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Top 5 At-Home Facial Massage Tools I Swear By

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Watch Britt on CTV Morning Live Calgary talking through her top 5 at-home facial tools! Click here!

The brilliant team at CTV Morning Live Calgary recently reached out and requested a segment where I could share some of the facial massage tools I swear by. It was such a treat to Zoom in from the Rosé Room, do a little self-pampering, and chat about my favourite things! Settle in with a cup of tea and check it out here! Big thanks and much love to the CTV team, I adored spending time with you!

Fancy more details? Read on!

After living through the pandemic for over a year now, and being someone that loves a good pampering sesh (ie: facials and massages), I’ve had to do some exploring to find tools and tricks to bring the facial massage techniques home. My favourite part of getting pro facials is when the esthetician uses her hands to do repetitive movements, to energize, revive and uplift your skin. Not to mention, I find it extremely relaxing and de-stressing.  

DID YOU KNOW: There are 43 muscles in your face alone! Most people think about their bodies when they want to reduce stress and tension, but your face needs some love too! 

After testing out a vast number of tools on the market, I’m happy to say I’ve narrowed them down to my top 5 at-home facial massage tools that I swear by. Here they are below, as well as the reasons why I love each one so much! 

Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Massage Roller

✨  Facial Massage Roller: This tool is incredible for beginners. For being such a fancy-looking tool, it really is extremely easy-to-use and truthfully, fool-proof. I purchased my roller from Nurse Jamie and this one is called the Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller used for the face and body. This roller has a unique hexagon shape that holds 24 tourmaline massaging stones to temporarily enhance the skin by mimicking a unique rhythmic rolling action that replicates quick hand-movement massages, used frequently in facials. I personally love this tool because of its portability and the fact that no batteries are required! It’s also truly a celebrity fave because of its ability to stimulate the cells that produce collagen. And it’s suitable for most skin types! Work this tool upwards and outwards and do 10-20 passes on each area of the face, including the chin and neck!

Rosehip Seed Awakening Oil & WTHN Facial Cups

✨ Facial Cups: These are an ancient traditional Chinese technique that helps to increase circulation, boost collagen and relax any tight muscles that could be aiding in causing fine lines and wrinkles. Utilizing these cups helps provide a natural facelift if you use them 2-3 times a week! They help to detoxify the skin and aid in building more elastin in the skin. I find that this tool really works for me to decrease stress and tension, I feel immediately relaxed after using it! Prior to use, apply a generous amount of a high-quality face oil like our Poetry in Potion Face Serum. To use, create the suction on the center points of the face and then work outwards towards the lymph nodes and glide down the neck to inspire lymphatic drainage. Be sure to keep the pace of the cup moving at a steady pace to avoid “cup hickies”. My favorite facial cups are by WHTN. They’re truly fantastic quality! To clean, rinse with warm water and soap between each use.

Kit•sch/ Ice Facial Roller

✨ Ice Roller: This tool is a cooling and soothing body and face roller that was developed to reduce puffiness and to de-puff. A smooth aluminum roller offers a cooling effect for an extended period of time, and works best when placed into the fridge or freezer prior to use! A tried-and-true ice roller is one by Kitsch, I find it best to use this tool for at least two minutes in the morning to reap the full benefits. I highly recommend using this tool after facial cupping and for anyone that suffers from rosacea or inflamed skin. This tool helps to shrink pores and reduces clogging by closing up your pores. I personally love to use this, too, once I’ve completed my skincare routine, to help my skin soak in all the serums and moisturizers. I also highly recommend getting a Skincare Fridge from amazon to put all your skincare tools in. Our Stardust Gel Under Eye Masks are an amazing addition to your skincare fridge as well! 

Gua Sha Facial Tool

✨ Gua Sha: This tool is used for yet another ancient technique that truly provides a workout for your face! Using this tool and working gently upwards and outwards on the face will help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while also increasing circulation. What do I love most about this tool, you ask?? I love that it helps to contour and sculpt your face and jaw area; it increases lymphatic drainage and also helps to depuff the skin. The rose quartz or jade gua sha’s feel cooling to the touch and are best used with an oil on the skin prior to application. Repeat each stroke on the face and neck 5 times; I enjoy doing a little wiggle to massage my face and release tension at the end of each stroke! One tip: Using this on the neck area helps to alleviate “tech neck”! Big win if you’re asking me! After all, our necks so often tell our age faster than our face does, so stretching out the neck muscles will also help to reduce neck lines. Our Gua Sha and Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller are of fantastic quality. Be sure to really research before purchasing a Gua Sha or Jade/Rose Quartz Roller. Many are sold online for really low prices and they are likely just glass with the tint of Jade or the Rose Quartz colour. 

Jade Facial Roller

✨ Jade Or Rose Quartz Roller: This tool has healing properties and really helps to relieve emotional stress. Place it in the fridge prior to use and roll the skin with this tool after applying your entire skincare routine. You’ll notice an immediate glow and brightness that comes to the skin as it improves blood circulation. One of my favourite aspects: These rollers are naturally antibacterial so you don’t need to worry about bacteria building up on the surface of the tool. To clean, wipe with a warm cloth with natural/gentle soap and water.   


With these top 5 at-home facial tools I swear by, you’ll surely bring some pampering and relaxation into your own home! Let me know which one is your favourite! 

Enjoy beauties! 

xx Britt 

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