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Brittany gives us the lowdown on her Fancy Face line’s just released first product, the Fancy Face Stardust Gel Eye Masks.


After nearly 14 years in the business, I’m so excited to announce that Fancy Face has released our very first product, the Fancy Face Stardust Gel Eye Masks. We’ve also just launched our online shop which has been a big project of ours that we’re thrilled about! But first, our eye masks!

Our clients loved the experience of putting on eye masks as they had their hair and makeup done for their wedding or event. However, I found the masks didn’t really do what I wanted them to do. So Fancy Face went about formulating a product that would actually work! Our masks brighten the eyes, de-puff, help reduce dark circles and fine lines, all while offering a little bit of cuteness as they work their magic! We often post before and afters with these masks if you haven’t had an opportunity to see what they can do – check out our insta here.


We’ve added lovely stars throughout the eye masks for a silvery shimmer, they’re inspired by our brides and match that bridal gown, diamond tone beauty to add to the fun, romantic aesthetic of a wedding day. That being said, they can be used by anyone for any event or day for a little pick-me-up!


The package is sealed with a serum and essence of collagen, water and castor oil as well as a number of other ingredients to hydrate and de-puff the under eyes. The masks are anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and contain lots of fatty acids that help to enhance the smoothness of your skin leaving a lovely, velvety finish.

The collagen contained within the masks has fantastic benefits for your under eye. It promotes glowing, vibrant skin and creates elasticity in the skin which creates a more youthful appearance. As we age, we produce less collagen. Finding products to promote and boost collagen levels will help keep some of the wonderful side effects of aging, like fine lines and dark circles, at bay. Using these eye masks allows the collagen and other active ingredients to really penetrate the skin over 20 or 30 minutes while they rest on your beautiful face.

Another way we worked to make our masks stand out was by infusing them with mica to create a stunning, glowing pearl-like effect when you remove them from your under eye. Even under your concealer, this will help give your eyes more brightness and dewiness.


To apply, start with a clean face. Don’t put on any serums or moisturizers, make the masks the first product you apply once you’ve cleansed.

When you’re removing the eye masks from the packet to use them, be sure to remove them with the back facing toward the ceiling so they don’t fall out! You may notice there is some extra serum in the packet. After you’ve applied and used the masks, you can massage the excess serum gently into your skin under your eyes or around your eye area.

Back to application! Slide them off of the sheet and place them under each eye, trying to get them nice and close under the lash line for greatest impact, then massage them in. Leave the masks on for 20 or 30 minutes until they dry down into a thin sticker. After about 5 minutes you’ll start to feel a slight cooling tingle, that’s when you know the nutrients are doing their work! Once you’ve allowed the masks to do their thing, gently peel them off to reveal a brighter, more hydrated and happier under eye! You can simply continue with your regular skin care regime from there.

These masks feel cool and rejuvenating, I love them if I’m feeling exhausted and just need a pick-me-up or if I’m about to head out for a night on the town. They’re really perfect for any occasion – or non-occasion! And because they’re so hydrating, they also allow a makeup artist to use less makeup as they now have a moisturized, smooth canvas to work with.


Buy a 10 pack of these eye masks leading up to your wedding day for you and your bridesmaids! Pop them into your fridge to give them an extra cool sensation and then you can all apply before the big day as you get ready! You can also get some pretty adorable photos with all of the bridal party in robes with their Stardust Eye Masks on…


Another little secret about these bad boys is they work wonders if you wake up after a night of too much partying with dry skin, dark circles and puffiness. The masks help to bring life and light back into your eyes so you can at least pretend you’re feeling your fabulous self! They make a great little cheeky Bachelorette gift for your ladies too…

So that’s the skinny on our Fancy Face Stardust Gel Eye Masks! I adore them, our clients adore them and we hope you get a chance to give them a try to see for yourselves the magic they can do!

As always, reach out with any questions or comments. I always love to hear from you.

I hope you take time out for some self care today! x


Fancy Face Stardust Gel Eye Masks  //  @fancyfaceinc


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