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Hannah’s Wedding Details | Part 1


Wow, it’s hard for me to believe I’m writing my official wedding blog. After writing about so many updates and sharing my journey on socials, it feels so surreal to be writing about THE day, not how I imagined it to go, not how I had hoped it would go, but how it actually went! 

I am pleased to say the day was nothing short of perfect. There was only one minor mishap, but I’ll get to that later ;). Before getting started I have to answer one question I was asked constantly before and after the wedding: “Is a wedding planner really worth it?” YES! I could literally write an entire blog post on how important & amazing my wedding planner Johanna. I can say without a shadow of a doubt our wedding would not have been as perfect as it was if it weren’t for Jo. I cannot recommend her enough. Hire her, trust me <3 

Hannah's Wedding Blog | Part 1

Now, let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? I am so blessed because I had the pleasure of having four amazing Fancy Face artists to glam myself, my bridesmaids, mother and mother-in-law the morning of the wedding. Our ceremony didn’t start until 4:30 pm, so our start time wasn’t until 8 am, which if you’ve been married or in a wedding party, you know that’s actually considered a late start time. The morning ran perfectly, and my fantastic artists, Britt L, Britt M, Kristina and Jess made everyone feel like a million bucks. A common question I’ve been asked is, “How did everyone’s makeup last all day long?” The honest answer is it’s all in the artists. Our team takes the time to ask everyone specific questions about their skin to ensure they are using the proper products to achieve that longevity. I kept a small touch-up kit for the girls in my bridal suite that everyone used here and there, including Perk Up for the tears, Flawless for any shine and oil, Rosé-OK to keep our blush looking fresh, and Peony Park, a universal pink gloss that looks good on literally everyone! Another question I got asked about my glam was how the loose curls lasted all day and the secret is extensions. It’s a common misunderstanding that extensions can only be used for length or volume, but truth be told my main reason for extensions was fullness and longevity!  

Hannah's Wedding Blog | Part 1

I’ve been asked so often what my favourite part of the day was, and to my surprise, it was the ceremony. When I would picture our wedding day, and even when I spoke about it, I would say, “I just need to get through the ceremony and then I’ll be okay.” I never imagined that the ceremony would actually be one of my favourite parts. I have a vivid memory of turning the corner as I walked down the aisle and seeing all our friends and family staring at me and me back at them, and it felt like pure magic. We requested an unplugged ceremony, which was one of the best choices we made. We kindly let our guests know we had two talented photographers and videographers that were there to capture all the special moments. Our guests shared with us how nice it was to focus on every moment rather than trying to get the “perfect shot.” 

Hannah's Wedding Blog | Part 1

Before I rapid-fire answer some more questions all you lovely humans asked on Instagram, there’s one more topic I have to address…*twinkle emoji* the dress *twinkle emoji*. My wedding dress was custom-made by Mariana at Mariana’s Bridal. I have been asked if getting a custom dress was 1) worth it and 2) scary. The short answer to both of those is yes. Trust me when I say it doesn’t take long for the “Well, what if it doesn’t look like I envision it will?” and “What if the style doesn’t suit me?” questions to start rolling into your mind. I went into my bridal appointment with Mariana knowing I was most likely going to go in the custom dress direction; however, like most brides, I just had to try on a couple. Well, I tried on five and said, “I’m done” LOL. I had this vision in my mind, and I couldn’t get it out, and I’m happy to say ordering a custom dress was the best decision I could’ve made. I’ve never in my life had anything fit me like my dress did. I remember my mom saying, “It was truly made for you!” As obvious as that was, it was true. I could see it and I could feel it. The saying “fits like a glove” had never been so true! If I could wear it again, I would! 

Hannah's Wedding Blog | Part 1

Time to answer more of the most commonly asked questions! 

  1. “The bridesmaids’ dresses were stunning!! Where we they from?” My bridesmaids’ dresses were from Pretty Little Lavish UK in the style ‘Amelia Maxi Dress – Matte Blush. They were beautiful. I loved the colour so much, and the girls said they were really comfy to boot! 
  2. “Where did you get that gorgeous veil?” My veil was also from Mariana’s Bridal. It was one of my favourite things about the look. 
  3. “Where are you going honeymooning?” Evan and I went right up to a cottage, just the two of us for a full week the day after the wedding, and it was THE BEST! Having time to unwind and reflect on the wedding just the two of us was amazing. I am so thankful we didn’t jet to the airport right away! However, we are hoping to honeymoon in Europe in 2023! 
  4. “What colour of lipstick were you wearing?” I was wearing Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk liner, Fancy Face Watermelon Sugar cream blush and Fancy Face 5th Ave lip glaze. 
  5. “What was the easiest part and hardest part of the day?” The easiest part was the party to be honest. Once all “duties” were done, we had the BEST time partying with our loved ones. The hardest part was the half hour between photos and the ceremony starting. Evan and I didn’t do a first look and the anticipation of waiting to walk down the aisle to him just about killed me. 
  6. “Please link your shoes!” Well, my shoes may or may not be apart of my minor mishap, but we’ll have to save that for blog 2 😉 
  7. “What would you do differently?” I cried like a baby during our thank you toast. I definitely should’ve prepared for that better! 
  8. “What was a favourite moment?” During our thank you speech I took a moment to look around the room, and I realized (almost) everyone who means the most to us was in that one room to celebrate us, and it truly brought me to tears…cue me crying again right now. 
  9. “Please share a breakdown on your look!” I’m sorry to say you will have to come back for blog 2 for that! A breakdown on that, a few other details and stories will have to wait until next time! The next one just might include our video <3 
  10. “Please list vendors please!!!” Here we go:

Johanna Leigh Events –  Planner/coordinator

Up Country Venues – Venue

Lace and Luce – Photographers

The Little Shed Flower Co. – Florist

Fancy Face – Hair and Makeup

Olumis Calligraphy – Stationery

Mariana’s Bridal – Dress

Tolo Clothier – Suit

Hannah's Wedding Blog | Part 1

I can’t wait to chat again! Please head to our Instagram to ask any more questions you may want to know before I write my final wedding blog <3 

I love you all, 

Hannah Jasper 😉 


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