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My 5 Favourite Fancy Face Products and a Stellar New Product Launch

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Hey, beauties! As I enter my 26th year around the sun, I wanted to do something that truly sparked joy. I can’t think of anything that brings me more joy than sharing 5 of my favourite Fancy Face products with you, while also celebrating the launch of two brand new Lip Kits featuring one brand new formula!

It goes without saying mine (and everyone else’s) last two birthdays have been sub-par, so when Brittany asked me how I wanted to celebrate, I knew I wanted to share something special with all of you. 


The launch of our Lady Luck Lip Kits alongside 15% off of my 5 Fancy Face picks is all I could ever ask for! As tricky as it was for me to pick only 5, I was able to narrow it down to what I like to consider my ‘desert island’ picks, my end all be all, if you will ;). 

Before we jump into my holy grail products let’s chat about our newest babies! Lady Luck and Lady Luck 2.0. 

As we move into spring, we’re also entering another season of life as masks mandates are officially ending in most indoor settings throughout all of Ontario. As minuscule as it may seem, we’re so excited to show off our lipstick again! We figured what better way to enter this new chapter than by launching four new shades and an entirely new formula! 

Our new, highly pigmented, velvet creamy liquid lipsticks dry completely matte while being long wear and feeling extremely lightweight, allowing you to layer without the product caking up, feathering or feeling heavy on the lips. 

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Lady Luck. Lady Luck includes a liquid velvet lipstick in the shade ‘Adorned’. Adorned is a light, medium-soft, warm shade with peony pink undertones while our ‘Charmed’ lip gloss is made in our classic gloss formula. Charmed is a pearlized, cool-toned gloss with iridescent reflects, making your lips look extra juicy and your teeth extra white. 


Lady Luck 2.0 includes a liquid velvet lipstick in the shade ‘Good Karma’. Good Karma is a warm rose petal pink shade great for medium to medium/deep skin tones. ‘Lucky Penny’ is in our classic lip gloss formula and has apricot undertones and gold reflects, making your lips look extra pouty. 


Both lippies have 3.0oz in each tube making them only 0.5oz less than our full-size lip products! Not only do you get an amazing amount of products with some savings, but they are also the perfect size to throw in your purse to take with you on the go! 

We’re so excited about our very first lip kits! We hope you love them as much as we do and we cannot wait for you to get your hands on them. <3 

Now it’s time to talk about my Fancy Face Faves (15% off, YAY)!

Lucky for you, I couldn’t decide between the cream or the serum so you technically are getting 6 products on sale (hooray for that)!

Our Daydream Rosewater Cream and Poetry in Potion Serum are used best in tandem, so it only felt fair to choose them as a duo! These two products have truly changed my skin. I always had fairly good skin, but definitely had some issues that I always chalked up to being “just the way my skin is”. When I tell you these two products came into my life and showed those issues who’s boss, I mean it! The redness in my cheeks has reduced drastically since I started using them. My overall skin texture has also completely changed. 

I have oily skin and was never moisturizing properly because everything felt way too heavy for me, resulting in dry, dull skin and ultimately, leaving me more oily. The rose water base in both products leaves my skin feeling hydrated yet lightweight! Click here to read more about the amazing benefits these two have to offer. 

Fancy Face Skin Bundle

Our Age-defying BB Cream is a product I honestly use every single day. Even to my surprise, it’s replaced all the foundations in my personal makeup bag. It doesn’t matter if I’m going for groceries or doing a photoshoot in our studio, I’m wearing it. The BB Cream is free of fragrance and parabens which allows me to wear it daily without worrying about it being damaging to my skin. Its skincare ingredients such as herbal extracts like cucumber, ginseng, and chamomile, as well as powerful antioxidants like niacinamide, ensure that my skin is being nourished while also providing me with the perfect amount of coverage. 

Our beloved Perk Up Concealer — there was just no chance I could leave this out of my top 5. I like to say it makes it look like you’ve had 15 hours of sleep in 15 seconds. Its light pink undertone cancels out any and all blue undertones we naturally have under our eyes! Day to day, I use this to replace my concealers. It blends and brightens in seconds while also providing me with the perfect amount of coverage. I truly believe this is a product everyone needs in their makeup bag. A true Fancy Face secret weapon and the makeup version of your daily cup of joe!

Now it’s time to talk about Almost Famous. If you’re a Fancy Face follower you must know by now that I haven’t gone a single day without wearing it since the day we launched it. Not only do I wear it on my cheeks, I often use it on my lips and on my eyelids as a shadow base. Without fail, it makes me look like I just got back from a beachside vacation. I’ve never found a blush that gives me that perfect wash of colour quite like Almost Famous does. If you told me I could only bring ONE item with me it would be this blush. Trust me when I say you’ll love it as much as I do!  

Fancy Face Almost Famous Blush

Last but certainly not least, Flawless. This product holds a special place in my heart. Going viral on TikTok with this product was truly an incredible feeling. There’s nothing more rewarding than reaching millions of people with a product you truly believe in. Everyone that tries this product is shocked by its results. Being a professional makeup artist, I can assure you I’ve tried more powders than I’d like to admit. Flawless blows every powder I have ever tried out of the water. Using a powder that combats my large pores and oily skin while remaining lightweight and breathable has been game-changing for my overall skin health. I’ve officially said goodbye to clogged pores and a heavy-looking t-zone! 

I hope you love these goodies as much as I do and find a little luck along the way. <3



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Lady Luck

Lady Luck 2.0

Daydream Rosewater Cream  

Poetry in Potion Serum

BB Cream

Perk Up Concealer 

Almost Famous




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