How to Apply False Lashes with Ease

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Brittany takes you through her simple routine with her favourite lash tools to show you how to apply false lashes with ease.



Hey, beauties! Do you ever try to apply false lashes, only to find that you have glue falling on your face? Stickiness around your eyes? Lashes that look stuck together? Well, we’re going to address all of those problems and take you through the super simple and effective steps to apply false lashes with ease!

Are you ready to learn 2 ways to apply strip lashes? Using our Basic Boss Lashes (a staple over here at Fancy Face and I couldn’t live without them!), let’s take a look at how to apply a full strip and a half lash.

Set up the goods!

The Boss Lashes are a little easier to work with, they (and ones similar) are a little more malleable and a little thinner than those thick mink lashes. You want to look for something a little easier to apply when you’re first learning.

So grab your scissors, grab your Tweezers, get your lash curler and glue. Don’t forget to put on your mascara to start. If you have a lash primer, pop that on, too. Now you’re ready!

I love the Ardelle Lash Grip Glue. There are a number of different fancy, high end glues out there, but this has been my go-to pretty much forever. I find it really lasts, if you wanted your lashes to stay on for two days, they would. But that’s a little yuck. Washing your face and taking off your makeup is good. But just saying, they’d stay. 

So grab those lashes! Use your tweezers to grab a lash and gently pull it out… 

Half lashes first, ladies…

Cut the lash

Cut the lash right in half. Go ahead and trim off a little of the ends as well to make sure no band is sticking out. Now you have a choice! You can choose the long side or the shorter side.

If you’re wanting a more natural look, go for the inside (shorter) half of the lash to apply on the outskirts of the eye.

Glue time

Apply the glue to the back of your hand – just a little larger than a pea-sized amount. You can use this for both sides, as the more time you give the glue to get nice and tacky, the better! The whole 20 seconds on the lash rule doesn’t fly with me. I let it sit for about a minute!

I use the end of the tweezers to pick up some lash glue and apply a nice and healthy amount to the band of the lash. From there, take the tweezers and pick up the lash from the end tips of the lashes themselves. 


And the big secret!? Don’t look straight ahead into a mirror! It’ll be a disaster! You block your own eye and make it super difficult to see what you’re doing. So look down into a compact mirror for the perfect angle to see your eye. 

Then simply rest that false lash over the root of your natural lash. Then use the end of the tweezers to tap it down onto the root of your own lashes. It only takes a moment to tap it on! When you let the glue get tacky and follow these steps, it’s a fairly simple procedure!

Liquid liner

From there, wait for the glue to dry (it dries translucent so you don’t have to worry about having white peek through), cover it up with a little bit of black liquid liner and you’re good to go!

Full strip, ladies!

Fun fact. You can apply a half lash and full lash in conjunction to have that winged look and a gorgeous, fuller lash if that’s the look you’re after. 

Again, use your tweezers to gently pull the lash from the case. Take a moment to measure the lash to your eye so you’re not wearing lashes that are too long for you. Make sure it’s not going to poke you in the inner corner of your eye and that it’s not going to lift off. It has to be the right sized band for your eyelid. Trim the lash accordingly, either from both sides or one side, depending on what you want your lash to look like. 

Glue and apply

Apply that healthy amount of glue to the lash band using the back of the tweezers. Let the glue set. Look down into your compact. Press that lash down onto the centre of the eye first, then pat down the inside, then the outside. You really want to try and get that band down over the root of your natural lashes with your tweezers, but if it doesn’t quite land, just gently go in there with your fingers and pat. It takes a little practice, but once you have it, you’ll never lose it and it’ll feel like an easy step.

There you have it! It’s pretty easy to do, it really opens up the eye and works wonderfully either with a half lash or whole strip. Now you’ve got yourself a gorgeous, fluttery lash!

Til next time…x



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