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Hannah’s Signature Makeup Look

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Hey beauties, after many years of creating and recreating different makeup looks, I figured, why not do a breakdown on what I consider my “signature” makeup look. This is the look I do when I want to feel good all day and all night. It transitions beautifully without requiring any add-ons and works well for any event with any outfit. Consider this my personal fool-proof makeup routine! 

Hannah's Signature Makeup Look

Let’s get into it shall we! 

Starting with my base, I always have Poetry in Potion on as my base. I use this in replace of a primer. I do this a good 5 minutes before I start my makeup to ensure my skin has the ability to absorb all the product before I go in with my BB Cream or concealer. 

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I then go in and do my brows! I’ve always done my brows a bit backwards. I first go in with a clear brow gel and get them into the desired shape, once they are set I then go in with a brow pencil to fill in any gaps. I’ve always had very dark hair and have never loved the appearance of dark brows on my face. I find doing it this way ensures I don’t overfill my brows. 

Next up, base routine. My favourite part. I haven’t touched another base product since we launched our BB Cream. It’s infused with skincare benefits and leaves my skin looking healthy and youthful while providing the perfect amount of coverage. Perk Up is the best product for my under eyes. I don’t love anything that feels too heavy, however, I need a product that’s going to give me some coverage and brightness. I focus this on the inner part of my under eye, down the sides of my nose and a little on the outer corners to help with a lifted eye illusion. Now for cream blush, my obsession with Sorbet doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. I love the baby doll peachy pink it gives me cheeks, I find it more flattering on my skin than a traditional pink. Once that is set with Flawless (my other life-long obsession), I tan up my complexion with Maui Mood. I place this on the perimeter of my forehead, on my cheeks, tip of my nose and down my jaw line. I then always use what’s left on both my blush & bronzer brush on my eyes. Ahhh, and just like that I’m feeling better 😉

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Now, onto eyes. I’m going to say something that some people might not believe or even agree with but if I’m being totally honest about my signature routine I must say it…*drum roll please*…I don’t love how I look with a ton of eyeshadow on! (GASP I KNOW!) A professional makeup artist…not liking eyeshadow!? To be clear, I love eyeshadow, I love the product, I love it on other people, however on myself, personally, I love a good smokey lash line and lots of mascara! I start by tight lining my upper waterline with our Mud bath Gel Pencil (sold in both store locations). I find this automatically makes my mascara apply better, makes my lashes look thicker and overall brings a little somethin’ somethin’ to my eyes. After that, I take the same pencil and draw a little line close to my lash line about half way across my eye. From there, using the tiniest brush from our brush collection, I do up and down blending motions (not side to side) to smoke it out. Once I have that blended to my desired shape and smokiness, I go in with shades London Fog & High Tea from our crème de la crème eyeshadow palette. These tones really bring out the green in my eyes. From there, a healthy coat of mascara, and voila, my eyes are done! 

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All that’s left now is my lips. For this, I must admit, my lip choice can change depending on the season or the event, however, this is my go-to when I need it to last. The formula of this lip combo stays on through a full day of speaking at work, or eating and drinking at a dinner. No matter what the lip combo ends up being, I will always start with our Nude Lip Liner. Once that’s applied, I add 6 little dots of our Adorned Velvet Lipstick, 3 dots on my upper lip, 3 dots on my lower lip. I then blend it out with my ring finger for a powder lip look that lasts for hours!  

There you have it, beauties. My signature makeup look that involves no trends or influences, just exactly what I feel best in day-to-day  

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