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NUDA – Your New Favourite Self-Tanner!

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Hey beauties,

We often get asked what the best products are for self-tanning, so we’re excited to announce that our absolute faves are now live on our website! If you haven’t heard of NUDA yet, let us introduce you to this amazing line of self-tanning products that we’ve all been using and loving!

NUDA Hyaluronic Tanning Serum

NUDA is an incredible Canadian-based and women founded (we love that!) company that provides a safe alternative to sun exposure by offering sunless tanning products that give a natural, safe and healthy-looking tan. NUDA believes in promoting wellness, self-confidence, and maintaining healthy skin with a line of products that will make people feel good inside and out. All NUDA products are made of naturally-derived ingredients and are vegan, cruelty-free, and made without parabens, sulphates or gluten. These values align with everything we do here at Fancy Face, so we thought what better brand to carry for our gorgeous clients and brides!

NUDA Face Tan Water | Before and After

Let us introduce to you a few of NUDA’s best-selling products that are now live for you to shop! First up is their Self-Tanning Mousse in the shade Dark. This self-tanning mousse is truly unlike any other. We all know the smell that self-tanners give off when developing, but NUDA is NOT like the rest. Trust us when we say, you’ll actually enjoy the scent of this self-tanner! Enriched with skin-loving ingredients such as coconut oil, cucumber, mango, apricot and grapefruit extract, NUDA’s tanning mousse leaves your skin radiant and hydrated, and it gives off the most subtle yet fresh mango scent. This mousse also provides the most natural-looking, even-toned and streak-free application.

NUDA Self-Tanning Products | Different Shades

For the best application and most even tan, apply the tanning mousse with NUDA’s soft velvet Tanning Mitt. The mitt is washable and reusable, offering the most flawless, streak-free application while keeping your hands stain free. Simply apply in a circular motion all over your body!

Next up, one of our absolute favourite products and one that we truly use on the daily: NUDA’s Self-Tanning Water. It comes in shades Original and Dark and is the easiest, and most refreshing facial self-tanner you will ever use. This translucent mist will offer you a natural glow while hydrating your skin, evening out your complexion and reducing redness. We absolutely swear by it! It illuminates and replenishes your complexion in an instant with its infusion of amazing ingredients including Aloe Vera, white tea, cucumber, rosehip, and fruit extracts, chamomile and vitamins A, C and E. You’ll notice all of NUDA’s products smell like an absolute dream and we’re here for it. It’s the easiest self-tanning product you will use, just mist and go! We love to apply a few mists right before bed, and wake up with a glowing, naturally radiant tan.

NUDA Face Tan Water | Before and After

If you’re looking for more of a self-tanning serum, we’ve got just the product for you. Get ready to up your skincare routine with NUDA’s Hyaluronic Self-Tanning Serum. It’s a hydrating and gradual self-tanner formulated for daily use, filled with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and Vitamin E. This lightweight serum, with a soft and refreshing white tea and aloe vera scent, will nourish and soothe the skin while providing a radiant and sun-kissed glow. It’s easy to apply, just mix a few drops into your DayDream Rosewater cream and apply like you would your moisturizer. Hydrating skincare AND a self-tanner in one?! Sign us up asap!

NUDA Face Tan Water

Last but not least, we just had to mention NUDA’s Body Shimmer. We absolutely LOVE giving our clients, especially our brides, a gorgeous body glow on their special day, and now we have the most perfect product to do just that. This Body Shimmer will enhance your tan in an instant, and give the most beautiful and dreamy glow. It’s a gorgeous, glittery, silky gold body illuminator enriched with Aloe Vera, avocado oil, grape seed oil and Vitamin E to boost your glow. It has an amazing, subtly sweet vanilla scent and is super lightweight. This will leave your skin with a sun-kissed, golden, sparkling glow. 

Check out all of these amazing NUDA products on our site, beauties We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do!


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