Fancy Face Q + A With Brittany Gray: Part 2

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Brittany takes us through another set of awesome questions from our wonderful friends and followers in Fancy Face Q and A With Brittany Gray: Part 2!

We’ve had so many fantastic questions come through recently that they couldn’t all be answered in one video! So now we’re back for part 2 of our Fancy Face Q and A! Let’s roll!

How do I use toner? My face gets super red after using it. Maybe I’m using it too often?

Make sure that your toner doesn’t have alcohol in it. Make sure it isn’t drying, rose water is probably one of the best toners you can use to help calm the skin but still have those elements and benefits that toners provide. 

What is the biggest tip or take away you have for someone starting out in the bridal/beauty industry?

Develop your own style. If you’re in the bridal industry or wanting to break into it and you’re keen to do hair and makeup for others, find and create your own personalized style so you can stand out from the pack!

I’m always so oily so fast after my makeup is done. I only use powder under my eyes and spray on my face…

I’d suggest using a mattifying primer and an oil free setting spray to help lock everything in place. A more heavy duty powder could also help and make sure you’re really hydrating! Sometimes your skin gets oily because it’s actually thirsty because you aren’t hydrated enough.

How long does it take to do a bride’s makeup and a bridesmaid’s makeup?

I’ll take an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half for a bride and forty five minutes for a bridesmaid.

Have you had any work done? If so can you name the clinic? You’re perfect.

I’m far from perfect…but thank you very much! That’s very kind. 🙂 I have done botox, I actually tried it before my wedding in 2014 to see if I liked it, because I’ve always had a really deep wrinkle on my forehead that’s driven me crazy. I also wanted to be informed because almost all of our clients are doing it. So I tried it. I didn’t like it at first because there was some “Spocking” going on. That’s where it’s only the outer part of the eyebrow that really lifts up, named after Spock from Star Trek…! Eek! So I got the specialists to fix it and I avoided botox after that for a really long time. Then, well after Nash was born and I was done breastfeeding, I tried it again because that wrinkle started bothering me again. I go to Glam Nurse Jenny (on Instagram) and she puts it in my forehead and between my eyebrows just to soften any wrinkles. Of course this isn’t something anyone has to do! I just do it because it makes me feel good.

Organizing your makeup kit, how much do you bring?

I must admit I bring a lot. I love to bring a lot, though I know it seems kind of silly. It hurts my body lugging so much around the city! But I love to know that I’m fully stocked for whatever is required. Skin tone, type, texture, requirements of how people want to look, types of lashes, I like to have a lot available. The more great quality products you have in your kit that you can actually show your client as you’re laying it all out the better, to me. Showing them that you came prepared with quality products that are better than what they normally use on themselves really does create the opportunity for your client to be impressed by your kit and you as a makeup artist. 

What is the best quality affordable makeup for teenagers?

I would probably stick with NYX. I think it’s a really affordable makeup line that’s trendy and cool with high performance products for a very good price. 

What dance studio did you go to growing up?

I went to Denise Lester’s in Pickering from 3 years old until I was 13 or 14, then I went to Vlad’s Dance Studio in Vaughn for about a year. I loved every second of dancing, it was my favourite thing to do!

What is your approach to dealing with difficult clients?

I always try to give clients that might be a bit difficult the benefit of the doubt, especially when it comes to weddings. They’re dealing with a lot! I always try to put myself in their shoes. The client might not always be right but the client is always the client. I think that’s really important to keep in mind as a business. 

How did you ensure your brand was different from all of the other makeup artists?

I really try to stay in line with who I am at all times. If you watch what other people are doing too much, you’ll start to veer off track. You’ll start to become less authentic, and I think that’s where the danger is. I’ve always tried to really be me and I think that’s come through in my brand. Of course I’ll try things and think, ok that didn’t work or that didn’t feel connected to who I am. I believe the best advice for people who are trying to be cutting edge, new and unique is to just be true to who you are. People will notice that, they’ll sense it and feel it and know it’s innately you.

How did you get to be a celebrity makeup artist?

I think just years of hard work and keeping my nose down and staying focused. I was never a socialite. I never really wanted to go to cool, fancy parties. I like going to beauty events, I find that really fun to educate myself about what’s new in the industry, but I was never one to overtly network to try to get ahead. I always believed that if I worked really hard and stayed very focused people would start to take notice. I think for those people who work really hard, stay focused and are doing what they’re truly meant to be doing and are truly working from their hearts, it’s inevitable that people will stop and take notice. It’s been 14 years now and I think those types of people that become my clientele just want me there with them. Not only because of my craft, but also because of the energy that I bring them. I feel that I’m a grounded person, I try and stay very cutting edge and I also think I know how to make women feel extremely beautiful both inside and out. 🙂

What is the biggest mistake that you’ve made in business? What did it teach you?

I danced for so long and worked really well as a dancer, then I wanted to focus more on acting. I got advice from someone one day, they said if I wanted to be an actress then I’d have to stop dancing, that’d I’d basically have to let that go so people wouldn’t see me in that ‘dancer’ light anymore. I think my biggest mistake was just listening to the wrong person. I really regretted it. I stopped dancing cold turkey even though I loved dance so much. I wish that I hadn’t, because it meant a lot to me, to my heart! So the take away I suppose is, be careful who your mentors are and be choosy about who you get advice from.

Do you plan on having a second masterclass?

Our masterclass was a TON of work! I don’t think people realize how much went on behind the scenes just for that one day. So when I think about doing another one I would love to, but I may go smaller and keep it in our shop. I want it to be less of a production and more about educating people that care, next time around! So we may in 2020 but I’m not 100% sure yet. I did love it though! It was really, really fun!

Whew! That’s it for part two of our Fancy Face Q and A! Thanks so much again for all of the amazing questions! Keep ‘em coming!

Til next time…x


Glam Nurse Jenny
NYX  //  @nyxcosmetics  
Denise Lester Dance Academy  //  @dldadance
Vlad’s Dance Company 


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