. The serums and oils I added during my morning routine created quite a dewy look so this just helps leave the shine where it looks best. If you hit a bit of power in the t-zone with a smaller brush, you won’t be left looking oily. 



This is my go-to, ladies! I take my Golden Goddess Bronzer to add it to the crease of my eyes. Dip into the product, tap it off then rock it in those creases! Don’t be afraid to pull the colour outwards. Go ahead and dust a little bronzer underneath your eyes as well, attaching it to the upper crease. This helps to really give them a bright and open look.

While we’re at it, I’m going to add some to my face! I love bronzer. Golden Goddess is multi-use, you can actually use it as a bronzer or for contouring. If you want to add some contour, grab a smaller brush and apply nicely into the hollows of your cheeks.  From there you can just add some nice bronzing in that figure 3 shape (hairline, cheeks, jawline) to really brighten and give you that golden, sun-kissed glow.



For some added summer fun, I grabbed the NudeStix Copper Foil Pencil and added some of this awesome, glowing product to the lids of my eyes for extra wow. I also applied it underneath my eyes as well to really open them up. 


More blush!

Let’s add some more summer flush! Our Rosé-OK? blush is a staple in our spring/summer line so I’ve added a lovely, pink pop to my cheeks for this summer look. 



I hit up my trusty Nude Lip Liner to plump up my lips and then added our gorgeous Extra AF, classic, summer-pink lipstick. It works perfectly with that bronzy eye and looks amazing with tie-dye!  Lastly, pop on some beautiful Fancy Gloss, it looks awesome over our Extra AF and is a lovely pink, sheer, creamy gloss for summer. 



Our number one seller is our Dew U Hilite. It’s gorgeous and gives you this perfect, dewy look. Just pop a little on to the high points of your cheeks. I love it! So brilliant for summer.


Freckles…because they’re so cute!

And last but not least, I add a few adorable freckles to finish up this perfect, fun makeup look to rock with my tie-dye this summer! I use Freck, and this time around focused them more on my nose and on the inner points of my cheeks. Just carefully apply little dots where you’d like your freckles to show, let them sit for a minute then pat them in. This almost allows you to lift a bit of product from your freckle spots you placed on your face, and then place a little in even more areas around your freckles. It leaves you with a more natural, super cute freckled look!


Spray to Set

I love me my Forever Fancy Finishing Mist! Especially in the summer, I give my whole face a spritz to really set my face so my makeup stays on through the heat and humidity.



I grab the trusty and fabulous Marc Jacobs Lash Primer and Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Black Mascara. The primer is wonderful, the peachy tone allows you to really cover your lashes and not worry so much about it showing through post-mascara. Apply the mascara from the root up, wiggling as you swipe upwards for a fuller, longer look.

I hope this inspires you to try some pink-popping lips and bronzed eyes for summer! Throw on your fabulous tie-dyed top or dress and rock this fun makeup look to match! As always, let us know what you think. We love hearing from you! 

Til next time…x




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