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Brittany takes you through her June collection of favourite makeup products and accessories for summer.

June means that summer, my favourite time of year, is officially upon us! The sunshine, patios, visits to parks and beaches with the family, cute dresses and strappy sandals, it doesn’t get much better! Throughout this awesome season, I always remain on the pulse of what is trending, new and fabulous when it comes to beauty, hair and makeup. I can’t wait to share with you my June collection of favourite makeup products and accessories for summer!


Twice a year, Sephora has a VIP sale that offers their VIPs 20% off. I always head in to the shop and buy a number of bulk items that they mix together from different product lines to create these wonderful mini kits. One of the kits I absolutely love is the Nudestix Beach Festival Kit. For $79, you get $229 worth of products, a number of terrific chubby pencils you can use for your eyes, cheeks and lips in amazing tones. For those of you who really enjoy those bronzy, metallic and earthy tones, this kit is made for you. Maroon’d, Rustic Grotto, Haven and Pink Seychelles are just a few of the amazing tones and colours included.

Also included in the kit is Nudies Matte Bronzer in Sunkissed. You can use it as a bronzer and as a blush, a time saver and absolutely convenient when building your beauty arsenal. Just dip it into the colour, pop it onto the apples of your cheek and gently buff upwards. Add a little down the nose and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous, sunkissed glow.


When it comes to eyeliner, I really love that Charlotte Tilbury style feline flick. A winged liner just ads this fabulously sleek, sexy quality to your eye. I’m generally not a black eyeliner person but I do tend to use a black liquid liner to cover the lash line when I put false lashes on. That being said, I tend to be rather picky about what liner I use on my clients. It has to be waterproof, it has to be extremely black, dry matte so it doesn’t flash back when my brides are getting their photos taken. The Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D has my heart and nails these qualities. The brush is awesome, it really helps to create a perfect winged look. It’s also flexible enough to give a bit of an assist when it comes to getting that wing looking flawless. This liner is a 10!  


I recently headed to Boston for a wonderful trip with my mom. Amongst the awesome adventures we had together, I dragged her to Ulta, my must-visit shop every time I head to the US. I stocked up on Shape Tape by Tarte, my absolute favourite concealer. But I’ve already talked about that awesome product before…so the other item I was super keen to try is the new Kylie Cosmetics pressed Bronze Eyeshadow Palette. It has a terrific selection of tones for the lid, brow bone and crease and dark tones for liner and adding a smokey eye, too! You can pretty much complete any eye look with this bad boy!


I also picked up a Kylie Velvet Matte Lip Colour in Bare, and I absolutely love it. It gives a lovely hydrated look and it is a beautiful nude shade. It also happens to smell lovely!


When it comes to setting my makeup, I usually like to use a couple of different products. Many like a product that has longevity, but for those with dryer skin, I love sprays that help bring the skin back to life, especially if you’ve been using powders on your face. Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Mist is fabulous before makeup, after makeup and anytime you need a refresher or lift throughout the day! 


I know that the very best thing for your body when it comes to deodorant is to find an all natural product. But I admit for long work days during hot summer heat, I need to go for something stronger that also hits the healthier for your body mark! If I’m not getting too up close and personal in the arm area with people, I find a product that works very well is Kopari’s Coconut Oil Deodorant. It is aluminum and paraben free as well as vegan. I think it’s probably one of the best natural deodorants on the market.


I feel like a woman’s scent is a personal thing, but I want to put it out there that for me, no scent represents me better than Tom Ford’s scents. I absolutely adore them and feel at home in them. Tom Ford’s Noir is a new scent that I’ve recently discovered, though his product that I’ve always used is Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. I must admit, I’ve taken to mixing these scents and I love them together as much as I love them apart! Though they are both a bit deeper and almost woodsy smelling in tone, the Noir has almost a sweeter scent to it, whereas the Orchid is a unisex scent that lacks that is a bit muskier. Mix them together, and that is totally my scent. Now you know.


I think I’ve told you about the Anastasia Blush Quad before, unfortunately that product is no longer on the market. But, I’ve actually found this fabulous dupe that I really love. It was sent to us by Carter Beauty. They’ve been just lovely to us! Though I typically don’t talk about products that have been sent to us, because I want our videos and posts to be authentic and don’t want our Fancy Face followers to think we’re sharing anything but real opinions and recommendations, this quad blush really is awesome. I love it. It very much reminds me of the blush quad from Anastasia, the shades are wonderful and it’s a fraction of the cost. Get on it.


Let me tell you about this brilliant entrepreneur out of Toronto. Cosa Bella Accessories sent us their products to see if we liked what they currently had on offer. We’re very fortunate here at Fancy Face in that we get a lot of samples and products sent to us from different companies to trial. It’s an honour, great fun and really fantastic when you come across some of the stellar new makeup and accessories out there! This is one of those companies. As soon as I opened the box I was blown away. Her products are so stylish, unique and creative. Many of the products were fabulous hair accessories and headbands, both for everyday or for a glam night out. Hand made, beautiful quality and so much fun to wear! I just tuck my hair behind my ears and leave my centre part noticeable in front of the head band for a delightful, cute look with a bit of extra wow-factor. She makes custom hair clips and sells gorgeous pearl clips that are also hand made. The last little accessory that I find so cute is a little bow you can add to the front of your blouse on your collar. Just feminine, stylish and creative. I love them!

That’s the lowdown on my June collection of products for summer! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments. I always love to hear from you! x


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Kylie Velvet Matte Lip Colour in Bare  //  @kyliecosmetics
Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Mist  //  @herbivorebotanicals
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Tom Ford’s Black Orchid  //  @tomford
Carter Beauty  //  @carterbeautycosmetics


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