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Hannah’s Travel Makeup Tips

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Hey beauties! 

It’s Hannah! If you follow me on Instagram, then you may already know a little about the adventure I’ve been onin Europe! I’ve been in Germany for the last two weeks, but what you may not know is that within 48 hours of landing here, I went straight to Paris 😱 I know…PARIS! Even though I was only there for 2 days, it was the most magical experience that I can’t wait to share with you. The city lived up to all its hype and more! 

The first thing that caught me by surprise was just how big Paris really is. I’ve done my fair share of traveling, and find that there’s usually time to head to your Airbnb or hotel to freshen up and rest at some point in the day. Well, that wasn’t the case in Paris because it is SO big, busy, and full of amazing things to see! We would get an early morning start but didn’t make it up to our place until about 8pm, before heading out back for a late dinner. Truth be told, that’s the way I like it ;). Knowing this, I wanted to make sure that my makeup would last all day long to save time, and filmed a tutorial for my fellow travelers. Here it is in case you missed it. 

Hannah's Travel Makeup Tips

In the video, I share some of my best tips and tricks for long-lasting makeup (think 12+h hours) for you to try when traveling. My biggest tip? Stay consistent with your skincare routine! I know this one can be tough when you’re out late, eating out, and on a different sleep schedule – possibly in a totally different time zone! It can be so easy to neglect your skin and even go to bed with makeup on. The change in the water when you wash your face can also throw your skin off big time, so giving yourself a little extra care is an absolute must!   

Lucky for you, (and me since I love traveling so much!), our skincare is totally carry-on friendly. There’s no need to scoop your face cream into a smaller jar or get your favorite eye serum tossed at security because it’s too big. As always, Fancy Face has all of your skincare needs covered! 

Next up, how you layer your creams and powders will make a huge difference in how long your makeup lasts. If you’ve been here for a while, you know that we are BIG fans of cream contour and blush. These little beauties are my go-to whether I’m traveling or not! I like to set them using our Flawless powder. For a look that lasts hours upon hours, I take things a step further. I’ll start by using our cream contour and blush, set it with Flawless, then use Maui Mood bronzer and a powder blush. I promise this is truly foolproof and the best way to ensure your makeup lasts

My last tip is to double up on your setting spray as I do in the tutorial! Setting your base as soon as you’re done using both your creams and powders will help marry the two products together for a more flawless, skin-like finish. Then, as soon as you are done with the rest of your makeup, spray again for an added insurance “layer”  —  works every time! 

Hannah Selfie in Paris | 6 hours after makeup application

These little tricks and tips set me up to be photo-ready at any given time!

Hannah in Paris | Travel Makeup Tips

Head to our Instagram @fancyfaceinc and to see more of what I got up to in Paris. If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments! 

Thanks for reading, loves!
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