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July Makeup and Beauty Favourites | Brittany Gray

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Brittany takes you through her July makeup and beauty favourites as well as a couple of new favourites that bring a smile to her face.

It’s that time again! Can you believe it’s already the end of July? We’re heading into a new month and I have my latest list of amazing beauty products to share with you! So here we go with my roundup of July makeup and beauty favourites!


When I started using the Smashbox Primerizer, everything in my daily makeup routine changed. I mean it! With this product, I can put it on at the beginning of my day and not have to look at my makeup again until the day’s end. My makeup stays flawless. I will say this primer isn’t for people who have larger pores or more textured skin, but if you’re simply seeking more hydration and looking for a lightweight primer that isn’t silicon based, this one is definitely for you!


When it comes to foundations there are a handful of go-to brands and products on my list from high end to lower cost ranges. My latest favourite is more of a mid range foundation and it’s awesome. The Dermablend Flawless Creator Foundation Drops do a fabulous job of covering any blemishes on my skin but the foundation is lightweight enough that it’s very buildable, or you can combine it with other foundations to add even more flawless coverage. 

I usually just put a couple of drops on the back of my hand, use a brush and apply it to my face, then apply my concealer. I highly recommend this foundation!


I must admit Natasha Denona’s eyeshadow palettes are known for being the most expensive in the industry. But, for what you get from them I feel like they’re worth the price tag. They really are these beautiful, sun-kissed colours that I’ve always been a huge fan of, I use them on my clients and myself and they have a super colour payoff! Check out the Mini Nude Palette and Eyeshadow Palette 5 for some of the best eyeshadow shades and colours.

Pat McGrath is an incredible makeup artist and has been a major part of the makeup industry, I adore her and her work. She’s created a makeup line that is sold in Sephora and her Divine Bronze Luxe eyeshadow palette has everything! Crease colour, lid colour, highlight colour and a darker colour for depth that you can use as a liner or darker crease colour. I love this palette.

Eye Primer

I’ve been looking for eye primers that really hold your eyeshadow all day long without creating any creasing. This is tough to find! But Yves Saint Laurent’s Couture Eye Primer, around the $40 range, is a really fantastic product. I get it in 1 Fair so I can start with a nice, light colour, kind of in that bone shade, that I can easily build on top of. Awesome for bridal for any makeup artists on the lookout for a great eye primer. All you have to do is apply a full wash of the primer all over your eye and then blend it out. From there, just apply your eyeshadow! It goes on seamlessly. Try it.

Body Glow

Sol de Janeiro’s Goldie Rocks is a terrific liquid gold looking glow oil that our team likes to apply to our clients’ chests to give that gorgeous, bathed-in-hydration-for-years glow! Side note, Real Techniques has a great application brush for this! From there I use Fancy Face’s Dew-U Cream Highlight along their collarbone to really make it pop! Another thing I love about this glow oil is that it smells out of this world! Seriously. Every single time I apply it clients ask what I’m putting on them. It’s incredible, it’s a must have!


When it comes to skincare, I want to be sure I’m using a product that actually works and takes care of my skin. Sunday Riley sponsored us and I was so excited about it! I’d used their Luna Oil in the past but I had to stop using it when I got pregnant. But now that I’m not nursing I am jumping back in with both feet and using Sunday Riley’s eye contour cream called Auto Correct which is awesome. It de-puffs, it helps get rid of wrinkles and really gives you a fresh eye look to start the day off right! I also really like using the C.E.O. Rapid Flash Lightening Serum and their Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment. Some days when I’m not wanting to apply a full face of makeup but still want a beautiful glow I’ll use their Vitamin C Turmeric Face Oil. Lastly to finish off my skincare routine I’ll apply their C.E.O.Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream. Their products make you look like you’ve just had a facial. You’re fresh and glowing. They’re awesome.

When it comes to styling my hair, I’m pretty particular. To keep my hair as healthy as it can be I don’t wash it every day, so some mornings I’ll wake up with kinks at the roots and my ends may not be as straight as I’d like them to be. Recently I discovered this mini straightener by Croc and it does a fantastic job of straightening my roots and ends without interrupting my curls that are already how I like them. Since the iron is so thin compared to others, it can really get right to the root in a way the larger ones can’t so it’s a definite bonus. Another fun fact, it’s also amazing for travel. I love travel. Who doesn’t!?


I discovered a pair of gorgeous earrings by J Crew, I think earrings can really help to complete a look! These stunners give off an air of ‘expensive jewellery’ but in reality they’re very affordable. I also adore a lovely hair accessory to give a little bling from Mimi & Ko Jewels. Mimi sponsored our recent Fancy Face Masterclass and gave all of us some awesome hair accessories to wear. I just tried it on and I’m loving it!

Another hair accessory that I am a massive fan of is this killer little leopard print hair scrunchy I found in this little Boston boutique! You can also find them in Anthropologie. It has an adorable little bow on it so you can still look and feel fabulous even on the days when you don’t want to take the time to go all glam.


When I zhuzh up my hair – yes, zhuzh is a word. Really! It sounds like the ‘su’ part in ‘measure’ at the beginning and end of the word. Almost phonetically it sounds like ‘juje’. Ok, that’s your spelling and English lesson for the day! Anyway, when I’m zhuzhing my hair I love to use the Design Me Hair Puff Me powder-like product that has some grip to it. After styling my hair I’ll add this to the roots for body and texture. I love it because it doesn’t feel sticky and sort of dirty the way other texturizers can make your hair feel.


I don’t typically love putting cream on my body, I don’t like the feeling of it. But the Dry Oil by Nuxe is a multi-purpose dry body oil that “nourishes, repairs, beautifies and has seven perfect, precious botanicals”. It’s very fancy. Basically you spray it all over your body, rub it in and though it’s an oil, it dries wonderfully so it doesn’t leave any residue, only mega hydration. It’s awesome.

Other Favourites!

Moving on from beauty to books, I recently came across a book called “Lessons” by model Gisele Bundchen. I picked it up because I was aware that Gisele is very particular about her health and wellness and she’s also a mother and an entrepreneur. It’s full of amazing personal insights I felt I could take to heart. She discusses marriage, family and children as well as the importance of taking time for self care – which I find quite challenging at times. She’s an extremely hard worker, she’s passionate, focused and still very much connected to the things that matter most in life. I found this book very inspiring and recommend it to anyone interested in her story and lessons in life and purpose along the way.

I want to finish up my July makeup and beauty favourites with another little wellness favourite in the form of a quote from Michelle Obama that I love:

“Success isn’t about how your life looks to others, it’s about how it feels to you.”

The reason this quote spoke to me this month is because I’ve recently received a number of DMs from friends and followers who have shared that in some way, I have inspired them to quit their day jobs and that they’ve decided to pursue the things they are most passionate about. They’ve watched and seen me as an entrepreneur, a mother and an individual who lives from her heart. I truly do try and live in a way that is authentic to me, doing things that make me happy. I am a firm believer that deep down, when you’re trying to decide whether or not you should leave a comfortable job to pursue your passion, the answer is always within you and oftentimes that answer is ‘yes’. Life is short. Live it the best way possible. My advice would be to do the things you are most passionate about and to always, always follow your heart.

I’ll leave you with that, today! As always, if you have any questions or if you have any favourites you’d like me to try, DM me and let’s connect! Til next time…x


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