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What You Can Expect From Fancy Face in 2024

Britt Feature

Brittany Gray | Fancy is a feeling

Hi beauties, Britt here,

As my forever muse, I feel it’s important that I include you in some internal conversations we’ve been having here at Fancy Face. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you might’ve noticed that I’m on a pretty incredible personal journey with my health and wellbeing – one that has taken me way too long to pursue and fully commit to (we’ll dive more into this in a minute), but is simultaneously having just as much of an impact on Fancy Face as a brand.

“Fancy is a feeling” has been our tagline, mission statement, and mantra since the very beginning. I’ve always believed beauty is so much more than putting on your face – it’s deeper than that. It’s showing up for yourself, it’s feeling empowered, it’s choosing you. It’s intentionally taking that 5-10 minutes before crashing at the end of the day to wash your face, put on your skincare, and know that you just invested in your wellbeing with those few short minutes where you easily could not have. Those little daily choices, habits, rituals add up in a big way – and I’m here to remind you not to discount the impact those moments will have on you and your wellbeing.

Brittany Gray | Fancy Face | Toronto

After having kids and devoting myself to them, I realized (10 years later) that I hadn’t shown up for myself in any way, shape, or form and that was actually affecting the way I could show up for them. My kids are thriving but I’ve realized my focus needs to also include myself and my wellbeing in order for me to be the best version of myself for me, for my kids, my family, and for my business. I needed to apply “fancy is a feeling” to my own life, which in turn, brought a deeper understanding of what “fancy is a feeling” could embody within Fancy Face as a brand.

It is my hope that Fancy Face can be a place where beauty meets wellbeing. We are not merely a beauty brand; we are a team who are dedicated to supporting you with care and intention, understanding we’re all in different phases of our journeys. We’re here to be your reminder to make those daily choices that serve you and your wellbeing and to show up for yourself when so quickly we can be swept up in the busyness of life.

Britt with Mom Denise

So what can you expect from Fancy Face in 2024? You can expect community content that is rooted in strong brand values of education, empowerment, wellbeing, and community. You can expect to receive human-to-human customer care that goes beyond transactional interactions. You can expect products that are consciously curated just for you, our community, so please continue to stay in communication with us (your DMs aren’t read by a social management team, they’re read and replied to by us, personally). You can expect our in-store locations to feel like havens that were built just for you. You can expect to be welcomed into the Fancy Face community with open arms by a team of women who see you, value you, believe in you, and are here to support you.

Beauty… Thank you for being here – you are our why. Fancy truly is a feeling. And we hope you choose fancy every time.




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