Inside My Closet: 9 Tips for How to Dress for Your Body Type

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Brittany and her dear friend Kim Appelt of Style By Kim XO dive into Britt’s closet to find out what clothes are fashionable and discuss 9 tips for how to dress for your body type.

Once in a while, we get lucky enough to meet people in our line of work that move out of the ‘client zone’ and become friends. That’s what happened with Kim Appelt, founder and designer of Style By Kim XO. I had the awesome and hilarious opportunity to bring Kim into my closet, give it a good once over (as I held my breath and covered my eyes) and then tear it apart in the very best way possible. Kim helped me say goodbye and donate clothes that I didn’t need anymore and helped me feel fabulous in the pieces that worked best for me. A stylist on the absolute top of her game, Kim helped me discover what clothes are fashionable and shared 9 tips for how to dress for my body type.

KIM: So Brittany, you had a baby a year ago?

I had a baby a year ago and my first child was 19 months before that. Since having children I don’t feel as comfortable in my own skin and I feel like I don’t really know how to dress myself. I have a lot of clothes and I wear next to none of them.

KIM: For those of you reading, that is totally normal. Most of us only wear 20% of what is in our wardrobe! So we’re going to go through Brittany’s wardrobe and figure out how to get rid of some things… basically together, we’re going to go shopping in her own closet! And after this, you’ll be able to do the same with your own wardrobe!

I learned from Kim that I have more of an apple body type. This means that my shoulders and chest are a little bit wider than my hips, which can give the illusion that I have a larger waist than I actually do.

KIM: An example of a celebrity with an apple body type is Eva Longoria. She tends to have a ‘thicker’ waist, wears deep V’s…she is beautiful. All of us have different shapes and sizes and every one is wonderful. The body is not an apology. I love each and every shape and size, what I like to look at is how we work with our own to make it the very best that it can be!

Discussing my body type and going through my closet with Kim, I discovered some awesome tips. Let’s get styling!

Tip #1: Figure out your body type and dress accordingly

Kim shared with me that for apple body types, you want to wear items that take the eye away from the waist, so deep V’s or pants that highlight your legs, for example, are great clothing options for me. Finding items in your wardrobe that compliment your body type is key to dressing in a way that makes you look good and feel amazing.

Tip #2: Have a good variety of basics

It’s great to have basics like V-neck silk tanks, maybe with a pop of lace, that you can layer with blazers and jackets or rock with skinny jeans. These are simple and easy items that can help take your wardrobe from boring to fabulous.

Tip #3: Wear clothing that makes you feel confident

If there are pieces of clothing sitting in your closet that you rarely reach for because they just don’t make you feel good, then get rid of them! Your clothing choices should make you feel confident. If they don’t, it’s time to say goodbye!

Tip #4: Donate nice pieces you no longer wear

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there are a number of pieces of clothing sitting in our closets right now that have barely been worn. If your clothes are spending that much time on hangers and not on your body, it’s time to donate them to others who are looking for some great clothes for their body type to make them feel fabulous, stylish, and confident!

Tip #5: Keep the pieces you get complimented on

A sign of a good piece of clothing is if you get compliments on it! Obviously it looks good and you look good wearing it! So, those pieces are keepers!

Tip #6: A simpler wardrobe will declutter your mind

Going into your closet and staring at pieces that you don’t like and don’t make you feel good can create unnecessary stress and make you feel overwhelmed. Get rid of that clothing clutter!

Tip #7: A kimono is the perfect layering staple piece

Who knew?! Having a kimono in your wardrobe is terrific. You can throw it on with a pair of skinny jeans and heels and look incredible. Again, an easy layering piece you can mix and match. Get your kimono on!

Tip #8: Wear a longer top with cropped jeans to balance your look

Balance the top with the crop. I don’t love how I look in cropped jeans, but Kim recommended a longer blazer (an item that I love) and a pair of flats to hit the sweet spot and give me a boost of confidence in a pair of great cropped jeans that have been hiding in my closet.

Tip #9: Use clear elastics to tie your t-shirts

Those tiny clear elastics you can never quite figure out how to use finally have a purpose! You can use them to tie your t-shirt at the waist on the side for a flattering, hip and cute look.

Final Thoughts

Having Kim jump into my wardrobe with me has been just amazing. I feel so much lighter, I feel less cluttered in my mind, finding an outfit will now be so much easier and less time consuming and I’m actually excited about what I have in my closet! I can’t wait to try some ‘new’ outfits.

Although it isn’t my primary focus, I love fashion and learning about new styles. So wonderful Fancy Face family, if you want me to give you more videos and blogs on style, fashion, some of my favourite places to shop, and where to go for great deals and cool finds, let me know! Til then, happy shopping! x

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