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Setting Powder Vs. Blotting Powder

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Hey beauties!

Think setting powder and blotting powder sound like one in the same? Nailing down the differences between these two makeup essentials can be confusing. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about setting vs. blotting powders. 

Let’s get into it! 

Flawless Setting Powder

What is a setting powder?

A setting powder does exactly what the name says it does – sets your makeup! Using setting powders ensures the longevity of your concealer, foundation, and all-over liquid/cream products. It can be a loose powder or a pressed powder – whatever the form, the purpose is all the same! A setting powder is an absolute must to make sure your makeup stays put all day and all night long, especially if you have oily skin. Setting powders not only keep your makeup in place but help to prevent oiliness throughout the day.

What is a blotting powder?

A blotting powder is more so used throughout the day for any touch-ups. Think of it as a finishing touch to provide the most flawless (hence the name of our viral powder 😉), filter-like finish. Blotting powders are often translucent and used to blur fine lines and pores, and also to soften skin texture, leaving you with gorgeous camera-ready skin. Blotting powder is great for when you’ll be in front of bright lights and cameras, so it’s another must-have for brides and bridal parties! Blotting powders usually come in pressed form, making it easy to carry on-the-go. If you tend to get oily in your T-zone as the day goes on, just grab and dab, gorgeous! 

Flawless Blotting & Setting Powder

*Enter our Flawless Hi-Def Translucent Setting Powder*

Carefully crafted to be both a setting powder AND blotting powder in one. Yup, makeup dreams do come true. Flawless was created with both brides and the everyday woman in mind. We wanted to create a powder that truly does it all…because why have two separate products to set and blot when you can combine them into one?! We’re proud to say we did just that with Flawless – a multi-purpose powder that sets your makeup, blurs pores, and keeps your look in place all day, and all night. Plus, it doubles as a blotting powder to retouch and refresh whenever you need. Yup, makeup dreams do come true.

Flawless Powder

There you have it beauties – the difference between a setting powder and a blotting powder! And with Flawless, all you need is one product to do both 😉 Questions? Let us know in the comments! 

The Fancy Face Team


2 thoughts on “Setting Powder Vs. Blotting Powder

  1. Probably the best I have ever used!! I wish there was something similar for “brightening” under the eyes!!

    1. We will work on that for you! Perk up, of course, is our secret weapon under the eyes & we always recommend setting it with Flawless! xx

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