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The Fancy Face Holiday Gift Guide

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Brittany takes you through her beautiful Fancy Face Holiday Gift Guide to help you treat the special ladies in your life!

It’s that time of year again! Cozy sweaters, mulled wine, maybe a roaring fire as warm twinkling lights offer that perfect holiday glow. I love the holidays! Having an opportunity to catch up with friends and family and especially watching the kids grow more excited as the countdown begins! The one thing I don’t love? Having to decide what gifts to give and to whom! I know we all want to find that perfect present, but some years it just feels, well, elusive. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one who feels that way! So, this year, I’m here to help you find that perfect gift for that special someone with the Fancy Face holiday gift guide! 

Lip Products | Holiday Gift Guide

For Your Boss

Bosses are tough. You want to show you care. You want her to know you think she’s fierce and fabulous, because she is. She’s a total Boss Babe and she doesn’t even know it, she works her tush off, she gets in early and leaves late. Sometimes she simply forgets to treat herself! So why don’t you give her a little extra dose of that much deserved glam in her life?

Ballet Slipper Lip Glaze: This gorgeous, soft pink opal shimmer lip glaze is the perfect lipstick topper to add a little extra pop from workday to work cocktails. It can also be worn by itself for a more natural, morning coffee at the cafe kind of vibe. 

Basic Boss Lash: Well ‘boss’ is in the name. So check. These lashes are the perfect lashes for that every-day-at the-office-with-just-a-whisper-of-glam kinda look. They’re soft, wispy, fluffy and the perfect medium length to give that extra little bit of oomph while still keeping your professional Boss Babe look. They work with every eye shape, are easy to wear and are made of 100% ethically sourced human hair. Boss win!

Browmance Brow Gel: Who has time to perfectly manicure your brows each and every morning? The answer is no one! Your brilliant boss has killer brows, but you’ve heard bemoan over the water cooler about the time it takes to maintain them. Cut to you to her rescue! This awesome Browmance Brow Gel has tiny fibers to help bulk the brows, is a colour that can work with blonde, brunette and black haired beauties and will perfectly fill and tame those stunning Boss Brows. Get on it, ladies.

Gel Eye Masks and Lip Gloss | Holiday Gift Guide

For Your BFF

What do you get for the most fabulous friend in your life? Your partner in crime? Your BFF? Something that makes her feel gorgeous and ready to take on the world…or ready to get fancified for a night on the town with you! 

Marquise Lashes: A softer and more whimsical lash, the Marquise lash offers just the right amount of natural. Made with 100% cruelty-free real mink and part of the Diamond Lash Collection*, this lash is perfect for day or night. *Currently 30% off!

Love Note Lip Lacquer: A highly pigmented, hydrating lip lacquer that gives your lips that immediate wake up call! For lovers of all things pink and beautiful. A little bonus? It smells like a dream!

Ballerina Bronzer: A blush and bronzer combo is a complete win-win in our humble opinion! This lovely pink blush shade perfectly complements the bronzer for a match made in heaven. Brighten up your BFF’s complexion with an amazing, healthy glow that will give her that sunkissed look and vibrant feeling inside and out.

Boujie Pressed Highlighter: Boujie is defined as “luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character”. If your BFF is a fan of that perfect, lux yet angelic glow, look no further. For that golden and super reflective pop, this highlighter is exactly what she’s been searching for. 

Lip Gloss | Holiday Gift Guide

For Your Mom

Your Mom. The woman in your life who put you first as soon as you became a part of her. The one who treats herself after she treats everyone else. The lady you love like whoa and the woman you want to see be her fierce, confident self day in and day out because you know she has it in her, even if she doesn’t show it as often as she should. Treat your Mom. She deserves it. Big time.

Nude Lip Liner: This creamy, smudge-proof nude lip liner will stay all day, go with any lip shade your Mom desires and give her that gorgeous full pout. Vava voom, Mom!

Luscious Lipstick: Maybe your Mom has never quite found that perfect colour for her. Or maybe she loves to switch it up. Whichever way she lands, enter the Fancy Face Luscious Lipstick. This colour is brilliant on medium, tan or dark skin tones and is a gorgeous, classy shade that doesn’t overwhelm. The hydrating formula is high gloss and will give your mom that effortlessly polished look. You go, mom!

Legend Lip Lacquer: If neutral lips are more your Mom’s jam, the Legend Lip Lacquer is perfect. It pairs beautifully with the Fancy Face Nude Lip Liner and will help tie Mom’s whole look together, whether it’s a day at the office or an evening out. Stay classy.

Forever Fancy Face Finishing Mist: This setting spray is ultra fine and our absolute secret weapon when it comes to staying flawless all day. Mom’s don’t stop. They’re a go-go! So their makeup should be, too. This lovely finishing mist will keep up with your Mom, even when you can’t! 

Setting Spray and Lip Products | Holiday Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are the perfect excuse to buy extra little gifts, because they don’t really count with the gift budget, right!? Well Fancy Face has just the list of items to hide in that magical little sock.

Stardust Gel Under Eye Masks: These brilliant anti-aging eye masks help reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines and are hugely hydrating. They’re perfect for anyone who enjoys a moment of pampering or simply prefers a brighter under eye. Who wants to look tired and zapped of that gorgeous natural glow? No one! 

Satin Lip Liner: Our Satin Lip Liner is not only waterproof, but it’s the perfect secret weapon to create the illusion of fuller, poutier lips. And it works fabulously with any lipstick colour in peach, pink, mauve or nude tones.

Perfect Pouch: A lovely, luxury pouch for all of your makeup needs. Perfect for daily use or to sneak into those fancy bridal photos on your wedding morning!

Night Cap Lip Lacquer: This is the nude lip lacquer you’ve been dreaming of. With just the slightest hint of pink, this lacquer gives you that flawless finishing touch to your look.

There you have it, lovelies! A winning list for all of the special ladies in your life who enjoy a little bit of glamour and a whole lot of Fancy. Happy holidays and lots of love from Fancy Face! 

Til next year…x


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