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Top 5 Bestsellers of 2023

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Hey beauties! WOW, I truly cannot believe another year is already almost behind us. It feels like only yesterday I was sitting down reviewing our top 5 bestsellers from 2022. It’s truly so exciting for us every year to see what our lovely supporters are loving. I must say, you guys have good taste ;). This year’s top 5 bestsellers are absolutely worthy of these top spots!

Coming in hot at #1 is our
Age Defying BB Cream 

We could not be happier to see our Age Defying BB Cream sitting at #1. We firmly believe that every great makeup application starts with a great base. With skincare ingredients such as cucumber, ginseng, chamomile & niacinamide we love knowing that our skin is being nourished all day long. With just 1-2 pumps, your skin will be hydrated, your skin tone will be evened out & trouble areas such as acne, fine lines, etc. will be softened. 

BB Cream - Fancy Face

With no surprises here our 2nd bestseller is

Even after its combined 8 million TikTok views in 2021 it remains a top seller for us. What can we say, the proof is in the pudding ;). I still to this very day have people saying to me “I really thought you were using a filter until I tried it, it really is magic”. We are so happy to share our magic with you all day after day and now, year after year! In an instant watch as your unwanted shine disappears, your pores nearly vanish and your fine lines minimize. 

Flawless Before and After

Coming in at #3, you guessed it, Perk up 

If there is a product we have sold out of time & time again, it’s Perk Up. Truly a product we have a hard time keeping stocked. We like to say it’s like getting 15 hours of sleep in 15 seconds. Its salmon pink undertone immediately counteracts the blue undertone we all naturally have under our eyes, immediately brightening. While the brightness it provides is outstanding, we believe it’s the lightweight formula that brings people back to it. 

Perk Up Dark Circle Corrector

Number #4 is our
Daydream Rosewater Cream, YAY! 

This is truly thrilling for us. Let’s be honest, switching up your skincare can be scary. We knew diving into the world of skincare would be a completely different ball game from makeup. We understand how important it is in someone’s daily routine and we took that very seriously. It makes us so happy to see this cream getting the love and attention it deserves. A lovely supporter of ours recently wrote “Daydream Rosewater Cream is a gift to your complexion! I don’t usually write reviews but felt the desire to share how fabulous this product really is. I am 55 years old and have noticed a difference in the smoothness of my skin and more even complexion. Highly recommend this product! Makeup definitely goes on beautifully with this moisturizer at the base. Bravo team Fancy Face!” As we like to say, “go ahead, give yourself and your skin a moment to get lost in the clouds.” 


@fancyfaceinc Sooth my dry, dull, inflamed skin with me…ASMR style After an 18hr travel day my skin was MAD at me but nothing a little Fancy Face skincare can’t fix am I right ✨ Products used in order: Honey Shot Supermodel Lip Bath ️ Illumiée Eye Serum ✨ Poetry In Potion Serum ️ Daydream Rosewater Cream Face oil…coming soon Oh, did I mention all products currently are %15 off #skincare #asmr #skincareasmr ♬ original sound – Fancy Face Inc.

Last but certainly not least at #5, our
Illuminée Eye Serum 

Our Illuminée Eye Serum is a product we worked tirelessly on! We had so many benchmarks for this product and swore we wouldn’t release it until it was absolutely perfect. Considering this is still newish in our line we are so happy to see it thriving! With the ability to de-puff, brighten, awaken and hydrate your under eyes our Illuminée eye serum provides the perfect balance of ingredients to strengthen and defend even the most delicate skin. Thank you for trusting us with this product, we are so glad you love it! Learn more here! 

Best eye serum | Canada

Well beauties, that wraps up our top 5 bestsellers of 2023. We cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have shown us over this past year. We can’t wait to continue to learn and grow with you all in 2024! 

Fancy Face


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