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Après Ski(n) Makeup Trend

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Après Ski makeup trend

As a girl that grew up going on ski trips instead of going south over March break, no trend speaks to me more than the Après Ski(n) makeup trend!⛷❄️

With March break just around the corner, I figured there’s no better time than now to test it out. Whether you’re going to be hittin’ slopes or staying home battling out the tail end of this winter, now’s your chance to lean into looking effortlessly chilly (but, of course, in a cute way).

Now, there’s one thing I know to be true no matter what you’re doing this time of year and that is that hydration is everything! We are at the tail end of these long, cold, dry winters and our skin needs that extra moisture now more than ever! Also here to remind you to not forget about your lips! The skin on our lips is different from the skin on our face. Lips lack oil glands and so cannot produce their own moisture, so (besides drinking lots of water) it’s important to keep a lip product on you that you can re-apply easily all day long. We highly recommend our Supermodel Lip Bath for this time of year, with flu season lingering, the live-in lip wand prevents you from having to touch your lips/face with your fingers. 

Supermodel Lip Bath | Lip balm with applicator This time of year I need to fake it until I make it when it comes to a tan! While I want to make sure my skin is protected I still want that summer glow 365 days a year. Mixing my SPF with the NUDA Bronzing Glow Drops is the best way to achieve that tan while adding a little bit of coverage to my complexion! I don’t want my base to have full coverage so I just spot conceal with our Wake Up Call concealer any problem areas! 

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Now, for my favourite part of this entire trend. The rosey, chic “windburned” cheeks! To me, there’s something so youthful about a complexion that looks like you just spent the day outside getting some sun. While I might be a little bit biased, I think our Negroni cream blush is perfect for this trend. It leaves you with the most flattering sun-kissed complexion that emulates being perfectly rosey after jettin’ down the ski hill. Of course, adding a bit of bronzer on your forehead and to your nose is also key. Think to yourself, what do my ski goggles leave exposed, and that’s where you really want to bronze it up! ! To finish it off, adding that same cream blush to your lips and nose will really bring this whole look together! 

Watch *here* as I created this look on myself for the first time.

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