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Brittany shares with you her makeup tips, tricks, products and her absolutely fabulous fake it til you make it beauty secrets!

Have you ever heard the term, fake it til you make it? Well, I’m a firm believe in the power of that sentence! So I’m going to give you the lowdown and all the wonderful little secrets to help you get fuller brows, more chiseled cheeks, fuller lips, whiter teeth and all of those fabulous features in a very short amount of time. So read on if you want to learn my fake it til you make it beauty secrets that I use on myself and my clients!

Glowing Skin

Let’s start with that beautiful base, this is how you get glowing skin in minutes, whether or not you’re a fan of a hardcore skin care regime! Strobe Cream by Mac is an awesome product for people with any skin type. It can be worn without makeup for a naturally beautiful glow, and I also tend to put in on my clients underneath their foundation to really give it a boost, especially for those using matte foundation. The gold light shade is key, don’t even bother with the pink tone. Just use this. You’ll love your glow.

Fuller Lips

I’ve been asked more than once if I’ve had my lips done, and the answer is no. All me, baby! I use a nude lip pencil and work some secret beauty magic that way! You can, too! NYX Nude Lip Pencil is very affordable, pick one up and let’s do this! 

I always start by lining my lips, but you have to sort of cheat it a little outside of your lip line. Don’t over do it! You don’t want to look like a soap star from the 90s…if you line them correctly, you’ll give the illusion of having had your lips down without the pain, trauma and financial hit of getting your lips done. Win!


Longer, fuller lashes are something most of us dream about. Some go out of their way to get lash extensions done regularly, however the reality is the upkeep is time consuming, pricey and in the long run your natural lashes can be damaged. So, for the majority of us, getting a quality fake lash you can play with for those extra special days is the way to go! Fancy Face has just released 6 styles of lashes inspired by our brides, called our Diamond Lash Collection. We’re so excited! Each style is curated based on different styles our brides have asked for over the years, but they can be used by anyone, anytime! They’re all named after a different diamond cut, to keep things fun and fancy: Radiant, Brilliant, Cushion, Princess, Emerald and Marquise. They’re also all made with cruelty free mink. 

The Brilliant lash is my personal favourite, it’s a fuller look, I’d say our second fullest in the collection. For those of you who don’t want an overly winged look but really want your eyes to look open, these are a little longer in the middle of the lash and shorter on the sides. Also for those with hooded lids, these lashes will really help make your eyes look bigger and more open. 

The Cushion style lash is one of Fancy Face’s more natural looking lashes. A very wispy lash that allows you to still see the shadow through the lash. For those of you who want a more natural yet still glamorous look, the Cushion style is for you.

The Radiant lash is a bit fuller than the Cushion but still has that wispy, fluttery quality and still allows your shadow or shimmer on the lid to come through. 

Marquise is for those of you who love a winged lash look! The outer lash is much longer and gives you that fabulous cat eye to really extend your eye out for that pop of glam.

The Princess lash is our most glamorous, very full lash. Fluttery and full of drama, this is for the bride who loves to look ultra glam! 

Lastly, the Emerald lash offers that lovely winged look but is a bit more subtle and gives you more of an everyday lash feel. It isn’t too heavy but still gives you that taste of more natural glamour. This style is one of our client favourites. 

Opening Your Eye

I’ve had a number of people reach out to ask what the secret is to giving your eyes that more open, wide awake look. The secret is putting white or nude liner along your bottom water line! Rimmel has a great White Pencil to use; just line the bottom waterline of your eye all the way across to help make you look more awake and wide eyed! Having said that, if you want a more natural look, I’d recommend a nude liner shade as opposed to white so it isn’t as obvious and jarring. Charlotte Tilbury’s Nude Pencil is great for this and still has a similar effect.

Defining Your Cheekbones

In order to really give your cheek bones that more defined, chiseled look, steer clear of the ashier tones or tones that are too orange. Find a colour somewhere in between, like Hoola by Benefit if you have fairer skin, and the awesome Anastasia Contour Kit for medium to darker skin. Lean more toward the bronzier shades if you really want that more sunkissed, matte look. 

Take a slimmer brush that isn’t as large as a blush brush, dip into the product, dust it off then create a bit of that definition starting further back along your cheekbones and hollow, you don’t have to take it all the way in to the apple of your cheeks. Of course, each face shape will work a little differently so take the time to find what’s best for you. It’ll be quick and easy soon enough! Don’t forget to add a bit to the top of the forehead along your hairline and along the jaw to give more of that lovely cut. Just be careful you don’t go too high up, you don’t want to look like you have a beard! 

Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, I’ve tried a few different ways of getting these pearly whites, well, white! At home services to whiten and Crest White Strips are great, but if you have veneers or you don’t like to use those kinds of products on your teeth, there is a trick to making your teeth look whiter with makeup. How great is that? Wearing products on your lips with a blue based tone will give the impression that your teeth are whiter. Maybelline Number 10 Dreamer is a blue based pink lipstick that will help give that whiter look. Whether the lipstick is red, pink or another colour, as long as the base is blue as opposed to peachy or orange based, your teeth will look whiter. Smile!

Make Your Eyebrows Look Bigger

I’m a big fan of that bushy, natural looking untouched brow. I love to grow my brows, touch them up and just pretend I’m a model on the cover of Vogue! I am not, admittedly, a fan of the over plucked brow or that insta-brow. Give me a full, bushy, model brow any day!

To start, you need a great brow pencil! I recommend Anastasia’s Brow Wiz, I use it in medium brown and I find it lasts through the day. I also love the spoolie on the other end to keep those stray hairs in check and comb that product through your brow to make it look natural. Work with the spoolie and colour to create an arch and a bit of length in the tail area. Use short strokes to add a natural fill. You can also create a little bit more structure in the front of the brow using short strokes upward. Always comb through! And remember, brows are sisters, not twins! They absolutely do not have to be 100% symmetrical, just try and get a feel for balance and similarity, they don’t have to be identical.

The Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour is also fantastic for those who don’t have a lot of brows up there and need a bit of an assist. Just use those short strokes and again, remember to brush it through. With this product your brows will last through the day without rubbing away. 

If you’re a fan of the brushed up brow look, you can cheat it by adding those famous short strokes to the front part of the brow. If you really want that dramatically brushed up brow look, try Beach Brows. It’s absolutely amazing and it’s also vegan friendly and cruelty free. Just take the bristle brush, rub it through the product and go for it, really brush your brows up. Comb through and your brows will seriously touch the ceiling. Combing them up does give them a fuller look so it’s a great little trick to help give the brows a bushier, thicker feel. Just don’t make them too crazy! Eugene Levy’s cornered the market on that one!

So those are some of our fake it til you make it beauty secrets. You now have the inside scoop on some of our Fancy Face tips and tricks and how to make them happen quickly and easily if you’re a person on the move. Try them out and have fun! 

If you have any questions, as always, give me a shout. Until next time! x


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