Treat Yourself to Some Self-Love This Valentine’s Day!

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Over at Fancy Face, we’re all about treating yourself to some self-love this Valentine’s Day! So we’ve put together a fabulous little list of ways you can give yourself the extra bit of pampering, relaxation and bling that you deserve.

Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year where couples everywhere have the perfect excuse to treat each other to some extra romance and perhaps a little bit of pampering. Sure, it’s lovely to be one half of a pair on Valentine’s Day, but as far as we’re concerned it is 100% not necessary! We may even say it’s over-rated! Over at Fancy Face, we’re all about treating yourself to some self-love this Valentine’s Day! 

There are so many brilliant ways to treat yourself, from relaxing essential oils and quality makeup to facials or a bit of bling! Whatever your happy place, Fancy Face has you covered with a list of ways to give yourself that self-love you deserve this February 14th! 


1 |  Briogeo + Kathleen Lights Essential Oils: This lovely trio of essential oils helps promote the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Kathleen Lights loves herself some amethyst, rose quartz and citrine. The Lavender and Bergamot paired with Amethyst helps to calm and soothe, Rose and Clove with Rose Quartz helps to promote forgiveness and loving vibrations and Sandalwood and Cedar with the lovely Citrine gives a sense of calm. These oils have you covered. 

2 |  Diptique Candles: What’s better for a day of self-love than the perfect candle? How about a candle that’s inspired by the roses of Paris? Rose petals, chypre and patchouli provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening that is especially for you.

3 |  Pomegranate Noir Perfume by Jo Malone: If you’re a fan of that dark, exotic scent, look no further than the Pomegranate Noir Perfume by Jo Malone. Sweet pomegranate blends with pink pepper, casablanca lily, guaiac wood and patchouli. Perfection.


Fancy Face Gift Certificate | Love Note | Browmance Brow Gel | Sweetly Kissed Highlighter

4 |  A Fancy Face Gift Certificate: To yourself. To get fancified. Whether you want to take yourself out for a night on the town or you have a big event coming up, why not treat yourself to a session with the gals over at Fancy Face to give you our signature makeover? We promise you bucketfuls of the feel-good feels! 

5 |  Love Note Vinyl Lip Lacquer: For the most perfectly pink pout, try Love Note on for size. Both wonderfully hydrating and highly pigmented, your lips will love you. And you’ll love your lips.

6 |  Browmance: A well sculpted brow can really help make your gorgeous eyes pop. Why not give your brows some love of their own? Browmance is a tinted gel formula that lasts all day and works for blonde, brunette or black-haired beauties to create perfectly manicured brows! The small fibers in the gel also help to create a thicker, fuller brow.

7 |  Sweetly Kissed Pressed Shimmer Powder: Inspired by the likes of Miss Jennifer Lopez, this shimmer powder creates a gorgeous, star-bright glow. Shine on, girlfriend. 


Melissa Wood Health Subscription | The Rock Store Crystals

8 |  A Subscription to Melissa Wood Health: For $9.00 a month, you can gently work toward a longer, leaner and healthier you! Melissa’s workouts are based on her MWH method and use precise, low impact movements. The subscription includes a huge array of video workouts with new ones every week, as well as guided meditations. She’s an amazing woman who can help your body look and feel great, but truly help you love yourself more and more as you learn and grow throughout her practice!

9 |  Crystals from The Rock Store: Treat yourself to the healing energies of crystals. Whether you need help relaxing, need a dose of positive wellbeing or a hit of energy, there are crystals out there for everyone…and I swear by them!


Bonlook Glasses | Jenny Bird Gold Chain Necklaces | Mejuri Ear Cuff | Brunette The Label Valentine’s Sweater

10 |  Bonlook Glasses: If you haven’t upgraded those frames from 2005, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a new look. Bonlook Glasses has a massive collection of gorgeous frames to suit any face and budget. 

11 |  Jenny Bird Gold Chain Necklace: If you’re a fan of gold, Jenny Bird has a stunning collection of gold chain necklaces of all shapes, sizes and styles. A little extra bling may just be the thing you need to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!

12 |  Mejuri Ear Cuffs: I’m a lover of the ear cuff. I think it’s both sassy and sexy, it gives you a little bit of edge while still remaining fresh and fabulous. If you haven’t donned an ear cuff before, Mejuri is the place to start. You’ll fall in love.

13 |  Brunette The Label Valentine’s Sweater: Because who doesn’t love a cozy, pink sweater with a ‘Babes Supporting Babes, All Day, Everyday’ message? I know I do.


NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device | 6 Babe Beauty ose Quartz Facial Gua Sha Tool

14 |  NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device: Give your face the major TLC it deserves from the comfort of your own home. This little lovely feels great on your face and helps to contour, smooth and tone the skin. 

15 |  Rose Quartz Facial Gua Sha Tool: This amazing little number from @6babebeauty is also a wonderfully effective way to brighten and smooth your skin. But what I adore even more is that company founder Amrit Singh is an incredible woman who works hard not only with her products but with her specialized acupuncture treatments and workshops to help women feel “strong, successful, healthy and beautiful, inside and out.” 

Well ladies, that’s my round up of fabulous ways you can give yourself the extra bit of pampering, relaxation and bling that you deserve. Now go have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Til next time…x



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