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Brittany takes us through her favourite products and steps to flawlessly and effortlessly get the bronzed eye look she so loves.

The bronzed eye look is my eye makeup go-to. I love how a bronzed eye pops, I love how quick and easy it is to get the look and how you can give yourself that glowing, vibrant style without major effort. In fact, I adore this eye and ease of application so much that I’m going to give you the lowdown on exactly how to get the bronzed eye look and what products I think are best to help you rock it.

Before I jump into adding bronzer, if you’re a fan of rocking fake lashes, too, I’d recommend applying them first, adding a bit of liner over the lash and glue line. Then, gear up for some awesome bronzing!

Step 1. Amber Haze Pencil

Don’t be fooled by the statement on the body of Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon Stick in Amber Haze. It says for brown eyes, but it is absolutely for every colour eye and I love it! It’s a chunky pencil with the perfect amount of shimmer and really adds a bit of easy pop. I just apply it all over the lid of my eye. Go right up to the hollow crease of the eye and to the outside edge. Colour it in. It definitely won’t look perfect and that is ok. Next, we’ll take a brush and add a bit of the colour and smooth out what we’ve just applied. Just give your eye a little brush and blend. Right away, this creates a bit of definition and makes your eyes pop.

After you’ve applied to the lid of your eye, go ahead and take the pencil and apply a little liner to the lash line under your eye. Then take a domed brush and blend. There you have it. A beautiful base for your eyeshadow.

Step 2. Eyeshadow

There are two or three eyeshadow palettes that I really love when it comes to nailing that bronzed eye look. The first is the Bronze Palette by Kylie, it has a number of bronze shades to choose from. Anastasia’s Soft Glam Palette is also really amazing, I’ve nearly used a number of shades up completely I use it so much! And the Morphe Jaclyn Hill in the Ring the Alarm Palette is my other favourite.

Using Kylie’s palette today (you could use any mentioned!), I like to start with the Tiger Eye shade, it’s a beautiful transition colour as it has a bit of that brown warmth. Take a domed brush and rock that colour just through the crease of your eye. Take just a touch more of the colour and apply right underneath your lower lashes.

Kylie’s palette also has a lovely quartz shade you can pop into the corner of your eye and on the brow bone for a lovely highlight. It brightens up the inside corner of your eye and gives a bit of lift under your brow. If you’d like to keep your bronzed eye a little simpler, this is it. You’re done!

If you want to amp things up a bit, read on!

Step 3. Glitters and Pigments

There are a couple of options you can choose from to add a little more fun and sass to your bronze. Stila’s Glitters in Bronze Bell is brilliant. You can use it in the corner of your eye for a pop, add a little to the centre of your lid or apply all along the lid. That’s what I tend to go for!

You can also choose a pigment, Melanie Mills Hollywood Radiant Dust in Deep Gold tends to be one of my favourites. Deep gold shade. Spray your flat brush to dampen with a setting spray, FixPlus is my go-to, and dip into the pigment. Always tap off to avoid too much fallout, then carefully press the brush into the lid of your eye. Love.

Day to day, I’ll usually opt to stick to steps 1 and 2, but if I’m heading out to a party or date with hubby and want a little bit more fun and glam I’ll go for some extra glitter and sparkle! So there you have it, an easy few steps to give you a gorgeous bronzed eye that will pop and wow!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, hit me up! Till next time! X

Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon Stick in Amber Haze  //  @ctilburymakeup
Bronze Palette by Kylie  //  @kyliecosmetics
Anastasia’s Soft Glam Palette  //  @anastasiabeverlyhills
Morphe Jaclyn Hill Ring the Alarm Palette  //  @morphebrushes
Stila Glitters  //  @stilacosmetics
Melanie Mills Hollywood Radiant Dust  //  @gleam_melaniemills
FixPlus  //  @maccosmetics



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