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Quick Date Night Makeup Makeover

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Brittany takes you through her day to evening transformation with her quick date night makeup makeover

It’s date night! My hubby and I don’t get enough time just the two of us, between work commitments and our amazing kiddos, our couple time is cherished since it can be pretty rare some days. So when we do have ‘us’ time, I like to amp up my look to something more flirty, fancy and sexy! But I don’t want to waste precious time taking forever, so I have a trick to make it quick! Let me show you how I do my quick date night makeup makeover. Yay!

Using my more subtle day look that included the typical bronzer, blush and glow as a place to start, I’m going to really glam up what I already have going on in terms of makeup and get date night ready. Let’s do it!


First up, I’m going to rock a bit of a bronzer shade from Stila’s After Hours eyeshadow palette in my crease, but the bronzer I’ve chosen has some extra luminosity than what I wear during the daytime to jazz it up! From there, I take Pink Bubbly from the palette and apply it to the lower part of the crease under the bronzer tone for a richer, deeper colour pop. 

After I’ve created that gorgeous crease, I dive on into the wine tone called All Nighter. Yes, all nighter! That is absolutely…not…what my hubby and I are having! When you have kids date night ends at 10:00pm! Woo! Then I take a fluffy brush and really get the colour all along my eye. For date night, focusing on the eyes is key. I’m all about that soft, smokey look. Amazing eyes that pop and lovely, soft lips, everything saying, “come hither!” 

Under the eye, I apply two of those same colours. I start with that luminous, bronzy tone then follow up with All Nighter. Now it gets fun! I use the colour Cash Out in the same Stila palette to really pop! It’s super glittery and just gorgeous! To help it stick I use Anastasia’s Dewy Setting Spray. I get some of that glitter on my finger, spray a little of the setting spray so there isn’t any fallout on my face as I apply, and gently press the colour onto my lid. It’s beautiful! To soften the eye a bit I grab that lovely, fluffy brush again and then to warm up a bit of that silver tone from the glitter, I use a touch of Natasha Denona’s Crystal Top Coat in Nude. We’re talking a fancy, awesome date night, here! All I do next is grab my bronzy coloured Gilt by NudeStix Pencil and apply it to the waterline of my eyes. Done!

Lips and Face

On my lips I rock Night Cap by Fancy Face, I love our new nude lacquer from our Premier Collection! Also from our collection is the Ballerina Bronzer and blush, I add a touch of that to my face for more glow for my glam date night! 


I love lashes! Any excuse I have to go lash glam, I take it! Date night is absolutely one of those opportunities. Tweezers, check. Scissors, check. Lash glue, check. The best affordable lash glue, in my opinion, is the Ardell Waterproof LashGrip in clear.

You always want to trim the lashes up a bit, I go on each end, so they aren’t too long for your eyes. I’m going for the Fancy Face Marquis Lash from our Diamond Lash Collection. Apply the glue to the lash and be sure to let it dry a little before you put the lash on. If you want to know how to apply false lashes in detail, you can check out my video, How to Apply Lashes Like A Pro. I take my tweezers, they are your best friend when it comes to applying lashes, and look down into a compact for the best view for application, always placing the lash at the root and in the centre first. Then I glue those babies on!

To wrap it all up in a beautiful package, I use Anastasia’s Dewy Set again for a lovely glow all over, keeping everything in place. That’s it! That’s my quick date night makeup look! For dinner, for a concert, for a party, anywhere I’m heading where I want to feel more glam quickly. Amp up the eyes, put something in the waterline, add a bit of blush and bronze, put on a nude lip, pop on some lashes and peace out! 

If you have any questions or are wondering what could look best on you, don’t hesitate to DM me. I’m off for now, the Hubs is waiting! Til next time…x


Stila’s After Hours  //  @stilacosmetics
Anastasia’s Dewy Setting Spray  //  @anastasiabeverlyhills
Natasha Denona’s Crystal Top Coat  //  @natashadenona
Gilt by NudeStix Pencil  //  @nudestix
Night Cap by Fancy Face  //  @fancyfaceinc
Premier Collection  //  @fancyfaceinc
Ballerina Bronzer  //  @fancyfaceinc
Ardell Waterproof LashGrip  //  @ardellbeauty
Fancy Face Marquis Lash  //  @fancyfaceinc


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