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Our Top 5 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks

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Hey beauties, we’ve officially hit that time of year when the holidays are behind us and march break is still slightly out of sight. Our daily routines are in full swing and, for many of us, the days can feel a little bit like a constant loop. It can be hard to prioritize any sort of beauty routine when other to-do’s are at your beck and call! I’m here to share with you my top 5 time-saving beauty tips and tricks to get you feeling your best in no time at all. 

First and foremost, let’s be honest, eyeshadow can feel extremely daunting. It can feel overwhelming to look at an eyeshadow palette and not even know where to begin. My most used and loved time-saving tip is what I like to call my “lazy girl eyeshadow hack”. The best part is that you can forget about your eyeshadow palette completely and just use your bronzer and blush. You really don’t even need to find a separate eyeshadow brush. You can mix the two products together on your bronzer or blush brush and dust it onto your entire lid and crease area. It creates unity with the rest of your face and ensures your eyes don’t look left out or forgotten about. Add your mascara and it looks like you spent way more time on your eyes than you actually did. 


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Ever have those days where you want a little somethin’ somethin’ on your skin but don’t want to go through all the steps? Well, thank goodness for multi-purpose sticks! Glazed and cheeky is a 3-in-1 stick that can be used on the cheeks, eyes and lips! It’s petal pink base warms up the face in seconds while the rose gold reflect adds luminosity and glow to the skin. Add it to bare skin or on top of your base and it’ll warm up and brighten your skin in no time! 

Glazed & Cheeky Blush Topper

Now, I know I am the queen of “I can go one more day without washing my hair”. Then I wake up and I think, uh oh, even dry shampoo ca​​n’t fix this! This hair hack is absolutely foolproof and works like a charm every. single. time. It requires no heat, no dry shampoo and of course, no rushed hair wash! All you need is a hairspray a boar bristel brush and two elastics. This slick back braided pony truly takes no longer than 5 minutes and looks incredibly chic. I get compliments on my hair every time I wear it like this. It looks as though it took a lot of time when really, it is quite the time saver.


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Being tanned really does something for us. You can’t convince me otherwise. Now, you’re probably thinking, Hannah, this is a time saving blog, I don’t have time for a full tanning routine. Well, beauties, we are in luck. During the winter months it’s not necessary to always tan your entire body, but tanning your face and chest can really make a difference. NUDA Tanning Water is the best in the biz. You apply it like a setting spray after you’re done with your skincare routine. There’s no mess, no mousse to manage, no extra tanning mitt needed and best of all, no risk of ending up with weird tanned fingers. You will wake up looking like you just spent the day poolside. Now, if you don’t have time to apply the tanning water the night before, you can supplement for the NUDA Bronzing Drops, it will tan you instantly and leave you with a glow however it is worth noting it doesn’t leave you with a long lasting tan, it’ll wash off at the end of the day! 

NUDA Tanning WaterNUDA Bronzing Glow Drops

Last but certainly not least, lips! There are a lot of products out there right now; lip masks, lip tints, lip sticks, lip glosses, glazes, etc. Sometimes all we want is something that’s going to give our lips a wash of colour while simultaneously nourishing them. Our Coquette lipslick will tint, nourish and moisturize all at the same time. Throw on your favourite lip liner, apply this lip tint, and enjoy the benefits, all while having a perfect-looking pout. 

Hannah wearing Coquette


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