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Sharing the VIP Collective Love

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It’s always a tremendous honour being asked to share your insights on a podcast. Being someone that has forever been a bit too nervous and scared to share my honest thoughts on business endeavours and growth as a female entrepreneur, recently I have felt really inspired to overcome that fear and start sharing my journey. My hope is to inspire other women and girls to follow their passions and fearlessly go after achieving their dreams. After all, if it wasn’t for my role models sharing their journey, I may not have had the courage to go out into the world and follow my intuition as a business woman. 

Corinne from the VIP Collective so graciously asked me to come back onto her podcast for the second time to discuss all things spring makeup trends, bridal hair and makeup trends, self-care tips and tricks and navigating the challenges that the pandemic has brought our way. I really hope you find some great insights from this podcast! Feel free to share with anyone that you think would benefit from it! 

With tons of love, Britt xx 




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