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2024 Bridal Makeup and Hair Trends

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Alright beauties & brides-to-be, it’s that time of year for us to chat about what trends we think we will be seeing in 2024 bridal beauty! 

If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram recently, you may have seen that “mob wife” and “90’s grunge” makeup has been trending. While I do believe that those specifically are trends, I do predict that some of the qualities from those trends will be reflected in 2024 bridal glam. I’m predicting that the bright nude waterline is out & the deep browns in the water lines are in. Adding a brown gel liner to your upper and lower waterline adds a whole new level of sultriness.  I believe that in the realm of eyeshadows, we continue to move away from heavy & dare I say, chunky glitters and continue to see a dusting of shimmer (our Wanderlust Eye Shimmer, for example) or a fully matte eye. When dealing with matte eyeshadow I think we will pull inspo from the recent trends we are seeing. Leaning more into neutral browns with a smokey lash line rather than warm browns with orange and gold undertones. In these social media trends we are seeing very little to no blush in them and I do believe that in the bridal world, blush is here to stay! (Thank goodness) 😉 


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Now on the contrary, I do think we are going to see opposites when it comes to makeup this year. I believe some will lean into the smokier eyes, and others will take the less is more approach. We saw this A LOT of the red carpet this year. I think for the most part the skin will remain the same, very dewy, healthy, bronzed and blushing skin. However on the eyes and lips I think we will see some minimalism. A smokey lash line, minimal shadow in the crease and on the lid, some baby lashes with a glossy/stained lip to finish. While minimalism sounds simple, sometimes executing the perfect soft glam can be challenging. It’s all about playing with the right formulas, finishes and tones! 


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For bridal hair, in terms of updos, I think a tighter & simpler half up half down will replace the more whimsical half up half down hairstyles. I’m going to say that twists & braids are out and a simple pony is in. Long pieces at the front are out and all pulled back or medium length middle part bangs/fringes are in. Another style I think we will absolutely continue to see is an extremely slick & simple bun with a slight middle part. 


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In terms of all down hairstyles, I have to say, I am so interested to see if the Hollywood waves continue to persist. That is a look we have done year after year so I am dying to see if they trend for yet another year! For all down and curled, I believe the curls are going to continue to get more and more lax. While this is something we saw lots of on the red carpet, I caution brides to be careful with this. If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, but you want these relaxed, blow out curls to last for hours on hours, hair extensions are a must!! 



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Now a 5th and final non-beauty trend I’m predicting for 2024 is boiled down to one word, and one word only…bows! I believe we will see bows on hair pieces, on table scapes, on bridesmaid dresses and so much more! Mark my words, bows are the new pearls! 



We’d love to hear from you, what are your 2024 bridal predictions? 


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