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Top 5 Makeup Mistakes Mature Women Make (And How to Address Them)

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Your skincare changes as you age (hello, retinol!), but have you updated your makeup routine to match? It’s time to give your makeup bag an overhaul and find products that work for your skin!

Here are five makeup mistakes to avoid as you age (and some easy-to-implement tricks to try instead)!

Mature Makeup Mistakes | Hannah and her mother

1: Using the wrong foundation

One of the biggest concerns with aging skin is hydration. As skin ages, it tends to become drier due to decreased collagen production. As a result, thick and/or heavy foundations can dry out your skin and settle into any lines or creases.

Instead of using heavy foundation, focus on hydrating your skin before applying product. Before applying any foundation, create a smooth base by using a primer all over your face. Use a hydrating foundation (or a tinted moisturizer for a lighter look). Opt for a cream or liquid foundation over a powder foundation to highlight your natural glow. You’ll keep your skin luminous without accentuating any lines! 

2: Filling in eyebrows too harshly

Bold, bushy brows are all the rage, but it can be easy to overfill them! Using dark brow products and harsh lines can make your eyebrows look over-exaggerated. Focus instead on a lighter, natural look to frame your eyes perfectly.

Instead of outlining and then filling in your brows, simply fill in any sparse areas. Use a thin eyebrow pencil and follow your natural eyebrow shape with hair-like strokes wherever you notice sparse areas. When you’re done, use an eyebrow spoolie to slightly blend together. This creates a subtle, more natural effect.

Mature Makeup Mistakes | Brow Pencil

3: Using too much under-eye concealer

It can be tempting to layer on under-eye concealer to hide eye bags or fine lines. But, using too much under-eye concealer can have the opposite effect as you age! It can actually crease under your eyes, which draws attention to fine lines around your eyes.

Instead of covering your entire under-eye, try dabbing your concealer only in the inner and outer corners of the under-eye area. This technique blends easily, and you’ll get great coverage without your product settling in lines. Avoid using a concealer that’s too light for your face, as it’ll wash out your under-eye area. Bonus: remember to use a primer first to smooth out your skin!

4: Only using matte (and avoiding shimmer!)

Shimmer isn’t only for Gen Z and millennials! As we age, we tend to gravitate to matte, powder products rather than cream alternatives. Cream-based and glowy products actually illuminate your skin and make you glow from the inside out.

Instead, opt for shimmery products that bring out your natural glow. Try a luxurious cream eyeshadow rather than using powder eyeshadow for your next night out. Bonus if there’s a bit of shimmer to it! That also means you don’t need to skip highlighter if you’re looking to get an ageless glow. Try a soft pink or peachy liquid highlight on your cheekbones to amp up your look. Our Dew-U Face Hilite is an incredible shimmer highlight for mature skin!

Mature Makeup Mistakes | Highlighter

5: Too much eyeliner

If black eyeliner has been a staple in your makeup bag for years, it may be time to try something new (and even more flattering!). As skin especially around the eyes begins to age, black may seem slightly too harsh against your skin. 

Instead, try swapping out your classic black liner for a soft brown hue. Brown eyeliner is flattering on every skin tone and every eye colour! Wearing liner on your top and bottom lid can make your eyes appear smaller. Instead of lining your entire eye, use minimal eyeliner on top as a way to frame your eyes and make them pop!

As we head into fall, now’s the time to add some new, flattering products to your makeup bag! Get ready for extra compliments on your glow at all the events you’re headed to this season.


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