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27 vs. 37 Beauty Routine

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Hey beauties! 

Today we’re talking beauty routines by age and how they differ between a 27-year-old (me, Carina!) and a 37-year-old (our amazing founder, Britt!) Let’s face it, while aging is a beautiful thing, it can also bring a whole bunch of changes to get used to. So whether you’re in your late twenties and wondering what’s in store for you, or you’re already in your late thirties and want to take things up a notch, we think you’ll like this one…

Let’s get into it! 😉

27 vs. 37 Beauty Routine | Carina

Carina’s Beauty Routine at 27

As I’ve transitioned into my late 20s (that feels SO crazy to me – I still feel like I just turned 20!!!), my beauty routine has evolved quite a bit. I remember using way more products in my early 20s and doing heavier makeup looks than I do now. Of course, trends are always changing, but natural looks have been popular for quite some time. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to beauty! And that’s one trend I definitely embrace and live by year after year. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I used to do for makeup: 

  • Little to no skincare
  • 2 types of primer
  • A full coverage foundation (even if I didn’t need it!)
  • Heavier eyeshadow looks (more colourful, darker tones, heavier eyeliner, etc.)
  • Full glam false lashes
  • A lot of setting powder to keep it all in place

Now that I’m 27, things have changed…a lot! Not only is heavy makeup not on trend, it just doesn’t feel good to me anymore. My skin feels so much better with less makeup, and I’m super mindful of how the skin changes as we get older. So, now more than ever, I prioritize skincare over anything else! When it comes to my makeup routine for a day-to-day (or even going out) I keep things as minimal and natural as possible. 

27 vs. 37 Beauty Routine | Carina

Here’s a breakdown of my current, 27-year old makeup routine:

  • All the AM + PM skincare!
  • Light self-tanning water spray for a natural glow 
  • Skip the primer unless for a night out
  • Concealer to spot conceal or BB cream for day to day
  • Light foundation for events 
  • Little to no eyeshadow OR simple shadow and eyeliners for day-to-day
  • “Glam” eyeshadow for events (I like to add a sparkly tone, deepen the crease or smoke out the liner)
  • More natural eyelashes
  • Setting powder only in areas that need it (mostly under eyes and blemishes)
  • Setting spray before, throughout and after makeup application
  • Little to no lipstick (mostly neutrals/pinks or a simple liner with a gloss/balm)

There you have it, beauties! I love the way I feel by wearing less makeup and focusing more on my skincare routine. The healthier the skin, the less you need anyway! 

Up next, Britt’s beauty routine 😉


Britt Gray Beauty | Beauty Routine for 37 Year Olds

Brittany’s Beauty Routine at 37

The closer I inch towards 40, the more I notice myself reaching for different products in my beauty routine. Gone are the days of over-powdering, wearing heavy foundations or concealers, and wearing a ton of shimmer on my eyes. Instead, I find myself focusing more and more on skin health, rather than trying to cover it up with a bunch of makeup… Ain’t no makeup masking happening around here! 

One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is that I have WAY less time than I used to to put myself together. Before having kids, I was the girl you’d never catch without three coats of mascara or a set of false lashes freshly applied. I mean, I lived for makeup right?! Where has that girl gone?! Oh…. right. She got married, had two babies and runs a very busy beauty business. That younger version of my makeup-loving self has been ushered down a new aisle one that is all about fast and easy ways to look fantastic in a jiffy. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than looking like a glamazon, but the practicality of spending 30 mins to an hour on my beauty routine in the AM just isn’t practical anymore.  

Here is what I used to do in my 20’s: 

  • Wear full coverage foundations (not sure why, but it was the thing at the time)
  • Opted for very heavy concealers (the likes of Tarte Shape Tape and Too Faced Born This Way) 
  • Dark eyeliner lining the top of my entire eye   
  • Eyeliner in my bottom waterline (we’ve all been there!)
  • Brows filled in with a brow pomade (yuck) 
  • Really shimmery powder highlighter on my cheekbones  
  • Powdering the whole face instead of pinpoint powdering 
  • The list of “used-to’s” goes on and on…

Now, with more life experience and a changing skin texture, I discovered what was needed to preserve my youth and dare I sayI genuinely think my skin looks better now than it ever did in my 20s. 

Britt Gray Beauty | Beauty Routine for 37 Year Olds

Here are some steps I can’t live without now that I am 37: 

  • Drench my skin with a hydrating serum, moisturizer and eye serum (AM + PM)
  • Use tanning water before bed (three times a week) to ensure I look as healthy as possible (a tan works wonders for everyone!) 
  • Use a BB Cream instead of a heavy foundation. I love the fusion of skincare and makeup. Our BB Creams have ingredients that help nourish, calm, hydrate and protect your skin all the while making it look even and dewy.
  • You will not catch me EVER wearing anything on my skin that robs it of glow (Glow & me = BFF’s).
  • Use cream bronzer more than powdered bronzer. Chisel Me is a godsend for creating some structure to my face, while also adding more of a tanned glow — never leaving me with that “dirty” feeling. 
  • It’s all about cream blush these days. On a weekly basis, I rotate between Watermelon Sugar, Almost Famous and Blossom. They all glide on like a dream and are wonderful if you’re tight on time and need a little pop of color!
  • Gone are the days of heavy concealer that accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. Our Perk Up Concealer gives me a soft, medium coverage that never feels cakey and never sits in my fine lines. I always set my under eyes with our Flawless powder!
  • On the powdering front, aka setting your makeup so it doesn’t move around all day, I utilize the pinpoint powdering technique which is basically just using a small eyeshadow crease brush dipped into your translucent powder and then targeting the key areas in the t-zone that could appear looking oily. I never EVER put this powder on the outskirts of my face. That area is reserved for dewy glow, and only glow. 
  • Dew U is another godsend that I use daily on my cheekbones, on the tip of my nose and a little above the start of my brows on both sides. 
  • Eyes are a lot softer than they used to be. I love using a matte bronzer now on the lids of my eyes and a soft eyeshadow eyeliner just on the outer third of my eyes, pulled out into a little wing. I still love two coats of mascara but these days, I’m lucky if I get both coats on. 
  • For lips, I’ve stayed true to who I always have been. I feel best in pinks and I lovvvvve a good nude lip liner with it. Preferably glossy lips help me feel my best, as I find the more moisturized your face looks, the more youthful you’ll look.  

Yup, it’s a little more involved and I’ve never felt better. 😉

Need help in your skincare and makeup routine? We’ve got you covered our talented team of experts are always here to lend a hand. Feel free to shoot us an email or slide into our DMs on Instagram for tips, tricks and if you’re feeling extra stuck, book a complimentary consultation below. Let us help make your beauty journey even brighter! 

Until next time,
Britt xx



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