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The Fancy Face Premier Collection

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Brittany introduces you to the much anticipated Fancy Face Premier Collection!

I’m so excited to introduce you to something very dear to our hearts, our Fancy Face Premier Collection! We wanted to create a collection built around the beauty basics that we use all of the time, the products the artists on our team use and what I personally use pretty much daily! 

To give you an idea of the amazing items we have in this very special collection, I’m going to walk you through my makeup routine. Let’s go! 

Bronzer and Blush

I always like to start with a bronzer once the foundation/concealer base is set. Our Fancy Face Ballerina Bronzer marries a wonderful bronzer with a lovely pink blush. The blush has the perfect amount of luminosity while the bronzer is a little bit more matte. It’s a great combination of everything that looks quite beautiful on the skin. 

Starting with the bronzer, just begin to gently build along your cheek bones, hairline, jawline and so on and see your skin slowly come to life! Then grab a little dome brush, swirl it in the bronzer and go ahead and rock it in your crease! Applying bronzer to the eye adds this lovely radiance to really brighten and add that extra pop. You can dust it under your eyes a touch as well to open them up a little bit more. From there, go ahead and take a little bit of that Ballerina Blush and add some to the apples of the cheeks for more radiance. 


Our Dew-U Cream Highlighter packs a lot of punch. You only need a touch to go a long way, this compact will last you forever!

It’s good to have a brush like the Inglot 4SS to apply highlighter. Give a little highlighter love to your cheekbones, temples, nose, eyes and brow bone. Voila! Beautiful, dewy glow.

You can also use our highlighter for a cheeky collar bone pop and…boob glow!!


I recommend using a waterproof mascara on the bottom lashes to avoid having any rub off under your eyes throughout the day. For the top, use a mascara that makes you feel fabulous!


For our Premier Collection, I wanted to start growing our lip line with nudes and pinks, the soft tones that are more our Fancy Face staple lip colours. I’m such a liner girl, we had to make a quality lip liner! You will never, ever catch me wearing lipstick without a liner on. Ever. We wanted to create a universal shade for this collection that you can wear with every lip colour that Fancy Face has created, thus Fancy Face’s Waterproof Lip Liner in Satin was created! 

I always cheat my lip line to look fuller. I love to create those luscious, full lips, and filling in the lines will give the colour more longevity as this is a waterproof liner. 

Moving from liner to lipstick, our one and only Fancy Face Lipstick is called Dewy. It’s this perfect, mauvey shade for everyone. Really! Then, go ahead and gloss those lovely lips with our Lip Glaze, Cloud Nine. This warm, nude gloss will give you a bit more depth and has a stunning, glassy shine but won’t wash you out. The Ballet Slipper Lip Glaze is a lovely pink – you guessed it – the colour of a ballet slipper. It has a gentle shimmer to it and is a fabulous topper to a lipstick, but for those who like more of a natural lip, it’s beautiful simply on its own. 

If you like a softer, pinky nude tone, our Night Cap shade is perfect for you. This stunner is a lovely lip lacquer so it has more pigment but still offers that glossy finish. I will admit, though, of all of our lip products I adore our Love Note Lacquer the most! It is my go-to pink colour and it really helps pull my look together, adding a little but of pink punchiness. A fun little bonus? This is a blue based pink so it will make your teeth look whiter!

When it came to our Fancy Face product line, especially the formulations for our lip colours, we wanted to be sure our products wouldn’t leave your lips with that dry film. We wanted to offer you great colours that make you feel beautiful but also left you feeling comfortable and hydrated.   We’ll treat your lips right! And when it came time to remove your makeup at the end of your day, our products wouldn’t leave your skin feeling parched and dried out!

Finishing Mist

Another hugely important reason for this new line was to help all of you create looks that would last from early morning to late at night! We’ve done this for brides for years, so it was time to create our own line that could do the same for everyone, everyday.  We are passionate about your makeup lasting all day and night long!

Our Fancy Face Setting Spray is an ultra fine finishing mist that will help keep your look intact and feeling polished, day and night.

The Perfect Pouch

The final piece in our Premier Collection is our beautiful beauty bag, our Fancy Face Perfect Pouch. We created this with our brides in mind; on my wedding day I would have loved a classy, beautiful white bag to have in my wedding suite, at the hall or next to all of my makeup products to get ready in the morning! And cheeky bonus, all of our Premier Collection beauty items can fit into our bag! 

That’s the roundup of our Premier Collection! We’re so excited to be able to share it with you all! If you have any suggestions for products you’d like to see that weren’t included here or products you feel are signature to Fancy Face that you love and we don’t have yet, please reach out! We love to hear from you and want to make our collection the very best it can be! 

Til next time… x

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