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Your Wedding Trial Prep


Congratulations, beauty!!

We are so thrilled and honoured that you have chosen Fancy Face to be a part of your special day! This blog post is dedicated to properly prep you in advance so that you have a successful wedding hair and makeup trial with our artists.  Happy reading!

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Here are some ways to properly prepare yourself before the trial:

Research Looks

Take the time to scroll through endless Instagram and Google images of bridal hair and makeup looks. ONLY save the ones that you could see yourself wearing and that you feel would look good on you personally. If you save every look that you think is ‘pretty’, you will ultimately confuse yourself and your artist. 

Follow Us

Follow our company Instagram page @fancyfaceinc for constant inspiration showcasing our current bridal clientele looks that are timelessly elegant and that the majority of our clientele are loving at the moment. 

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Likes and Dislikes

Become clear on your likes and dislikes with each makeup/hair look you’ve saved as a reference. Very often, our clients don’t love every single aspect of the photos they show us for inspiration. Know how to verbalize what you love about the photo, and what you don’t like about the photo.  

Narrow it Down

Narrow the photos you love down to 2 hair photos and 2 makeup photos. Clarity is key. 


Your trial is meant to help you choose a wedding hairstyle and makeup look. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, as if it were actually your wedding day. You can wear a white, off the shoulder top, with lace, or an off-white silky dress. Whatever you choose, try to avoid looking “edgy” or “comfy” on your trial date. Unless that’s the wedding look you’re going for! It can affect your choices drastically!

The Hard Truth

Understand that your hairstylist/makeup artist is not a mind-reader nor can they dream up a look that you would like. For trials, we are meeting you without your hair and makeup done, so we really have no idea about what your personal style is. Therefore, it is whole-heartedly your job to come in and describe to us who you are and how you want to present yourself on your wedding day. The more you know, the more successful your wedding trial will be because your artist can then seamlessly create your personal dream wedding day look.

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Here are a few questions your artists will surely be asking you in your wedding trial: 


  1. How would you like your skin to appear?
    a. Dewy: This formulation will leave your skin looking glowing and radiant. almost like you have a natural shine that’s not too oily
    b. Matte: Your skin will have no shine or luminosity (best for oily or textured skin)
  2. What kind of coverage do you want on your skin?
    a. Sheer Coverage: A foundation that will give you the least amount of coverage and has very minimal pigment.
    b. Medium Coverage: A foundation that evens your skin tone, but can still show imperfections
    c. Full Coverage: A foundation that appears to be a flawless finish, covering all scars, imperfections and unevenness. 
  3. Do you want to want any eyeliner or shadow smoked out underneath your eyes?
  4. On the lids of your eyes, how would you like your eyeliner?
  5. Do you want your eyes to look dramatic, or soft & natural?
  6. What colours of eyeshadow do you want on your eyes? Browns, Champagnes, Mauve, Bronze, Black. etc. 
  7. Do you want your eyeshadow to be matte, shimmery, glittery or a combination of two or all three? 
  8. What kind of impact do you want your false lashes to have? Do you want them to look natural (if so, individuals are best), do you want them full, long, wispy?  Our artists will have a variety of lashes for you to choose from! 
  9. Do you want to look bronzed and have that “JLO Glow”? 
  10. Do you want more of a rosy cheek than a bronzed look?
  11.  How is your skin over the course of the day? 
    • Oily
    • Combination?
    • Dry
  12. Do you like your brows filled in? If so, do you like them lightly filled in? Do you like a bold brow or a softer brow? 
  13. For lips, know how to describe the colour you are going after. You are more than welcome to test and try out different shades and tones in the trial however be sure to know how to depict the colours you like to your artist. 


  1. Do you want your hair up, down or half up/half down?  
  2. Do you want your ears covered in the style or does that not matter to you? 
  3. Which way do you prefer your hair to be parted?
  4. Do you want loose waves or do you want curls?
  5. What kind of volume do you want? 
  6. Do you like smooth, polished curls/waves or do you like texture?
  7. For an updo, do you want a structured updo or do you want it to look undone and natural?
  8. Does your hair usually hold curls or do they usually fall?   

Vancouver Bridal Makeup and Hair | Fancy Face

How should you prep your hair for the trial? Here are some tips! 


• A clarifying shampoo should only be used once a week at the most, to remove product and oil build up.
• Invest in a good one, like Alterna Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Shampoo
 Use this shampoo the night before your event.


  • For your stylist to create beautiful, soft, long lasting looks, your hair need to be dry, 110%; even the back part.  Any dampness will add time to your hair service, making the morning run late, and the style may not last.


  • Everyone who is receiving hair services must wash their hair twice once with a clarifying shampoo then another with a professional shampoo. After that, run very a MINIMAL amount of conditioner through the ends (if any) the night before the booking followed by rinsing and blow drying it thoroughly.  Clients with very curly hair CAN in fact use conditioner to easily brush out their natural tangles but are recommended to rinse it out extremely well (estimated 2 min rinse). Our artists’ recommendations for products include professional shampoos and conditioners that do not contain Parabens and that are sulphate free. 
    • We recommend to wash and dry the night prior to booking in order for the style to stay as hair performs best when natural oils are present. 
  • It should be blown relatively straight (for BEST results, make sure you dry the hair following the grain of the cuticle to eliminate frizz). Keep in mind it does not have to be perfect. Our artist will ensure that your hair will look it’s best!!
  • Please do not put any products in it (especially no serums or oils which will result in the curls loosening) and DO NOT use a straightening iron or any hot tools on it. Our artists need to see your natural hair texture in order to use the proper products and technique to ensure longevity of the style.


• Clip-in Extensions, if new, must be taken out of the packaging washed, dried and sprayed twice with a strong hold hairspray, prior to the artists’ arrival. This allows the hair to have more grit in it, so that the extensions hold the style better on the day. We can only work with 100% Remy hair extensions (no synthetics).  We recommend Luxy Hair Extensions (only ordered online).

Really take the time to think about all of the above before your trial & become clear on your answers. The trial is only an hour and a half long per service so the longer you take trying to figure out the above questions while in the trial, the more time you take up from the artist being able to work their magic on you. The artist can certainly guide you in some areas, however most of the questions above should have an answer before you meet the artist on the trial date. Also, if you are clear on your answers, you will then have the chance to try out that chosen look to see if it works on you. If it in-fact doesn’t, then you will have time to make the alterations needed. Our Fancy Face artists are here to make every bride happy. They want your honesty and they want to collaborate with you as a team to help you put your best face forward on your wedding day!

We hope this helped you understand more about how to research and prep for your wedding hair and makeup trial!




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