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Brittany delves into her backstory and shares the ways she makes time for self care and just how important it is to treat yourself to that daily dose of love and wellness!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved journaling. I was an only child and I found that I could spend a great deal of time writing, putting down my thoughts and feelings on paper. The journal was kind of like a friend, as odd as that sounds! I shared a lot of my life in those pages. I also loved making lists and dream boards that I could stick pictures and goals onto and it really helped to keep me inspired! At a young age I was constantly making time for self care! Self care as adults, however, can be a challenge for many, both in terms of making the time and fully embracing who you are, warts and all. 


I have noticed that since being married and starting a family I’ve struggled to find time to sit by myself and write. But on the rare occasion, for example if I find myself travelling, I always crack open my journal and start to write. Freely and without judgement. That is the key! To really let it all out on the pages, the good, the bad and the ugly! Often, I write and then turn the page and never look back. I’ve actually thought it may be a really terrific thing to hang on to for my daughter to be able to explore when she’s older, to see how we all have ups and downs and understand how journaling can be a great way to help get through it all.

Embrace Your Imperfection

I grew up dancing professionally, I began lessons at the age of 3. I competed, I taught, dance was pretty much my life. At the age of 15, I landed my first job as a dancer in the movie Chicago with Catherine Zeta Jones, and I began dancing professionally from that point on. 

That being said, I come from a very active background and dance and exercise were things that I very much enjoyed. When I was dancing full time my body was different and keeping active for long periods of time was easy. But by the time I hit 26 and stopped dancing professionally, I found myself struggling with ways to stay in shape and active and actually enjoy it. And after having two children, your body changes even more. You don’t quite perform the same way and you kind of have to figure out your ‘new body’. This can be a challenge.

As a grown woman in her thirties and, let’s face it, only getting older, you really have to find a way that works for you to embrace your body, yourself and all of the changes that come along. You need to find a mindful state of being where you are happy with where you are, where you feel good about yourself and acknowledge you’re a good person living a good life. Embrace right now. Life is a journey and things can and will change, and you can decide as you go what you can do to help you discover the best version of you! 

If I could talk to my younger self, really speak from the heart, I would tell her that all of the things she thought mattered – her size, her looks, what people thought of her – those things don’t matter. Not in the grand scheme of things. I would tell her to focus on her brain, not her body. Focus on education not only through books but through experience. Learn to be an empowered, bright and strong woman who can stand on her own two feet and doesn’t depend on others’ opinions and weird standards to feel confident and beautiful. 

Let’s Get Physical

There are a few things I do to keep myself feeling good physically. First off, I love to walk. I realize this isn’t as hardcore as dancing, but it is good exercise and a great way to meditate and feel more grounded in nature and my surroundings. I also really enjoy doing pilates (and have a great instructor!) to strengthen and work on keeping my muscles lean. Moksha yoga is another go-to for me because I can go at your own pace and my husband and I enjoy doing it together! Lastly, a fun family exercise for us at home is turning on some great tunes first thing in the morning and having a little dance party in the kitchen! My kids love it, it gets everyone’s spirits up and starts the day on a high.


My daughter and I love to get cozy at the kitchen counter while I cut up fresh fruit to put in our water. I admit I don’t drink enough water though, if I don’t have my favourite bottle! It comes with a handy straw and for whatever reason, it just works for me! Find a water bottle that fits your aesthetic, is reusable, and motivates you to drink more H2O – it’s a game changer.


I always take my vitamins and have for years to make sure my body is getting what it needs to stay strong and healthy. I’m currently taking vitamins by Activ-X – D, C, B12, Omega’s – you name it! I also love incorporating a smoothie into my daily vitamin intake to get in all my veggies and protein.

Showers and Baths

I’m a big fan of brushing my skin when I shower. It’s great for your body. Brush towards your heart, up your legs and arms, down your chest and up your tummy. Skin brushing helps drain the lymphatic system, brightens your skin, helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and sloughs off dead skin cells. 

I also really enjoy a luxurious bath on the rare day I have a chance to have one! Epsom salts, lavender oil, a candle… a glass of wine doesn’t hurt, either! Hmm… now I want a bath.


When I travel, I collect crystals. I know it sounds weird! But I absolutely love them! I have way too many! I put them around my house and they all have different purposes. Selenite helps with cleansing the body and other crystals. I love quartz and have it at the entrance to my house for good energy. Apophyllite is excellent for those who give a lot of their energy to other people, whether it be in their job or life, it helps to retain energy and relieve stress. Crystals rock! Pun intended.


I must admit that I am not very good when it comes to meditation. I’ll do some deep breathing and really try to let my thoughts flow freely through my mind without judgement, but I have to do it in small doses, I much prefer walking in nature as a form of meditation. Whatever your preference is, stick with what benefits you the most! It’s so important to take time to quiet your mind. I also do this by taking breaks from my work and my phone. And spending time with my children is such an incredible reminder of how beautiful it is to be present and in the moment. Children know how to do it right! Spending time with my family and putting all the rest aside is just the very best way to fill my heart.


My dad is an entrepreneur as well, and I feel very fortunate that I grew up in a home where there was this massive collection of business and motivational self help books. I found myself in his library often, reading books that were probably a bit advanced for me at the time but I just loved them, I loved the messages in the pages and how reading made me feel. Reading really does help keep me grounded. I’m reading a book by Rachel Hollis at the moment called Girl, Stop Apologizing. I admit she’s not for everyone, but she’s a young, confident, successful entrepreneur who shares a great message about owning who you are and no longer apologizing about being a wife or mom or business woman. She really emphasizes the importance of just being your best self.

Life isn’t perfect, it ebbs and flows and it’s all about how you live it, in the moment. It’s perfectly imperfect. And you know what? That’s awesome.

Activ-X  //  @platinum_naturals
Rachel Hollis  //  @msrachelhollis
Girl, Stop Apologizing  


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