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Spring 2022 Makeup Trends

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Hey, beauties! With spring just around the corner, it’s time to shake off our sweaters, scarves and hibernation vibes and trade them in for pops of colour, bold looks and that sunshine-y glow! I recently made my way to the Cityline studio to talk all things spring makeup and you could just feel the joy and excitement for those glorious, warmer months all through the studio. Now, we’re bringing them to you! Without further ado, here are the wonderful spring 2022 makeup trends coming in fresh and fancy. Don’t forget to check out the Cityline spot to see the trends in action!

Fancy Face Pastel Eyes

Pops of Pastel Color

If you’ve been missing pastel, it’s time to celebrate! This spring pastel on the eyes — in abstract places — is where it’s at. Whether you place a pop of yellow on the outer corners of your eyes or get saucy with a graphic line of mint green or baby blue above your crease, it’s all about getting creative with these joyful spring colours. Be inspired by festival season with Morphe’s Fierce Fairytale Artistry Palette or check out Huda Beauty’s Pastel Obsessions

Pro tip: Rock your pastel pop with dewy skin for an ultra-modern and effortless look. 

Fancy Face Euphoria Embellished Eyes

Embellished Eyes

If you haven’t seen the TV show Euphoria yet, as a makeup and beauty enthusiast you best get on that because you’re missing out! It’s massive amounts of makeup inspiration is splashed all over social media and their looks are a beauty force to be reckoned with. A recent vibe? Metallics in combination with embellishments around the eyes. We’re talking pearls or crystals under the eyes or in the inner or out corners or even as a liner effect. And even more exciting? There are no rules! Feel your creative juices flow, beauties! Explore Nudestix Euphoric Nudes Festival Palette for your metallics and these jewel stickers to live your best fest life!

Pro tip: Add a little waterproof eyelash glue under each sticker for longer-lasting embellishments.

Fancy Face Blush

Center Stage Blush

You read that right. Blush is taking the stage! Bright washes of sheer colour on the cheeks and temples with it draped onto the eyes is all the rage. So let your blush babe shine! Our very own Blossom Cream Blush and Rosé, OK? are perfect options for your arsenal.

Pro tip: Use a powdered blush for longevity and a cream blush if your skin is on the drier side. Opt for a cream blush if you have dry skin and a powdered blush if you like a little more longevity. 

Petal Like Lip Liners

Diffused, Petal-like Lips 

What does that even mean? We’re talking about a wonderfully soft-looking, blurred pout with the focus of colour on the inside of the lips. Think of it as the centre of a spring flower in bloom. 

To create this look, take a pencil liner like this Bite Beauty Liner or Nars Lip Liner in a punchy colour of your choice and apply it first with a focus to the inside of them (yep, where you typically don’t line them!). If you apply to the outside you won’t get that blown out, blurred effect. From there, use a small brush or your fingertip to gently diffuse and blend the colour toward the outside of your lips. Make sure you lift your finger or brush before you reach the edges. 

Pro tip: For even more oomph, apply foundation and setting powder to your lips before you add colour to make the colour stand out even more. 

Y2k Gloss & Shine

Y2K Gloss & Shine 

Well hey, early 2000s! This trend is making a big comeback. All of you dry lip sufferers are going to love this one! Now is the time to enlist in a lip gloss that not only gives impactful shine but also has further lip care benefits.  

Tower 28 Beauty’s Jelly Lip Glosses have lip-loving ingredients like Raspberry Seed Oil to protect your lips against free radicals, Apricot Kernel Oil to soothe dry lips and Rosehip Oil to promote cell repair and regeneration.

Tower’s gloss in Magic & Wild and XOXO will give you an ultra-glossy clear sheen or perfect pop of colour, depending on where you want your focus to be!

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