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Fancy Face Feature: Advice From the Pros, How to Effectively Price Yourself

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Fancy Face Founder Brittany Gray shares her pro advice with Event Source about pricing yourself fairly in your creative business

Brittany recently connected with Event Source, The Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) online platform for all things special events related. From event planners and venues to caterers, photographers and videographers, Event Source has you covered and is completely in the know. Industry Corner author Jonathan Fruitman shared Advice From the Pros: How to Effectively Price Yourself and spoke with a select few Toronto professionals about how to manage this little conundrum! 

Jonathan acknowledges that, whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned pro, settling on prices that aren’t going to undercut you but also won’t keep you from attracting clients as a new business can be tough. Amongst the pros in the know were Ashley Pigott of Ashley Pigott Events, Christina McKenzie of The Cocoa Cakery, Alix Gould of Alix Gould Photography as well as a handful of other seasoned creatives. 

Brittany shared her advice and experience, advocating that creatives not undercut their craft and experience by keeping their prices below industry norms to secure clientele, “If people in the industry continually undercut one another, over time, it will lower the standard of what creative types are able to charge in the industry.” Once your experience has grown, your prices should reflect that growth as well as your experience and the brand you’re selling, for example, prices can be made higher if have luxury offerings. Brittany shares, “With that being said, if you are going to price yourself higher in the market, you need to ensure that the services you offer, the tools that you use, and the techniques you demonstrate are all at a level of excellence beyond what’s expected in the industry.” You go, girl!

We’re thrilled to have Brittany sharing her insights and advice with all of the amazing creative professionals out there. Live the dream!

Check out the whole article here:

Event Source
Ashley Pigott Events  //  @ashleypigottevents
The Cocoa Cakery  //  @thecocoacakery
Alix Gould Photography  //  @alix.gould


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