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Your Guide to Cream vs. Powder Blush

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Cityline | Cream blush vs powder blush

Hey, beauties – Britt here! I had the absolute pleasure of joining the Cityline team again and we dove into the topic that we’ve been getting a ton of questions around: Cream Blush vs. Powder Blush. We’re chatting through the why, how, do’s/don’ts, and some pro blush tips. Let’s dive in! Watch this segment here.

Quick note! My mom, Denise, was also featured in this episode of Cityline in her first fashion segment – click here to watch!

Cream vs. Powder: Decoded Essentials

Let’s kick things off by exploring the fundamental disparities between cream and powder blushes.

At Fancy Face, we adore cream blushes for their ability to cater to dry skin and create a dewy, fresh look. They’re proven to be versatile, making them an ideal choice for mature skin, offering a natural, youthful glow. On the flip side, powder blushes are a fantastic match for oily skin, delivering extended staying power—a must for those in humid climates or aiming for a chic matte finish.

Beauty Expert Brittany Gray

Blush for the Ages: Tailored to Your Skin’s Journey

Age is a crucial factor in selecting the perfect blush. Allow me to break it down for you.

For our younger gals, cream blush can enhance a radiant, natural look however a powdered blush can also really work well, again, if you have oily skin or you can use it lightly to set your cream blush and deepen the pigment. 

Now as we mature, a lighter hand with powder is best and I highly recommend creams for the majority of your makeup product choices. It makes the skin look much more youthful and glowing. It’s all about personal preference too!

Demonstration Time: Cream vs. Powder in Action

I was so lucky to have my right-hand gal, Hannah, with me to show the difference of a powder blush on one side of her face vs. the powder blush on the other. 

For the most flattering look on most face shapes, I recommend applying blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweeping and blending the product up the cheekbone past the temple and above the brow in a C-shape. This application technique really blends the blush beautifully so it has a natural look, like you’re truly just blushing.  A little pro tip? Never forget to swipe a touch of blush across your nose as well; it really ties the entire look together seamlessly.

And here’s a time-saving hack! Take a bit of the cream blush with either your finger or a brush and pat it onto your lips and eyes for a lovely monochromatic makeup look in no time.

Brittany Gray Cityline

Liquid Blush: A Contemporary Elegance

Soooo… there is a third option out there, which I’m sure most of you are curious about, and that is liquid blush. 

Liquid blushes are great for savvy makeup wearers. They are usually quite pigmented and can overwhelm women that are more natural in their everyday routine. Personally, I prefer a cream blush in a pan. 

Set Your Blush: My Tip for Enduring Radiance

Setting a cream or liquid blush with a powder really helps enhance longevity and intensifies the colour. It’s a great tip for all ages and skin types. Be sure to be light-handed and use a brush that isn’t too big or too dense. You want your blush to look diffused and airbrushed.

Playing with Colour: Embracing the Palette

Sometimes the colour in the pan isn’t exactly how it’ll appear on your cheeks. Bold, bright colours can look fantastic on a wide range of skin tones and typically are far sheerer than they look. Don’t be afraid to explore and play with those vibrant shades. They might just surprise you and add that extra flattering pop to your look!

Experiment, have fun, and embrace what makes you feel beautiful. Blush is about enhancing your natural glow, no matter the form or type. It’s your canvas to play with! My biggest tip: All women should be wearing it!!! 

So beauties, there you have it—a comprehensive guide to selecting and applying blush tailored to your skin type, age, and as always, personal preference.


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