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5 Mood-Boosting Beauty Tips to Help You Feel Good at Home

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Brittany chats with Cityline about her 5 mood-boosting beauty tips to help you feel good at home.

Watch the full video here!


I had an absolutely awesome time chatting with the gorgeous and lovely Tracy Moore from Cityline this week about 5 mood-boosting beauty tips to help you feel good at home. These are the feel-good beauty tips I shared on the air… x


One. Get your glow on

Give yourself a little tan and glow, beauties! I love adding little tanning drops to my moisturizer. Whenever I’m tanned, I feel like I’ve just come back from a vacation. It feels so good! So I’ve been adding two to three drops of the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops to my moisturizer, two or three times a week. When I wake up I just feel refreshed, like I have some life in me, despite having days full of craziness!


Two. One step blowout

A fabulous blowout makes me feel so good, but obviously that isn’t something we can head out and do right now. So I’ve gotten myself a handy little one step Blowdryer and Brush. It’s awesome! These things were super popular back in the 80s and they are absolutely making a comeback. It’s literally one step, blow and brush it through and you’ll look like you’ve just come from the salon! They’re fabulous – get one! You can find quite a few options on Amazon and other beauty sites for great prices.


Three. Press on nails

This tip is probably my favourite of all of them. I use my hands when I work all of the time, so my nails are brutal! Let me introduce you to the Kiss Press On Nails. They’re incredible! All you do is put a little bit of glue on your natural nail, press on these bad boys, and it looks like you’ve spent 3 hours at the nail salon. But you haven’t. How good is that?


Four. The Glowy Makeup Serum

Before you put on your makeup, apply this gorgeous serum. The Glowy Makeup Serum is by Laneige and I’m obsessed with it. After I apply, it looks like I’ve just had a facial. It’s a newer type of product on the market and it’s amazing. 


Five. CC Cream

With the weather heating up, I want to keep my makeup routine simpler while still protecting my face from the harsh rays of the sun. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream is a great way to cut out having to add foundation and sunscreen in your morning routine, as it combines both. They have an Illuminating CC Cream option as well, which I love. It leaves your skin looking both polished and protected. 


Bonus Step!

Get yourself a cream blush that doubles as a lip colour. Our Fancy Face Lovey Dovey Cream Blush does an excellent job of adding a pop of colour to your lips and cheeks, without the extra effort. Annnnd grab yourself a lovely highlighter like our Dew U Face Hilite for that beautiful glow for the summer. Just pop a little on the highpoints of your cheek, down your nose, in the inner corners of your eye, on your cupid’s bow…

And there you have it. My 5 mood-boosting beauty tips (and a couple of bonuses!) to help you feel good at home. Check out the video and let me know what tips spoke to you, and if you have any of your own that you love!

Til next time…x





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